101 ways to increase website traffic with social media


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101 ways to use social media, social networking and more to increase traffic to your website

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101 ways to increase website traffic with social media

  1. 1. dart -creat ions.com http://www.dart-creations.com/increase-website-traffic/human-techniques/101-ways-to-increase-website-traffic-with-social- media.html 101 ways to increase website traffic with Social Media By David Attard CONTENT IS KING 1. Be helpf ul – f orget the sales pitch. People want to “solve a problem” – make sure you, your product and your website are f ocused towards solving a problem – whatever it may be. Whether it’s “What shall I cook tonight?” or “How to increase website traf f ic” – your social media marketing should all be about solving “Someone Else’s Problem” (a twist on the meaning of the SEP - with apologies to Douglas Adams) 2. Publish more content, regularly – daily is ideal. Weekly as a minimum. 3. Publish ORIGINAL well-researched content - don’t just braindump. Brainstorm, think, plan, design, write, ref ine, proof , then publish ;) 4. Author content which is relevant – don’t repeat content f rom other sources. Make your website relevant, THE website to visit in your niche 5. Design a f unny comic related to your niche – with links to your site 6. Design a regular f unny comic or page – “Funny Fridays”, “Lazy Mondays”. Think on the lines of “The Borowitz Report” 7. When publishing content, stick to one rule – “How would I behave if I were the one reading it?” If you were looking f or something, would the article you are about to publish help, or would you just skim it and bounce of f . If it’s irrelevant, ref er to 4 ;) If you’ve seen it bef ore, ref er to 4 ;) If you just say “mehh”, ref er to 4 ;) 8. Use great titles f or your content, titles which tempt or create curiosity – “How I got my website to load in 1.29 seconds” vs “Increase your website load time”. Think “How I made Google my bitch!” vs “Improve your search engine rankings”. If necessary spend a lot of time titles – they are the portals to your website 9. Share your expertise as website content – don’t underestimate the power of social sharing. The viral ef f ect of sharing good content is much better than trying to charge f or that content through your “consultancy services”. Only if you get the traf f ic will you be able to monetize it. 10. Author a good eBook and embed links to your content and “sales” pages 11. Give it out f or f ree – or at the minimal cost of joining your mailing list, liking your Facebook page, or otherwise providing you with means to keep a user coming back 12. Give other stuf f away. Free sof tware works wonders f or traf f ic. SWAG in response to questionnaires works very well too. FREE 30 DAY Trial is not f ree. Lite (f ree) versions of sof tware on the other hand are cool 13. Don’t write the content you want your visitors to read – write content your visitors want to read (huge dif f erence) 14. Author and publish something controversial – go against established trends (with good reasons of course). Think “How I abandoned Google SEO in f avour of Social Media Marketing”. 15. Think about something which is bound to go viral – inf ormative inf ographics, controversial content, hilariously f unny content, a brand new concept or idea which creates a revolution. Then create a killer article(s) and publish. 16. Research the keywords you want to target (use Google Trends or Google Keyword tool) and use them within
  2. 2. your articles 17. Test which content is working and which isn’t. Build upon the content which is working 18. Stop being so serious when writing content f or the web – let go, have some f un. Visitors want to be entertained as well as inf ormed 19. Keep visitors on your site – Include a “You might also like” at the end of content and link to other related content. Do this manually, not with automated plugins Be Social, be heard, be everywhere 20. Embed Social sharing buttons in your website – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (yes Google+ is important) as a minimum. You may choose to add other social networks which are relevant f or your specif ic website niche. Avoid using a 100,000 social share buttons 21. Find relevant communities in your niche and join. Whether they are on Facebook, independent f orums, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Spiceworks or wherever else they might be – join. Most importantly, participate 22. If they allow signatures ensure you have a compelling one with a link to your website or your social media