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English project underground davidcarpintero


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Hello people! I am David Carpintero Pleguezuelos and this is a short presentation about The London Underground. I hope you like this presentation!

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English project underground davidcarpintero

  2. 2.  Introduction London, the city. The history of the underground Infrastructure Map The underground lines Types of trains
  3. 3. •Why have I chosen this project?•What do I think about the underground?•What do I think about London?•How good is the underground forLondon, in my opinion?
  4. 4. Since 1965 Greater London has been divided into32 London boroughs in addition to the ancient Cityof London. 12 plus the City of London in InnerLondon and 20 in Outer London.
  5. 5. 1.City of London2.City of Westminster3.Kensington and Chelsea4.Hammersmith and Fulham5.Wandsworth6.Lambeth7.Southwark8.Tower Hamlets9.Hackney10.Islington11.Camden12.Brent13.Ealing14.Hounslow15.Richmond upon Thames16.Kingston upon Thames17.Merton18.Sutton19.Croydon20.Bromley21.Lewisham22.Greenwich23.Bexley24.Havering25.Barking and Dagenham26.Redbridge27.Newham28.Waltham Forest29.Haringey30.Enfield31.Barnet32.Harrow33.Hillingdon
  6. 6. •The first underground railway in the world, which openedin 1863 and now forms part of the Circle, Hammersmith &City and Metropolitan lines, and the first line to operateunderground electric trains, in 1890, now part of theNorthern line.•The Central London Railway was built this way and knownas the "two penny tube" when opened in 1900.• The worlds first underground railway, it opened inJanuary 1863 between Paddington and Farringdon usinggas-lit wooden carriages hauled by steam locomotives.
  7. 7. • World War I delayed construction andtrains reached Watford Junction in 1917.During air raids in 1915 people used thetube stations as shelters. An extension ofthe Central line east to Ealing was alsodelayed by the war and completed in1920.• World War II suspended these plansafter the Bakerloo line had reachedStanmore and the Northern line HighBarnet and Mill Hill East in 1941. Duringthe war many tube stations were used asair-raid shelters. Following bombing in1940 passenger services over the WestLondon Line were suspended, leavingOlympia exhibition centre without a railwayservice until a District line shuttle fromEarls Court began after the war. Afterwork restarted on the Central lineextensions in east and west London, thesewere complete in 1949.
  8. 8. The underground serves270 stations.London Undergroundseleven lines total 250miles (402 km) in length,making it the fourthlongest metro system inthe world.The lines are electrifiedwith a four-rail DCsystem.
  9. 9. Name Map colourFirstoperatedType LengthNo.StaCurrentStockFutureStockTripsper annum(×1000)Avg. tripsper mile(×1000)BakerloolineBrown 1906DeepTube23.2 km14.5 mi25 1972 Stock N/A 111,136 7,665Central line Red 1900DeepTube74 km46 mi49 1992 Stock N/A 260,916 5,672Circle line Yellow 1871Subsurface27.2 km17 mi36 C StockS StockfromAutumn2013114,609 4,716District line Green 1868Subsurface64 km40 mi60C Stockand D78StockS Stockfrom 2014208,317 5,208Hammersmith & CitylinePink 1864Subsurface25.5 km15.9 mi29C Stock SStockS Stock(Currentlyreplacing CStock))114,609 4,716Jubilee line Silver 1979DeepTube36.2 km22.5 mi27 1996 Stock N/A 213,554 9,491Metropolitan lineDarkMagenta1863Subsurface66.7 km41.5 mi34 S Stock N/A 66,779 1,609NorthernlineBlack 1890DeepTube58 km36 mi50 1995 Stock N/A 252,310 7,009PiccadillylineDark Blue 1906DeepTube71 km44.3 mi53 1973 Stock N/A 210,169 4,744Victoria line Light Blue 1968DeepTube21 km13.3 mi16 2009 Stock N/A 199,988 15,093Waterloo &City lineTurquoise 1898DeepTube2.5 km1.5 mi2 1992 Stock N/A 15,892 10,595
  10. 10. London Underground trains come in twosizes, larger sub-surface trains and smallerdeep-tube trains.
  11. 11.  David Carpintero Pleguezuelos English Project Teacher: Clara CalvoThank you for your attention!