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See what else we’ve said CES 2015: 50+ Highlights for Marketers


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See what else we’ve said about CES 2015
• The Future of CES Belongs to Marketers (David Berkowitz column in Ad Age)
• Live Blog: The CES Panel on Video Advertising (Danny Sullivan coverage of Berkowitz’s panel in Marketing Land)
• CES is Shaping up to be the Next Cannes (Adweek quotes Berkowitz)
• The Technology and Trends Breaking Through CES This Year (CEO Matt Britton featured in Adweek video)
• A Second CES for Marketers Rises from the Shadows (Berkowitz writes about Shadow CES for LinkedIn)
• Sneakers, Bling, and Chocolate Steal CES Spotlight: 5 Brands That Outshone Electronics and Tech Companies (Berkowitz
byline in Ad Age)
Features on MRY’s blog:
• 2015: The Year of the Smartwatch?
• The Future of Automobiles is Now at CES
• Cyber Security in a Connected World
• Hospitality in 2015 and Beyond

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