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Technical Info 10 (factsheet) - rebushing keys


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Describes the process for re-bushing keys.

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Technical Info 10 (factsheet) - rebushing keys

  1. 1. The Piano Owners Heads-Up Guide to Important Piano Maintenance Focus On: Rebushing Keys Front rail bushings Balance rail bushings Functionality of the Parts: The wooden portion of the key (the "keystick") operates much as a childs teeter-totter. The center of each key rests on the balance rail, which serves as the fulcrum. Two polished "keypins" (front rail pin and balance rail pin) Information provided courtesy of: keep the key tracking in a straight line. Felt David Boyce, BA punchings (the green and white felts in the Piano Technician photos above) cushion the keys from under- Tel: 07714 959806 neath , and felt bushings (the red felts in both photos) help to make sure that each key has a snug fit and is silent in its operation.For piano keys to have that "new piano" feela quality set of key bushings is essential. Feltbushings are to piano keys as piston rings areto the pistons of an automobile engine. With-out rings, pistons would clatter loosely andineffectually inside their cylinders. Likewise,without key bushings, the wooden keystickswould rattle against the keypins which serveto keep the keys on track. When bushings arehardened with age or have loosened anddropped out of place altogether, keys becomewobbly, giving the piano a distinctive "oldpiano" feel. The key bushings of your pi-ano have reached the stage of wear and A key which has been professionally rebushed.tear where it would make an appreciabledifference in the feel of your piano to have With your keys rebushed your piano willthem professionally replaced. be a big step closer to being as responsive to This job is ordinarily done in the your touch as the day it left the factory andworkshop. It involves careful removal of the should be much more of a pleasure to play.old bushings, precise measurements of felts David Boyce, BAto be used and expert reinstallation and fit- Piano Technicianting of the new bushing cloth. Tel: 07714 959806