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Recovered file 1

  1. 1. A dictionary for the future Story board for a lost text by Nietzsche
  2. 2. Organise disparate images, quotes, concepts - at this point I don’t know how to do this or what form it will take.
  3. 3. Imagine the day of Nietzsche’s collapse - the moment his friend finds him dancing and masturbating in his room! A moment embodying Nietzsche’s philosophy and art of the future! - joining together different languages thinking, madness and the body.
  4. 5. They resort to a language that demands the closure of representation. To the point where everything excessive in the production of desiring machines (the production of the unconscious) is always reduced to the limiting and exclusionary synthesis, with a perennial return to dualistic categories and a constant separating of levels. This is a problem which cannot be resolved by an epistemological reform. All of this calls into question the very system of forces at play in the class struggle. What has been called into question here is not one isolated system, but rather the whole dynamic of social mechanisms, whether related to desire or to revolutionary struggle or to science. And since this whole dynamic is at stake, it will have to develop its own new models, its social groups, and various agreed-upon expressions. We might ask whether the discourse of the military, of politicians, of scientists isn’t really a kind of anti-production, a labor of repression on the level of discourse, which has as its goal to stop the labor of questioning.
  5. 6. They have maintained that in this phenomenon crudely referred to as madness there are two things: a breaking through, which is to say a sudden light, a wall that is susp e n ded; and then there’s a rather different dimension which could be called a collapse. So a breaking through and a collapse. But breaking through a wall is very, very difficult, and if it’s done too brutally then you crumble, you fall, you collapse. First there’s an amazing breakthrough, a breaching of the wall..breaking through the wall of the signifier, the wall of the mommy-daddy system, have traveled far beyond that point, and speak to us with a voice of our future.
  6. 7. Join together the image of Octobriana - embodiment of the crisis in the critique and language for understanding art
  7. 9. A discussion takes place between Octobriana & Nietzsche. During their discussion they talk about a project to reconstruct N i etzsche last lost text “The arrival of Dionysus to the river PO”
  8. 14. Imagine not only talking with the dead, insane, and a reconstructed cartoon, a virtual avatar but also carrying out a long distance dialogue, something equivalent to a cross cultural exchange.
  9. 17. Start a conversation with Octobriania Fix Octobriania’s flickering image Where to start? What language does she/he speak? What language do cartoons, the dead and the mad resort to to make a conversation?
  10. 20. Characters arrive to start a conversation
  11. 21. Conversation