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Inspiration Squared


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Published in: Business, Technology, Education

Inspiration Squared

  1. DaviD CranDallH e r o i C D e s t i n y .Com
  2. inspiration as a tool sometimes we get so consumed with acquiring the latest technology and techniques, that we overlook inspiration as a legitimate component of our personal tool box. wisdom from others combined with images of beauty have the power to fuel us as we set our sights on our goals. take a few moments from your day and add the following inspiration to your personal tool box.DaviD CranDall
  3. be inspireD.
  4. every artist was first an amateur. ralph waldo emerson
  5. your imaginationis your preview of life’sComing attraCtions. albert einstein
  6. we all Haveability...tHe DifferenCeis How we use it. stevie wonder
  7. everyone wHo’s ever taken a sHower Hasan iDea. it’s tHe person wHo gets out oftHe sHower, Dries off anD Does sometHingabout it wHo makes a DifferenCe. nolan bushnell - founder of atari
  8. aniDeais wortHless unless you use it.John maxwell
  9. tHere Comes a momentwHen you Have to stoprevving up tHe Car anDsHove it into gear.david mahoney
  10. be willing tomake DeCisions tHat’s tHe mostimportant quality in a gooD leaDer.Don’t fall viCtim to wHat i Call tHe reaDy-aim-aim- aim-aim synDrome. you must be willing to fire. t. boone pickens
  11. we CannotDireCt tHe winDbut we CanaDjust tHesailsDolly parton
  12. i Can aCCept failure,everyone fails atsometHing.but i Can’taCCept nottrying.michael Jordan
  13. you Don’t Drown byfalling in tHe wateryou Drown bystaying tHereedwin louis cole
  14. i Can’t believe it. luke tHat iswHy you fail. yoda
  15. if you Don’tmake Dust,you eat Dust.Jack a. macallister
  16. first tHeyignore you.tHen tHeylaugH at you.tHen tHeyfigHt you.tHen you win.mahatma gandhi
  17. tHe Degree ofresponsibility you take for your life Determines HowmuCH CHange you Can Create in it. unknown
  18. if opportunityDoesn’t knoCk - builD a Door. milton berle
  19. opportunity is often DiffiCultto reCognize; we usuallyexpeCt it to beCkon us witHbeepers anD billboarDs.william arthur ward
  20. if your sHip Doesn’t Come in,swim out to meet it. Jonathan winters
  21. tHe elevator tosuCCess is out oforDer. you’ll Haveto use tHe stairs…one step at a time.Joe girard
  22. Don’t say youDon’t HaveenougH Have exaCtly tHe same numberof Hours per Day tHat weregiven to Helen keller, pasteur,miCHaelangelo, motHer teresa,leonarDo Da vinCi, tHomas jefferson,anD albert einstein. h. Jackson brown, Jr.
  23. luCkComes to a man wHo puts Himself in tHe way of it. you went wHere sometHing migHtbe founD anD youfounD sometHing, simple as tHat. louis l’amour
  24. Don’t ask yourselfwHat tHe worlD neeDs,ask yourself wHatmakes you Come alive.anD tHen go anD DotHat.beCause wHat tHeworlD neeDs is peoplewHo are alive. howard thurman
  25. at firstDreamsseemimpossible,tHenimprobable,tHeninevitable.christopher reeve
  26. life is aboutCHoiCe you Can CHoose to be a viCtimor anytHing else you like to be. unknown
  27. life is eitHer a DaringaDventure or it is notHing. helen keller
  28. the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. it’s a verymean and nasty place and i don’t care how tough youare it will beat you to your knees and keep you therepermanently if you let it. you, me, or nobody is gonna hitas hard as life. but it ain’t about how hard ya hit. it’sabout how hard you can get it and keep moving much you can take and keep moving forward.tHat’s How winning is Done!now if you know what you’re worth then go out andget what you’re worth. but ya gotta be willing totake the hits, and not pointing fingers saying youain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her,or anybody! cowards do that and that ain’t you!you’re better tHan tHat!roCky balboa
  29. wHat are you waiting for?go. fulfill yourHeroiCDestiny DaviD CranDall
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