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26 Reasons You'll Love the Future - From A to Z


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26 reasons to love the future, from Lou Kerner's call on The Future of Advertising and Consumer Technology

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26 Reasons You'll Love the Future - From A to Z

  1. 1. 26 Reasons You’ll Love the Future (from A to Z) David Berkowitz Chief Marketing Officer, MRY @dberkowitz / @MRY
  2. 2. Presented at Lou Kerner’s “The Social Internet” Conference Call Series July 30, 2013 See more at and follow him on Twitter at @loukerner Links, image sources, and comments are in the notes
  3. 3. All together now • Apple TV • Brainwave-controlled devices • Crowdfunding • Driverless cars • Elon Musk • First screen inversion • Google’s just getting started • Health tech saving lives • I Fucking Love Science • Joining Scoble in the shower • Kinect 2.0+ • Little data • Mobile wallet • Nanotargeting • On-demand access to everything • P2P for goods and services • QQ • Rapid prototyping • Shapeways • Thingiverse • Ubiquitous sensors • Videophones are here • Water-powered batteries • X-device targeting • Yahoo apps on every phone • Zero-hour workweek
  4. 4. David Berkowitz @dberkowitz / @mry