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CES 2007-2016
10 Years in Review
by David Berkowitz
Table of Contents
• Overview
• 2007
• 2008
• 2009
• 2010
• 2011
• 2012
• 2013
• 2014
• 2015
• 2016
Time Travel: 10 Years of CES
Attending CES for ten years means traveling a total of 50,000 miles (from New York), navigati...
My first words written about CES
(I miss that sense of wonder)
“I'm laying low today in advance of
CES… It's daunting – al...
A sign of the economic troubles to come?
While representing my agency, my blog was a
more personal project, and I covered ...
Go figure… my first photo from CES is a selfie (I was clearly far ahead of that trend)
One of my favorite photos from any CES, Yahoo serving the hot ice cream brand also merited a
separate blog post entitled “...
“[I’m] blogging away with the Dell blogger, and people from Minnesota, and, well, lots of dudes, most of whom are now blog...
It’s a pleasant surprise reviewing photos from that first CES and seeing a number of familiar faces, including several I’v...
Some things don’t change fast enough
In 2008, my roundup included a note on panels that lacked 50-50 gender
balance and 20...
Among the best marketing I’ve encountered at CES is this children’s book from Microsoft. I didn’t even appreciate at the t...
I really was obsessed with Yahoo’s snacks
Could Yahoo have done more to court press if it just served better
snacks at CES...
“In January 2009, I did a horrible thing in Las Vegas: I stayed at the Luxor.” So begins my photo essay, the only review I...
I met Alan Mulally, then Ford’s President and CEO, at Social Media Club’s Ultimate Blogger Dinner (thanks, Scott
Monty). F...
Ford launches Sync with Microsoft
Doug VanDagens, Director of Connected Partnerships with
Ford, shared his vision for Conn...
Going for the hat trick, I interviewed Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields, noting, “A car used to be about
Robert Scoble on Reading Friends
For a couple of years, Jeff Pulver brought a phenomenal roster of
speakers and attendees ...
Remember ringtones?
This was from my Digital Hollywood recap. Some of it proved smarter, such as discussing
the importance...
From the blog: Technology that will make you look like the biggest idiot in front of your co-workers: Zyxio’s Sensawaft.
Beamz wins the award for the product from my first five years that I’m shocked is still around. I noted, “If your musical ...
3D TVs were eating up all the best real estate in the Central Hall of the Convention Center.
Apparently, this is not how f...
Here are lots of people gathered in Panasonic’s 3D TV theater (I’m in the upper center with a camera, next to
Jessica Loka...
This collateral cracks me up now – especially the “Wow!” at the bottom. I’m not knocking Panasonic; I just had a
booth tou...
Right concept, wrong screen: Panasonic showed off its Skype integration in this smart TV. Video chat has caught
on, and mo...
Drones started to become really prominent at CES in 2015, but back in 2010, Robert Scoble was having a blast
filming this ...
This screen from PlayOn looks like a Roku or Apple TV dashboard. It’s striking to see Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu
there, alo...
This image of the media storage and sharing device Pogoplug shows an option to publish to MySpace. Some
snapshots of CES a...
Get this – an e-reader (the Que by Plastic Logic) filmed on a Flip video camera. The one filming is Michael
Learmonth, the...
Another sighting earlier than expected: a demo of Square, founded in February 2009 and shown here in January 2010. I blogg...
No CES recap is complete without celeb sightings. So, here’s LeVar Burton.
Foursquare launched in 2009. Come 2011, booths were promoting CES check-ins. I had noted about 500 people
were checked int...
From the “gone but not forgotten” field is Quirky, the crowdsourced product development company. I loved pretty
much every...
In 2012, Nike launched FuelBand, but the year before, it used CES to promote its SportWatch GPS, which offered
similar fun...
Since my first year at CES, a lot of my best experiences were hanging out with bloggers and those at the forefront
of soci...
Why there are no tablet marketing agencies
In Ad Age, I described fundamental differences between mobile
devices and table...
No, this isn’t another post commenting on snacks served at CES. Reese’s used central convention center real
estate to laun...
Big brands, bigger ideas
Each year, non-tech brands gained greater prominence. In this MediaLink-hosted keynote, Coca-Cola...
Complete 2011 roundup
CES often coincides with Elvis Presley’s birthday. The King’s memory lives on.
CES: Consumer Electronics Socialization
In 2012, I wrote my strangest column about CES, which was also perhaps the most pr...
This is a reminder that what works in the movie theater doesn’t work in the living room. When I’m at home, I’m not
One of my favorite 3D TV shots, this guy looks like he’s watching a football fly straight into his groin.
Virtual reality headgear by Sensics
(proof that the movie “Disclosure” was infinitely ahead of its time)
Come 2012, more V...
Drones were mentioned again in the 2012 recap. Note here, as in 2010 when Robert Scoble was flying the same
kind of Parrot...
3D printing was a hot topic by 2012, extending from plastic to applications such as this unit from Essential
Dynamics whic...
Scoring 5 predictions for CES 2013
1) TV is no longer the first
2) Touch, gesture, voice
devices need new types of ...
BOX CEO Aaron Levie sums up CEO in a tweet.
Business Insider promoted one of the worst buzzwords ever. Fortunately, this word never caught on.
By now, CES emerged as a tentpole event for marketers – a far cry from how it was when a few brands and
agencies sent blog...
Don’t ask. This stuff just happens at CES.
CES is a show made for some weird selfies. I managed not to buy this headset. As of December 2015, it’s still on
the marke...
One of the stranger products featured at CES were these Necomimi cat ears that read your brainwaves and move
based on your...
The Qualcomm keynote, remembered most for its Big Bird scene, was by far the most lambasted CES talk during
the decade I’v...
Colbert on HAPIfork
The HAPIfork remains one of the stranger products to gain attention at CES, as it flies in the face ...
to Roku (but you still need
In 2013, Time Warner Cable announced it was coming to the Roku. Only in the past few mo...
Google announced Glass (right) in the spring of 2012. It hadn’t shipped until its developer model was made available for $...
Long before there was Apple Watch, Pebble raised $10 million, setting crowdfunding records. While I loved my first version...
ODB enables an API
CES is now one of the best car shows, and many companies are piggybacking on that trend of cars becomin...
Reality can still be virtual
and not just augmented
In 2012, I first featured virtual reality, but 2013 included a nod to ...
Yes, robots are fun, and I guess this model from RoboteX was some kind of telepresence model. But my original caption for ...
“The new world order is
complete collaboration,
and CES is a great
showcase for that.”
- Carolyn Everson,
As CES ...
Here’s one framework I’ve used to describe CES announcements in a single slide. Note
that this can be customized for every...
The 12 Principles of CES
1. Every device should be able to connect to other devices, and the cloud
2. Every surface can be...
I was way too bulling on the speed at which 3D printers would become home office equipment. The potential for the fields t...
Fitbit’s partnership with Tory Burch, where the designer would create accessories for wearables rather than compete with t...
T-Mobile CEO who
crashed AT&T party
This wasn’t
even bigger?
Christopher Lloyd
is back!
Meet your
Any doubt CES has become a major car show? The most popular posts shared about CES were all cars, based on data from
With Google Glass still a hot topic, an exhibit featured smart eyewear through the years.
Wearable tech took new turns at CES with new kinds of value propositions, such as the Sensible Baby senor that alerts care...
The virtual reality drumbeat sounded louder in 2014 as Oculus Rift won top honors from The Verge and Engadget. The real ki...
Don’t always believe ‘best of’ awards if you’re looking for a cheat sheet on what products you’ll still hear about a year ...
Yahoo gallantly returned to my coverage, and for a change, I wasn’t covering their snacks. Their keynote announced its ad ...
CES 2015:
50+ Highlights for
David Weinstock, creative chief at MRY, is the cover model for what has to be among...
CES 2015 Top 10 Takeaways & Trends
1. Non-tech brands are taking more of the CES spotlight, and that will be a theme the r...
The caption: “What other show can serve up every single tech buzzword in a single room?” 3D printing, drones, selfies, con...
Column: The Future of CES belongs to marketers
A column in Ad Age expressed why marketers need to embrace CES en
There are now sensors for everything. This one scares me. What if we start relying on sensors for everything? What if we g...
The Belfie Stick got more buzz than some of the CES keynotes, and it has one of the best logos ever. Now that’s category
Google Cardboard’s minimalist headsets sold 500,000 units by CES 2015, hinting at a way to bring VR to the mass market.
This was a big year for big announcements from big brands. Under Airmour announced its social network, built on its $150 m...
Nixie debuted a wearable selfie drone prototype. Way to cram so many buzzwords into a tiny device. They haven’t released t...
Shadow CES
Already getting nostalgic at the start of 2015, I wrote a LinkedIn Pulse column describing the experience of at...
For 2016, I published my first preview of CES a full month before the show. It was more fun to
create than recap decks, as...
The CES 2016 Preview included a few Bingo boards,
such as this one for drones
Slices bagels Waters plants Takes selfies of...
Highlights and final thoughts from 2016 will be added to this deck soon. Follow me on SlideShare to receive updates whenev...
Thanks for the memories; keep in touch
David Berkowitz
@mry / @dberkowitz
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Time Travel: 10 Years of 10 Years of CES: 2007-2016


