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Conditionals - exercise


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An exercise in the construction of the 4 conditional sentences.

Published in: Education
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Conditionals - exercise

  1. 1. Conditionals exercise
  2. 2. compose conditional sentences (sometimes more than one is possible) I [call] you if I [be] late. What [do] if you [be] me? What [she do] if she [be] there? If I [have] the correct change, I [give] it to you. What [happen] if I [press] this button? If she [like] your cooking, I [eat] my hat. We [go] out as soon as the sun [go] down. If you [invite] me, I [come]. We [clean] the house before your parents [arrive] home. Argentina [win] if De Maria [play]. If she [work] for a living, she [understand].
  3. 3. translate I will call you if I am late. What would you do if you were me? What would she have done if she had been there? If I had the correct change, I would give it to you. What happens if I press this button? If she likes your cooking, I will eat my hat. We will go out as soon as the sun goes down. If you had invited me, I would have come. We will clean the house before your parents arrive home. Argentina would have won if De Maria had played. If she worked for a living, she would understand.
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