BlogWorld East LA 2011


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Our recap with thoughts from the best and brightest of Blogworld Expo Los Angeles 2011 #BWELA

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BlogWorld East LA 2011

  1. 1. #bwela Blogworld Expo los AngElEs 2011
  2. 2. A joint vEnturE By thE foundErs of i now present And blogcastfm
  3. 3. A joint vEnturE By thE foundErs of i now present And blogcastfmin coopErAtion with
  4. 4. i now presentbwela 2011
  5. 5. with ovEr 4000 AttEndEEs And 307 spEAkErs, Blogworld Expo is onE of thE lArgEst Blogging confErEncEs in thE world. contEnt crEAtors Across multiplE gEnrEs gAthErEd for 3 dAys in los AngElEs, cAliforniA whErE thEy ExchAngEd idEAs through nEtworking And AttEnding sEssions. this our rEcAp with thoughts LD from thE BEst And BrightEst of R thE BlogosphErE. W OB L OG #bwela
  6. 6. thE connEctions pEoplE hAvE mAdE for work AlonE hAvE BEEn AmAzing. pEoplE ArE gEtting fAntAstic joB offErs. pEoplE ArE Building stArtups BEcAusE thEy hAd lunch in thE nEtworking rEcEptions. It’s so awesome to see the thIngs that are happenIng here W O R LD lara Kulpa OG BlogworldB L community mAnAgEr
  7. 7. It’s ImpossIble to come here and not fInd subjects that are goIng to help you with whAtEvEr it is thAt you do whEthEr you’rE A foodiE, whEthEr your A hEAlth nut, or somE BusinEss guy. marcus sherIdan thE sAlEs lion
  8. 8. It’s just a bunch ofpeople connectIng andIt’s a beautIful thIngdeb ngkommEin
  9. 9. if you rEAlly wAnt to grow A Blog of EngAgEd rEAdErs you nEEd tobe engaged wIth your topIc darren rowse proBloggEr
  10. 10. it’s rEAlly importAnt to stAnd out in somE wAy It’s not good enough just to be betterADMIT good contEnt is just thE pricE of Admission... EvEryBody hAs good contEntONE corbett barr think trAffic
  11. 11. In InspIrIng people youshare your own strugglesbenny3lewIsfluEnt in months
  12. 12. pEoplE thAt just go And only connEct with importAnt pEoplE ArE rEAlly dropping thE BAll.networK wIth everybody just gEt to know thEm. just BE cool. davId rIsley dAvid rislEy
  13. 13. i gEt on Blogs likE copyBloggEr BEcAusE i pitch to thEmsometImes all you have to do Is just asK alI luKe AlivEnturEs
  14. 14. the average audIence Is gettIng smarteryou hAvE to rEAlly Adjust for your usErssyed balKhIwpBEginnEr
  15. 15. you’ve got to have somethIngInterestIng to talK abouti think pEoplE likE A good story.thAt gEts pEoplE’s AttEntion. andy hayes Andy hAyEs
  16. 16. COMfOdon’t lEt Anything hold you BAck RTstep out of your comfort zone you don’t hAvE BE pErfEct. thE morE you do it... thE BEttEr you’ll gEt ovEr timE. pat flynn smArt pAssivE incomE
  17. 17. AnyonE cAn BE humorous on thEir Blog As long As thEy don’ttry too hArd. you don’t hAvE to BE hilArious you just hAvE truthful jordan cooper not A proBlog
  18. 18. It doesn’t happen overnIghtit took yEArs And yEArs of dEvElopingrElAtionships, sociAl cApitAl, trust , friEndships,And All thEsE diffErEnt things thAt ultimAtElyEnABlEd mE to stArt my own compAnydj waldowwAldow sociAl
  19. 19. rEAlly work with othEr up And coming BloggErs. thE Big mistAkE up And coming BloggErs mAkE is thEymEAsurE thEmsElvEs AgAinst tEchcrunch or somEBody.the mInute my blog tooK off was when I started helpIng people chrIs brogan chris BrogAn
  20. 20. i likE to sAy thAt if you cAn mAkE fun of yoursElf AndbrIng some fun Into your contentthAt will rEAlly mAkE you stAnd out nathalIe lussIer nAthAliE lussiEr
  21. 21. thank you for tAking thE timE to rEAd this...
  22. 22. prEsEntAtion crEAtEd And dEsignEd ByI now presentdavId
  23. 23. quotEs from intErviEws conductEd By And sElEctEd By blogcast fm srInIvas rao @skooloflifE
  24. 24. to viEw thE intErviEws quotEd in this blogcast fmprEsEntAtion, chEck out As wEll As
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