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A Mobile Day in the Life - Admonsters OPS Mobile Keynote


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An hour by hour look at how consumers use mobile devices, it spans the bedroom, living room and kitchen, office, grocery store, bar, restaurants, and more. It's a device for shopping, gaming, fashion, photography, and occasionally even getting things done. Apps and technologies featured include Instagram, Draw Something, Foursquare, Highlight, Nike Fuelband, GetGlue, and Localmind.

Published in: Technology, Business
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A Mobile Day in the Life - Admonsters OPS Mobile Keynote

  1. David BerkowitzVP Emerging Media, 360i @dberkowitz 1
  2. It’s my job to try a rangeof mobile devices, but I’ll stick with mobile phones here 2
  3. 1946 1 mobile phone call stVia AT&T : “June 17, 1946: A driver in St. Louis, Mo., pulled out a handset from under his car’s dashboard,placed a phone call and made history.It was the first mobile telephone call.” 3
  4. 1970s-80s car phone Since 1946, we’ve gone throughfour eras of mobile telephony, starting with the age of the car phone… 4
  5. 1980-1990scordless phone 5
  6. 1990s-2000s cellphone 6
  7. mid 2000s-today smartphone 7
  8. So after car phones, cordless phones, cellphones, and smartphones, what comes next? ? 8
  9. 2012-megaphone 9
  10. 2012-MEGAphone It’s the device that’s always a part of your life, knowing what you want before you want it. 10
  11. why thismatters: 11
  12. 1. you’re living in the age ofthe megaphone 12
  13. 2. this decade,BILLIONS ofconsumers will haveMEGAphones 13
  14. 3. MEGAphones play a role in every of our day 14
  15. 4. it’s time to amplify everything you do(starting… now) 15
  16. 16
  18. http:/ down with apint of GuinnessDo not operateheavy machinerywhile clicking Links to all apps in this deck appear in the Appendix. 18
  19. 24 hours inThe Age of theMEGAphone 19
  20. It begins 4am the following day. 4am Day 2 I’m outside a restaurant with my friendSven Banana, some pie, and a funky t-shirt. 4am Proprietary & Confidential 20
  21. Proprietary & Confidential 21
  22. 24 hours earlier, I’m fast asleep,4am Day 1: Sleep Science listening to positive motivational messages from Sleep Science.4am Proprietary & Confidential 22
  23. I’ve got my Nike+ FuelBand to keep track of all my physical activity (and hoping there are no points deducted for snoring)5am Proprietary & Confidential 23
  24. With my Lark wristband connecting6am: Lark via bluetooth, it silently wakes me and coaches me for better sleep habits. I can dream, right?6am Proprietary & Confidential 24
  25. Here’s what one night’s sleep record looks like. Proprietary & Confidential 25
  26. Here’s what one night’s sleep record looks like after taking NyQuil. Proprietary & Confidential 26
  27. It’s time to work out, using FitFu.7am: FitBit, FitFu Accessing the accelerometer, it tracks the repetitions of my crunches.7am Proprietary & Confidential 27
  28. When it’s time to get dressed,m I use Go Try It On to ask people which shirt I should wear.8am Proprietary & Confidential 28
  29. There’s a clear winner – outfit #1. And the comments are both helpful and Proprietary & Confidential 29
  30. I need to run an errand before work, so I stop by9am convenience store Duane Reade, paying with NFC (near field communication) www.360i.comthanks to Google Wallet on the Galaxy Nexus. Proprietary & Confidential 30
  31. I then get to work and prime creative10am sparks with Draw Something. I think my picture’s okay, but I got Proprietary & Confidential What IS that? stumped by Sidra. 31
  32. At 11, I take photos of things I love,11am11am such as mini Sad Keanu, and add them to Pinterest Proprietary & Confidential 32
  33. 12pm I’m getting hungry by noon, so I go to sandwich shop Alidoro, and check in on Foursquare Proprietary & Confidential 33
  34. By 1, I need to digest, so I play Life is Crime, dealing drugs and bumping off other players in TriBeCa1pm Proprietary & Confidential 34
  35. At 2, I’m doing some self- improvement, studying Spanish on Brainscape’s mobile app.2pm Proprietary & Confidential 35
  36. Taking a break, I turn to TaskRabbit, a useful site for finding people to do odd jobs for you.3pm Proprietary & Confidential 36
