Microsoft Media Platform Overview


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Microsoft Media Platform Overview

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  • In addition to renting DVDs, Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, now offers its customers the ability to watch movies instantly on the PC and Mac via Silverlight. The Netflix instant watching catalog of more than 12,000 movies continues to grow with significant new titles from CBS, the Disney Channel and Starz Play. With Silvelight, Netflix members who watch movies and TV episodes instantly on their computers will enjoy a faster, easier connection and a more robust viewing experience due to the higher video quality built directly into the player. Among the viewing enhancements with the new player is a breakthrough in timeline navigation that vastly improves the use of fast-forwarding and rewinding. The new Netflix player also takes advantage of PlayReady DRM, which is built into Silverlight, for the playback of protected content on both Windows-based PCs and on Macs, which had not been possible with previous generation technologies. \"We chose Silverlight because it provides a faster and more agile development environment, allowing us to quickly deliver superior online movie viewing experiences to our customers,\" said Steve Swasey, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Netflix. \"In addition, we achieved real cost savings with our Silverlight solution, enabling us to focus resources on other projects that help us further differentiate from our competitors.\"<number>
  • This slide should show: “this is how Microsoft does it”Would be good to refresh itBasically showing an integrated picture.Step 1:This is a very high level view of the content value chain in digital media:Gathering, creating and managing content in a variety of different formats, from text to images and video, and managing the metadata that is associated with that content.Managing the creative and business processes required to deliver and monetize content experiences, which includes business management and business intelligence, content and rights management, and finally managing digital advertising.Delivering content experiences across a world of devices, from TV screens and set-top boxes to PCs, mobile devices, gaming platforms, portable media and physical media like print and optical storage media.This value chain is more complex both with regards to the variety of content formats, and with regards to the diversity of devices that publishers have to support. On top of this there are the trends we spoke about in the last slide. In this ever-changing world of digital media, was are media executives supposed to do? Here is what Gartner said in a 2007 report:1. Develop a multidevice, multiple-platform delivery strategy that goes beyond the PC.2. Ensure that your user experience is consistent across all delivery platforms.3. Integrate ad sales across media — newspaper, radio, TV and online. Get your sales staff out of the silo mind-set, and get them to sell packages. 4. Wrap content in a rich set of services, including community and personalization, to provide differentiation and build customer loyalty.5. Have at least four of the top social-networking tools for taste sharing or viral sharing on your computer at all times. And, where available, have them on your mobile phone as well. 6. Abandon efforts to control consumer behavior by digital rights management (DRM) in favor of digital watermarking. 7. Have weekly or monthly meetings with your legal staff that deal with copyright and copyright infringement. 8. Focus on parental controls. Seek out technical solutions, as well as educational tools, to help parents control what their children can see or hear. Make parents aware of your efforts. 9. In your business development or marketing group, assign a subgroup or a few individuals as consumer advocates to track what's happening in consumer interest or advocacy groups such as AARP. Ensure that these consumer advocates get deeply entrenched and participate in such groups, and don't just monitor the groups' Web sites once or twice a week. Participate. Do not rely on automated \"buzz metrics\" information.While we might not agree with all these points, many of them certainly right. So how can Microsoft help media companies to be more successful? Step 2:Our value proposition really encompasses two key aspects:Optimizing the content value chain andEnabling and Monetizing content experiences.(talk through the boxes)5
  • This build slide shows details of the building blocks of a Web Video Delivery platform.
