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RFPs For a Modern Learning Ecosystem


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The requirements for learning technology have evolved because organizations and their employees have evolved. Today, people are learning in many different ways, often outside of conventional L&D systems.

But investing in the tools to deliver and measure learning in a modern ecosystem requires new approaches to selecting technology as well. Some organizations may just be starting to dabble in learning beyond the LMS, while others aim to fully transform how they deliver and measure L&D. Regardless of where you fall on the “innovation” spectrum, though, RFPs are still geared towards the same old systems.

Join Todd Tauber, Degreed’s VP of Product Marketing, and Mike Rustici, CEO of Watershed, for a 30 minute webinar to learn:

1) What questions to ask when evaluating tools for a new learning ecosystem.
2) How to identify the capabilities you really need instead of the product you think you need to deliver, track, and analyze formal and informal learning
3) Three examples of how leading-edge organizations have successfully created an RFP for a modern ecosystem

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RFPs For a Modern Learning Ecosystem

  1. 1. RFPS FOR A MODERN LEARNING ECOSYSTEM Mike Rustici | Watershed CEO @watershedLRS March 31, 2016 + Todd Tauber| Degreed VP Product Marketing @Degreed
  2. 2. + TODAY’S AGENDA HELLO. Elevating L&D Rethinking the ecosystem New requirements Three examples Q&A We’re Degreed & Watershed 1 2 3 4 … @watershedLRS@degreed #TheNewRFP
  3. 3. + 1. ELEVATING L&D
  4. 4. + EVERY DAY EVERY WEEK EVERY MONTH EVERY QUARTER ONCE A YEAR TODAY’S WORKERS NEED A DIVERSE SET OF L&D SOLUTIONS Source: Degreed, How the Workforce Learns in 2016, 1/2016 Coaching & mentoring e-learning courses Instructor-led classes Conferences & trade shows Web search Peer/team interaction Articles & blogs Videos Books Apps Online networks Webinars Live networking Online courses Podcasts & audio books Live classes (external) SELF-DIRECTEDL&D-LED
  5. 5. + TRADITIONAL L&D IS NOT OBSOLETE IT JUST ISN’T COMPLETE Source: Degreed, How the Workforce Learns in 2016, 1/2016 On average, workers give their employers’ learning and development opportunities a Net Promoter Score of… DETRACTORS (-100) PROMOTERS (+100) -31
  6. 6. + SMARTER L&D TEAMS INVEST THEIR TIME AND MONEY DIFFERENTLY Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2015 Corporate Learning Factbook, 6/2015 (-20%) +29% +13% +90% less training via ILT, vILT and e-learning more learning via on-the-job experiences more learning via collaboration and coaching more learning via on-demand resources HIGHER-IMPACT L&D ORGANIZATIONS DELIVER...
  7. 7. + TAKE- AWAY BAIN & COMPANY Satisfied employees have the tools, training and resources to do their jobs well… Engaged employees learn and grow every day. “ ” Source: Harvard Business Review, Engaging Your Employees Is Good, but Don’t Stop There, 12/2015 THE
  9. 9. + “AND” NOT “OR”
  11. 11. + TODAY’S LEARNING ECOSYSTEM Learning Experience Performance Insights L&D Activities Coaching & mentoring ILT classes Search Articles & blogs Videos Books Apps Webinars Online courses Podcasts MOOCs LMS Assessments Portals Virtual training Bootcamps Performance support tools On-the-job projects
  12. 12. + “AND” not “Or” Think beyond the LMS, courses and programs Standards compliance (xAPI) Focus on learner experience and analytics first CONSIDERATIONS FOR RFPS
  13. 13. + 3. NEW REQUIRE- MENTS
  14. 14. + LEARNING EXPERIENCE Integration Personalization Curation Collaboration Motivation
  15. 15. + L&D ACTIVITIES LMS Document Management & Collaboration Platform vILT or Blended Learning Platform Enterprise Social Network Skillsoft Harvard Manage Mentor Cross Knowledge getAbstract MindTools Safari Udemy Pluralsight Lynda User Generated Content YouTube TED Microsoft Virtual Academy Coursera edX Udacity NovoEd IDEO U General Assembly The Economist The Wall Street Journal Pocket Feedly Stack Overflow ...and more (much more) INTERNAL L&D SYSTEMS EXTERNAL TRAINING OPEN RESOURCES + +
  16. 16. + PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS Performance InsightsL&D Activities Coaching & mentoring ILT classes Articles & blogs Videos Books Apps Webinars Online courses Podcasts MOOCs LMS Assessments Portals Virtual training Bootcamps Performance support tools On-the-job projects 1. From L&D systems + external sources 2. On L&D activities (inputs) + performance (outcomes) 3. For L&D teams + operating leaders + employees
  17. 17. + Source: Degreed 2016 BALANCE BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS WITH EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS WORKERS EXPECT TO... SO EMPLOYERS SHOULD... Find Grow Solve Manage Track Create Empower Guide Curateand and and experiences activities via insights
  18. 18. + 4. RFP EXAMPLES
  19. 19. + CONSERVATIVE Limited to LMS delivery Manual report building Easy Win: Consider future goals and include capabilities that will help you achieve those. EXAMPLE Capabilities: standardized data aggregation and dashboard reporting
  20. 20. + CURIOUS Multiple tools to provide more personally tailored learning. EXAMPLE Capabilities: One login. Delivery of many types of activities and curated content. Analyze training data without manual work to ID learner preferences.
  21. 21. + INNOVATIVE Focus on training and performance support that increases customer satisfaction EXAMPLE Capabilities: Delivery of various content. Standardized data tracking and aggregation across systems. Workflow mapping. Real-time analysis of learning and business data.
  22. 22. + TAKE- AWAY THE Start by designing for a comprehensive, holistic vision of the ecosystem you want Don’t just ask for familiar tools; look for the capabilities and requirements you need Aim for constant progress and improvement; continuously monitor, measure, optimize Walk before you run