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Focused on the limitless nature of the human spirit, this presentation encourages us all to go beyond our failures and regrets and do that thing which makes us come alive. Written by Justin Miller and designed by me David Crandall, this presentation is meant to encourage us all to come alive and make an impact on the world around us.

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  1. you areLIMITLESS
  2. LIMITLESSJustin Miller
  3. As human beings we may have our limits.But the human spirit, truly is limitless.Justin
  4. BecomeLIMITLESS
  5. LIMITLESS But how?
  6. TakeAction
  7. Don’t waste time wishing for things to change
  8. Don’t waste time wishing for things to changeBe that changeTomorrow means there is one less today
  9. Inspiration without action ishallucination Thomas Edison
  10. embrace yourfears
  11. identify Past Failures
  12. Release self doubts
  13. “ strength You gain and courage confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face...
  14. You must do the thingwhich you think you cannot do Eleanor Roosevelt
  15. Be-friendregret
  16. Regret is a tool for identifying personal weaknesses
  17. Not to bring you down
  18. upbut to raise you
  19. more more more moreLet them push you to learn more be more and achieve more more more more more more
  20. What you did not do thenshould not be dwelled upon Butwhat you can do nowshould becherished
  21. Many of us crucifyourselves between two thievesregret for the pastand fear of the future Fulton Oursler
  22. Thegoosebump Test
  23. What raises the hairs on your arms?
  24. What gives you the chills?
  25. What evokes so much emotion out of You...
  26. you feel as if you could suddenlylaugh uncontrollably
  27. gets your heart racing like alike a freight train
  28. What do you Really want to do?
  29. Who do you Really want to be?
  30. Don’t ask yourselfWhat the world needs
  31. ask yourself what makes you come aliveAnd then go and do that What the world needs is people who have come alive Howard Thurman
  32. What does being limitless mean to you?
  33. There are limitsphysical and otherwisethat come with every part of lifeI really enjoy findinguncommonthose limitsthat let me go around ways Tyler Tervooren
  34. Living without limits to me meansembracing our freedomsMost of the time limits are self imposed.We blindly believe that we can’t do somethingwithout ever really trying Jodi Sagorin med school student
  35. Living life without limits To me meansJust goAny ideas, opportunities,experiences should be taken Jump inDrown if you have toas long as you experience it Amber st peter
  36. each of us is inherently passionate aboutcreating a life that has optionsoptions to dowhat we want, when we want, where we want, with who we want and to not have anything hold us back Matt Cheuvront
  37. Self-imposed limits are the most dangerousAttempting to destroy them is what it’s all about. Ashley Ambirge
  38. Your limits are always changing!Just because you a have a limit right nowdoesn’t mean it’s permanentpush the limits of what you think is possible Joel Runyon
  39. believe absolutelyanythinguntil proven otherwise is possibleactWeaccordingly are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for Scott Dinsmore
  40. I will never accept limitsthe ones others put on me and more importantlythe ones I fight everyday not to put on myself John Falchetto
  41. Living without limits doesn’t mean having no fear but ratherovercoming your biggest fears Caleb Wojcik
  42. Muhammed Ali was once askedhow many push-ups he could do
  43. His answer was...
  44. 9
  45. When asked why he couldonly do 9 he responded...
  46. I don’t start countinguntil i can’t do anymore.
  47. you areLIMITLESS
  48. LIMITLESSJustin Miller
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