  37. I post my task – delivering Sprinkles Cupcakes, and then scan my credit Card via the phone’s lens to make a Proprietary & Confidential 37
  38. I get my cupcakes in a flash. Proprietary & Confidential 38
  39. At 4, I hit up a brainstorm at work and Instagram the hell out of it.4pm Proprietary & Confidential 39
  40. At 5, I join a friend at Crosby St Hotel, the first Manhattan bar to accept TabbedOut, an app that lets you pay your tab right from your phone.5pm Proprietary & Confidential 40
  41. Proprietary & Confidential 41
  42. Proprietary & Confidential 42
  43. It’s 6, and time to figure out dinner. I turn to Kraft’s iFood Assistant for recipe ideas, the GroceryIQ grocery list app from, and Checkpoints to get more deals.6pm Proprietary & Confidential 43
  44. I also pick up some Proprietary & Confidential 44
  45. Time to make dinner. I went with my own recipe: Mac & Cheese & Philly Cream Cheese7pm Proprietary & Confidential 45
  46. Yum.8pm Proprietary & Confidential 46
  47. During dinner, I use Snooth’s image recognition technology toidentify my wine’s label and bring up reviews about the bottle. Proprietary & Confidential 47
  48. I also use MealSnap, which lets you take photos of what you eat and it calculates the calories. It doesn’t always work. Proprietary & Confidential 48
  49. 9pm Proprietary & Confidential 49
  50. *Please drink responsibly Proprietary & Confidential 50
  51. As I relax and watch TV, I love stickers, so I use GetGlue to earn some. Proprietary & Confidential 51
  52. It’s time to go out for the night, and10pm I use Fashism for feedback. I also go on to boost the ratings of some of the app’s more unlikely users. Proprietary & Confidential 52
  53. Apparently my ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack shirt with a working speaker didn’t get the highest marks. Ninjacat was sweet Proprietary & Confidential 53
  54. 10pm: (figure out plans) Localmind, ChaCha –I explore options for At 11, a late-night snack. I repeatedlynote Google Deals, ask about Pommes Frites I don’t get anyfor ideas, ask Localmind users but help.11pm Proprietary & Confidential 54
  55. Pommes Frites Pommes Frites Pommes Frites I head out, using the LevelUp app to find deals neaby. Through the app, I pay using a QR code displayed on my phone.12am Proprietary & Confidential 55
  56. I went for the organic black truffle mayo. Yum. Proprietary & Confidential 56
  57. Sven Banana At 1am, I use Highlight to see if any1am people I know are nearby. Sven Banana, with whom I share a Facebook friend, is close. Proprietary & Confidential 57
  58. We use Yelp to find a place open for dessert. Sadly, while Bubby’s is great, it’s not good for bananas.2am Proprietary & Confidential 58
  59. He’s a good sport though, waiting outside while I order the pie. ANYTHING but thebanana cream!3am Proprietary & Confidential 59
  60. Proprietary & Confidential 60
  61. Here we are, back at the beginning. It’s 4am, and Sven and I are happily enjoying our pie.4am Proprietary & Confidential 61
  62. mmmmm… chocolate peanut butter! Proprietary & Confidential 62
  63. And yet he had to get the banana cream. Proprietary & Confidential 63
  64. whoa! 64
  65. the age of the MEGAphone is here 65
  66. a m p l i f y everything you do (starting… now) 66
  67. http:/, you canbuy this URL for$1 billionShare with anyadmonsters livingunder your bed 67
  68. David Berkowitz@dberkowitz / 68
  69. appendix:links from the talk 69
  70. Links: Sleeping / Getting Ready• 4am: Sleep Science• 5am: Nike Fuelband• 6am: Lark• 7am: FitFu• 8am: Go Try It On Proprietary & Confidential 70
  71. Links: The 9-5 Workday• 9am: Google Wallet• 10am: Draw Something• 11am: Pinterest (Sad Keanu Sightings pinboard; get Sad Keanu at Shapeways)• 12pm: Foursquare• 1pm: Life is Crime (see also Traveler’s Quest and Dokobots)• 2pm: Brainscape• 3pm: TaskRabbit• 4pm: Proprietary & Confidential 71
  72. Links: Drinks, Dinner, Unwinding, and Going Out• 5pm: TabbedOut• 6pm: Kraft iFood Assistant,’s GroceryIQ, CheckPoints• 7pm: (dinner break)• 8pm: Snooth, MealSnap• 9pm: GetGlue (see also Shazam, IntoNow, Viggle)• 10pm: Fashism, Pose• 11pm: Localmind• 12am: Level Up• 1am: Highlight• 2am: Yelp• 3am: FoodSpotting Proprietary & Confidential 72