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Presentació d'angles


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Published in: Travel, Art & Photos
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Presentació d'angles

  1. 1. Capital: EdinburgOfficial language:English, Scottish and Gaelic
  2. 2. This is the most famous lake inthe world, so is one of the main reasonwhy the people visit ScotlandThis is the typical scottish skirt(better known as kilt).
  3. 3. • The Edinburgh’s castle is in Scotland, ( Edinburgh). It was built onVolcanic rocks and is in the middle of the city).• This castle is very big, and you need five hours to see the castle well.
  4. 4. • This castle is in Scotland ,( Dumfries) . One of the few built with atriangular and middle of a lake.• The castle is located in a nature reserve.
  5. 5. • This castle is in Scotland, ( Edzell).• The castle consist of the original tower house andbeautiful gardens.
  6. 6. • This castle is in Scotland, ( Conwy).• During the Second Wordl War, the governement usedthe castle to shelter 200 Jewish refugees.
  7. 7. • This castle is in Scotland,( Glasgow southern). Built inthe triteenth century.• The biggest feature is the huge tower.
  8. 8. • This castle is in Scotland, ( Drumoak).• It has one of the oldest towers in the land of Scotland.
  9. 9. • This castle is in Scotland, ( kemnay).• The castle is in the open forest, includes a garden andtwo forest tracks.
  10. 10. Nombre: Rafael Garcia MaciasProfesora: Maria Clara CalvoMateria: InglesGrupo: 4rt CCon colaboración de: ANA DEL CASTILLO FLORES