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  • IIS Media Services Wave 2 Update7/9/2008Microsoft Confidential7
  • IIS Media Services Wave 2 Update7/9/2008Microsoft Confidential7
  • IIS Media Services Wave 2 Update7/9/2008Microsoft Confidential7
  • There are other approaches to adaptive streaming. For Microsoft created a solution that used a technique that “pre-chunked” the files. The source media was encoded to four different quality levels. Then those files were physically broken up into 2 second chunks and then posted to a Web server. A 90 minutes movie with 5 different encoded bit rates chopped into 2 second chunks would produce 13,500 files. Most movie sites aim for 10,000 film catalog.IIS Media Services Wave 2 Update7/9/2008Microsoft Confidential11
  • IIS Smooth Streaming works with contiguous files on the server. This makes file management dramatically easier. Once the server receives a request from the Silverlight player it begins delivering the content. If IIS receives a request for a different bit rate, it will deliver the next logical piece of video in time as a video chunk to the client. It is not a completely new stream which makes the change in quality transparent to the end user. These “virtual chunks” are cacheable object on the network. 12
  • Deploying content to an IIS Web server running Smooth Streaming is easy. Encode the source content using Expression Encoder 2 SP1 using the built-in Adaptive Streaming Profile for IIS Smooth Streaming. Choose four or more quality levels. Expression Encoder encodes each quality level as its own contiguous file.
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  • Microsoft Media Platform Overview

    1. 1. During the 17 days of the event – 1.3B page views 50M unique visitors 70M videos watched 5K unique clips viewed per day during final week 35M mobile views 130K peak streams 600M minutes of video delivered 3.5 petabytes of videos delivered 27 minutes of viewing per session
    2. 2. 5.6M unique visitors 6.5M total hours $30M in advertising revenue
    3. 3. “Netflix chose Silverlight because it makes a faster and more agile development environment possible, allowing Netflix to quickly deliver a superior instant watching experience to our subscribers. When Netflix deployed Silverlight last fall, Netflix members realized a richer experience of access and quality to instantly watch movies and TV episodes from Netflix on their PCs and, for the first time, were able to instantly watch the same content on their Intel-based MacIntosh computers.” Steve Swasey, Netflix VP of Corporate Communications
    4. 4. TV IPTV Music Monetization Business User Tape Web/P2P Intelligence Experience PRODUCTION NETWORK Workflow “ON-RAMP” “OFF-RAMP” Mobile Rights Content Video Mgmt Delivery Gaming Content Metadata Management Portable Media TV Print DVD
    5. 5. Devices Recom Messa- Browse Search Reporting User Experience mend ging Content Exhibits Media Player EPG Catalog Genres Recommendations Device Adaption Reports User Experience Configuration & Extension Development Advertising Modules Layout Themes Functional Extensions Interface Extensions Reports User Profile and Personalization Behavior Reports Discover Search Recommend Aggregate Personalize Technical Reports Digital Content Distribution Advertising E-Commerce Community Ad- Subscri Management Windows Media Stream Download (direct) Funded ptions Reports Ad Serving Offers Definition Instant Messaging Inventory Management Pricing and Discounts E-Mail Reporting Pay Bundles Content Sharing Digital Rights Management (PPV, Engine Advertising Transactions Licensing Encryption Geo-IP Restriction PTO, Metrics and Reports Billing Buy-X) Digital Content Management Customer Relationship Management Data Ingest System DAM System Customer Profiles Warehouse Assets Asset Metadata Transaction History Customer Request Handling Ad Campaigns Content Offers User Gen Content Editorial Content Campaigns Keywords Price Bundles UG Video UG Tags VoD Content Live TV Editorial Creative Rate Cards Discounts Promotions VoD Catalog EPG Metadata Customer Profiles (….) Names Addresses Interests Interaction History
    6. 6. Devices Reporting User Experience User Experience Configuration and Extension Development Personalization Digital Content Distribution Advertising E-Commerce Community Reporting Digital Rights Management Engine Microsoft® PlayReady Digital Content Management Customer Relationship Management Ad Campaigns Content Offers User Gen Content Editorial Content Customer Profiles