presence 23. Become an authority in the community – one of the people who people are bound to f ollow not ignore. Think of the communities you visit, who are the people you respect? Why do you respect them? Become that person 24. Become a volunteer – help out in the above communities and in your niche when and where help is required. Ensure that people know you and trust you 25. Create a compelling, attractive prof ile of yourself or your website. Make it attractive to your target audience by helping – solve SEPs 26. Follow people who know their stuf f too. You want to know the latest trends and f ollow their recommendations where applicable. Share their content when relevant, they will reciprocate 27. Build a personal relationship / strong network of people who would be willing to share your content Facebook 28. Create a Facebook page f or your website – whether it’s a business or a blog, make sure you are on Facebook. Link to your Facebook page f rom your website – duhh! 29. If f unds permit, create a mobile app f or your website. Something which provides a usef ul f eature rather than a mindless dump of your content 30. Use the “Like” competition cliché - “Like and share this photo to enter our f antastically rewarding competition” – it works, f ree stuf f works 31. Showcase the results of the competition. This is especially usef ul if it is a web-related content and you will provide linkbacks (everybody loves f ree website traf f ic ;)) Twitter – Make your Tweets count 32. Setup a Twitter account f or your business separately f rom your personal accounts 33. Use that account to f ollow ALL the relevant people in your niche 34. Retweet the content they post which is important f or your audience 35. Tweet interesting content f or your target audience, don’t just tweet each new article you publish 36. Tweet snippets of inf ormation relevant to your community 37. Tweet your content – research and add popular #hashtags if and when relevant
  3. 3. 38. Tweet content multiple (4) times. Twitter gets updated very of ten and posts are likely to be missed Google / Google+ 39. Claim Google+ Authorship f or all your authors 40. Join relevant Google+ Communities and post relevant compelling content when relevant (without spamming) 41. Follow relevant people in your niche. You are likely to get f ollowed if you f ollow the people that matter 42. Set up a Google+ Business Page and link it to your website 43. Use Google Rich Snippets and structured data to “tag” your pages in Google WebMasters YouTube and Podcasts 44. Setup a Youtube channel 45. Link to your other social media, Facebook, Twitter, website f rom the channel 46. Post regular inf ormative videos 47. Optimize your videos f or YouTube SEO 48. Make sure you are using a transcript with relevant keywords 49. Follow relevant people/channels in your niche 50. Record the video as a podcast where necessary and submit to relevant directories Other Social Media Marketing 51. Link to your website on the about me of social networks 52. Create and upload relevant presentations to SlideShare and Scribd – ensure that you embed links to your website! 53. Convert good popular content to link-f riendly PDFs and upload to Slideshare and Scribd 54. Try to get some content posted in a Reddit community. If you SPAM in Reddit you will get torn to pieces and thrown to the wolves. Thread caref ully 55. Link to your website using your prof ile anywhere which will take a URL link. Do NOT SPAM. 56. Encourage your visitors to engage. Enable comments on your website – but monitor them f or SPAM. Reply to emails, comments, queries and any other f orm of engagement. Keep the conversation f lowing 57. Ask pertinent questions on Social media, and reply with usef ul advice af ter reading others’ replies Directories 58. Advertise your website in the appropriate categories at Craigslist. Try posting your ads in the most populated cities in the world 59. Local Craigslist submissions works just as well as international – people talk and recommend 60. Submit to the local popular web directories 61. Submit to Google Places f or Business 62. Submit to Bing Places f or Business 63. Submit to Yahoo! Local Listings 64. If you are a local business or have an actual physical presence, make sure you are present on Google Maps 65. Submit your site to the relevant category in DMOZ.org and hope :) 66. Find other directories relevant to your niche and submit to them (if they are popular so much the better – pay to enter if they are proven to work (check them with Alexa.com) 67. Specif ic vertical industries are a great idea – if you see a trend in a specif ic vertical f ocus extreme
