Soc media for prof dev


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Soc media for prof dev

  1. 1. Social Media &Career Development Workshop for the Highland Street Corps 12/14/12 Presented by @davidbcrowley, President & Founder @socialcap And Gabrielle Joffe, Outreach & Technology Coordinator SCI AmeriCorps member serving at DotWell Use #SCItrain on Twitter
  2. 2. Agenda Intros Icebreaker Opening discussion General pointers LinkedIn Twitter
  3. 3. Why are we here? Connecting people to community info key to Social Capital Inc. (SCI) mission. Using technology to engage people has been key to our service. We’ve had some success…recruiting volunteers, connecting with new partners, connecting alums with jobs, funding opportunities. Traction: @socialcap 4,400+ @mydorchester 1,600+, website 10,000+ visits/month
  4. 4. Social Network Bingo!How connected are you?
  5. 5. How can social media tools help youdevelop your professional network? Potential detriments?
  6. 6. How social networking can help Develop your personal brand Make new friends Keep the old         Marketable skill Stay current
  7. 7. What is your “personal brand”?(what expertise do you want to be know—and hired—for?)
  8. 8. Be a Social Capitalist
  9. 9. Balancing personal & professional on social media
  10. 10. Combine online & offline networking One-on-ones (with people you connect with online first) Tweetups
  11. 11. Getting your name branded across platformse.g. DavidBCrowley on:  Twitter  Pinterest  LinkedIn  Google+  Tumbler  Facebook
  12. 12. What can LinkedIn do for you?
  13. 13. Access!
  14. 14. Nurturing your network!
  15. 15. Keep people updated on your doings
  16. 16. Need a solid profile
  17. 17. Grow your LinkedIn Network!
  18. 18. A few other LinkedIn pointers Leverage the power of LinkedIn messages Participate in groups as a way to develop your reputation & connections. Give endorsements. Try to post a status update daily.
  19. 19. Twitter time!
  20. 20. Why Twitter (my take) Learning, staying current Sharing about resources, things I’m reading Positioning self & org as thought leader Developing new contacts around shared interests. Especially good if you read a lot of articles and/or blog yourself.
  21. 21. Twitter tip #1 Tweet & engage consistently!  Regular stream of tweets (5 to 10 spread thru day) makes it likely people will find & follow.  Engage:  Ask questions  Use 1 or more handles of others (focus on local contacts) in most tweets  Make sure you respond to your mentions! (following slides)
  22. 22. Twitter tip #2 You’ve got to use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck!  Manage multiple accounts  Schedule tweets (and other posts)  Set up columns for lists & search terms.
  23. 23. Strengthen relationships
  24. 24. Twitter Tip #4 Creating & Using Lists  Essential for getting the most out of Twitter!  Slides coming on how to do it.  Be sure to tweet with #MNNConf12 to get added to the @davidbcrowley list for the event.  When deciding to follow someone, consider adding them to a list.
  25. 25. Twitter Tip #5 Finding people to follow by identifying local influencers. Common influencers:  Public officials  Reporters  Social media savvy individuals  People who go to tweetups Larger cities: Klout lists influncers Don’t forget to add people you find to a list!
  26. 26. Brief word on blogging…
  27. 27. Questions/Wrap-up