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Anatomy of Cult Films


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Anatomy of Cult Films

  1. 1. What is a “cult film”?
  2. 2. Wiki defines it in 3 key points1. highly devoted but specific groupof fans2. usually explore topics not consideredin any way mainstream3. they step outside standard narrativeand technical conventions
  3. 3. 1st point is mandatory,2 nd and 3rd,need to have one.
  4. 4. Why you can’t define a cult film only by its fanbase
  5. 5. Because…some early works of cinema mastersare much less known then the major works,but they surely got their fans,do you call them cult films? Certaintly not!!
  6. 6. What cult films are like??
  7. 7. These “genres” all belong to the big cult family
  8. 8. Camp
  9. 9. Pink films
  10. 10. Indie
  11. 11. Giallo
  12. 12. Mocumentary
  13. 13. Avant-garde
  14. 14. B-movies
  15. 15. “Too bad it’s good” films
  16. 16. Some questions raised
  17. 17. Question 1:Is “cult” a permanent adjective? what if a film gets its fame,and becomes well known? Can it still be called “cult film”?
  18. 18. For example,this
  19. 19. And this
  20. 20. And … this
  21. 21. Question 2How do you define the fanbase of cult films?
  22. 22. It’s obvious you can’t define it in numbers.Like if a film has 1000fans,and it’s cult,but 10000 it’s not?? It’s ridiculous!!
  23. 23. Oh,so you are saying the fan group is outside the mainstream,then how do you define mainstream?Can’t mainstream audience love cult films?
  24. 24. What if I made a horror film with my DV and my family members andfriends all loved it but nobody else? Did I make a cult film?
  25. 25. Question 3Is cult a label of film or it can be also used to describe a director?
  26. 26. Like we say.. Quentin Tarantino is a cult director
  27. 27. Or even… Monty Python is a cult group
  28. 28. Question 4 Are cult films getting less and less these days?I never know,but I’ve got the feelings
  29. 29. If you think you fully understand what a cult film is,help me judge if the following films are cultfilms,they are included in lists from some famous sites
  30. 30. The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time
  31. 31. The 34 Greatest Cult Movies Of All Time
  32. 32. And this one,it’s not in the Criterion cult film list
  33. 33. Ok,Guys,Thoughts??
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