  4. 4. ef f ort in that area 68. Piggy back on the success of others. Create a presence on websites which are highly traf f icked. This is besides the Facebooks, the Twitters and the YouTubes. Figure out the relevant sites in your niche and get yourself linked in there. If you are a music producer, it’s Soundcloud. If you are a Joomla developer, it’s the JED. If you f ocus on Wordpress, it’s the Plugins directory. Find the behemoth in your niche, and piggy back a ride on their success. It's also good to f ind a niche in your niche. Search Engine Optmization 69. Visit the SEO Periodic table and take the time to understand it and apply f ixes where necessary 70. Make you have an easy domain name – something which can be remembered easily. One words are ideal. Short words or phrases are great 71. Make sure your website loads really quickly 72. Create an XML sitemap 73. Submit your sitemap to Google WebMasters 74. Submit your sitemap to Bing WebMasters 75. Use Google WebMaster tools to monitor and f ix problems with your site 76. Link to your own content. Cross- ref erence pages and point to the ones which are most popular and successf ul. Or point to the ones you want to make successf ul 77. Make sure your website is mobile f riendly – some niches are particularly sensitive to mobile traf f ic. Facebook gets most visits via smartphones, visitors ref erred via Facebook are likely to see your site on a phone. Test and ensure they get a good experience 78. Make sure your content is available f or non-english speakers. Enable a one-click translation plugin if you don't have translated conten Surveys – Publish interesting analytics 79. Run surveys/questionnaires with interesting questions e.g. “What is your PPC Budget f or the next year?” vs “Do you like our new website?” - of f er gif ts f or replies 80. Analyse the data and publish results 81. Make a press releases with your survey results 82. Create and publish an interesting Inf ographic with the result of your survey. Email – reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated 83. Compel your visitors to join your mailing list 84. Strategically place and advertise your mailing list. The end of a great article would be ideal. Ensure you make it usef ul: “Want more byte-sized tricks to increase website traf f ic delivered to your inbox?” vs “Subscribe to our mailing list” 85. Post regular usef ul content – not just links to your latest articles 86. By regular we mean keep a steady schedule – daily will need a lot of ef f ort to maintain interest. Fortnightly works well both f or you and your visitors 87. Give your newsletter a cool name: Tempting Thursdays, Freaky Fridays, Bluesy Mondays, Soothing Sundays – whatever works f or your niche 88. Embed links to your website in your newsletter - yes yes it sounds quite obvious
  5. 5. 89. For the love of your f avourite god / deity (or lack thereof ) - don’t SPAM. By SPAM we mean, don’t send contents which are irrelevant. If you don’t have any relevant content, it would be better to send a joke to keep your audience amused rather than irritated with your spammy content ;) 90. Embed a link to a compelling article on your website in your corporate email signature. Remember to link to relevant newsworthy content Buy targeted traffic and get linked 91. Buy traf f ic through keyword targeting on Google Adwords 92. Buy advertising space on websites which are in your niche or are relevant to your website. 93. If you are paying f or links, it is advisable to use nof ollow links. Sponsored listings without nof ollow are likely to penalize both the linker and the linkee 94. Guest blog on websites which are relevant to your niche. Link to your website via your prof ile 95. Sponsor adverts in newsletters on websites which your target demographic visits 96. Create a rewarding af f iliate program and f ocus on growing it…rather than thinking of the margin you are giving away (-ve), think of it this way (+ve): 1) Free backlinks, 2) leads which you otherwise would have lost Just a few left - we're soon done 97. Post a detailed review of a great product you’ve used and then of f er to be an of f icial testimonial – you might get used and linked to on the product’s pages 98. Place your website images in a Google indexable f older. Correctly name your images and include keywords where relevant. Google Images will likely send you traf f ic 99. Create a presence on TripAdvisor and make sure your service is excellent to ensure you get great ratings :) 100. Write a 101 things to do f or your f avourite topic and social share it :) 101. Skip the 101st just f or f un :) 102. (...and f inally the bonus 102nd) write f or online magazines and get linked