    7. 7. An integrated Web media delivery platform, delivers true HD (1080p) streaming and provides real-time logging to measure media investments. By offering a complete media delivery platform together with a traditional Web server, rich dynamic Web sites can now be managed and administered from a single Web platform Intelligent Progressive Live Smooth Streaming Advanced Logging Edge Caching Downloads Smooth Streaming Advanced Logging End users have a better Bit Rate Throttling enables uninterrupted, provides rich, flexible data experience when your increases scalability for streaming to Silverlight collection and real-time Web and media content is progressive downloads clients via HTTP, up to client and server-side close to them. When you while reducing bandwidth true HD (1080p) logging capabilities need to scale out your costs network for broader reach, Live Smooth Streaming Create custom logging for IIS now provides proxying Web Playlists enable you delivers massively modules and applications, and disk-based edge to protect, personalize, scalable Smooth implement a centralized caching and monetize your media Streaming for live events log farm, or track end user assets engagement
    8. 8. Overview Live and on-demand media over HTTP A hybrid media delivery method that acts like streaming but is in fact a series of short progressive downloads Leverages existing content caches Player can seamlessly switch video quality and bit rate based on perceived network bandwidth and CPU resources Support for content protection Benefits to Consumers Fast start-up and seek times No buffering, no disconnects, no playback stutter True HD experience; best quality possible Benefits to Media Companies Low-cost deployment – use existing infrastructure Extended engagements Improved advertising and subscription revenues
    9. 9. Content Delivery Networks Encoding Product Vendors DRM Service Providers
    10. 10. Key frame alignment and time sync aligned Active control: management & coordination
    11. 11. 1 Akamai HTTP Akamai IIS Edge Servers Middle Tier 4 StreamOS Expression • 36,000 Servers Encoder • 1,500 Locations • 900 Networks • 750 Cities • 70 Countries 1) Customer uses Microsoft Expression to encode Smooth DNS Streaming content and publish it to StreamOS (or NetStorage) 2) User requests media content 2 from a Silverlight player via Akamai URL 3 3) Silverlight player contacts End user requests IP Akamai HTTP server to address from Akamai DNS request content. system and gets optimal HTTP server IP 4) Media player receives stream from Akamai HTTP server, going back to Akamai IIS middle tier to fill the cache if End User necessary.
    12. 12. All content was encoded with Expression Encoder 2 SP1 Audio: WMA 10 Professional codec 64 kbps 44.1 kHz stereo – great quality, comparable to HE-AAC Video: VC-1 Advanced Profile 1-pass CBR with 5 second VBV buffer Fixed length 2-second closed GOPs Maximum encoder complexity for maximum quality
    13. 13. Cross-browser Cross-platform Built on .NET Smooth streaming Formats Digital content protection Advanced content support Out-of-browser SEO discoverability Enhanced graphics
    14. 14. FAST currently powers portals and devices reaching approximately 400m users FAST FAST FAST FAST Unity AdMomentum Impulse Recommendations Blending of content from Personalized content and End-to-end online Content spotlighting based internal and external product promotions advertising monetization on business drivers sources FAST Enterprise Search Platform
    15. 15. Search and navigation to guides users to favorite video content: • Simple, intuitive user experience has driven to Top 10 video sites (Nielsen Online) • Content aggregation and data cleansing enables aggregation of wide and deep content library • Meta-data enrichment and refinement supports simplified content discovery experience • Promote sales of digital and physical formats through partners
    16. 16. Advertisers Publishers & Agencies Buy-side Tools Publisher Tools & Advice & Services Ad “Network” Provides Maximize revenue Can utilize proprietary to publishers publisher data and advertiser data and preferred access and cross brand results for advertisers to inventory, insights audiences
    17. 17. Bringing the accountability, targeting and interactivity of the Internet to Television  Collects second-by-second tuner data from millions of set-top boxes across North America Anonymous  Enables true ROI through detailed Viewership Data reporting and analytics Collection  Provides a national service platform for managing end-to-end targeted, interactive applications across MSOs National Campaign  Measures engagement through Management for iTV targeted interactivity during programs and eTV and advertisements  Aggregates video inventory in a common sales and automation system  Integrates census level data and real- time intelligence to behaviorally target across networks and platforms Behavioral Ad Network for TV  Reduces friction of buying and addresses media fragmentation
    18. 18. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.