Published on

Time Travel: 10 Years of CES
Attending CES for ten years means traveling a total of 50,000 miles (from New York), navigating about 20 million square feet of exhibit
space, mingling with some subset of more than 1.5 million attendees, and creating at least 1,000 slides for recap decks. I also know that
one’s status as a rookie or veteran is determined by others; my familiarity with the Consumer Electronics Show is dwarfed by those who
have been attending for decades.
But, 10 CES’s is something, and attending my tenth one in 2016 has made me nostalgic for the early days, back when I wrote more blog
posts than columns and presentations, and back when the snacks a tech company served mattered as much to me as the impact of that
tech on my clients’ businesses.
As I prepared for CES 2016, I looked back through all my files – blog posts, Flickr photos, recap decks, columns – and gathered
highlights from what I’ve shared publicly (as opposed to anything presented solely to clients). I was repeatedly surprised by early
mentions of topics such as drones, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things. And yet, I had to wade through countless images of 3D TVs
(which I sensed were a flop from the start) and 3D printers (which I was way too bullish on in terms of applications for mass market
usage in the home).
I noted rather loftily in Advertising Age in 2015, “CES, at its core, isn't a show about electronics. It's a show about time.” What you’ll find
here takes a broader view of time than what we’re normally afforded in a typical column or deck or tweet. It offers the perspective that a
single year’s analysis can’t provide. If it interests or moves or inspires you in any way, please let me know.
Thanks for your time.
David Berkowitz

Published in: Technology
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