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A2 basics


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A brief overview of the grammar topics required to start an A2 (Pre-Intermediate) course

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A2 basics

  1. 1. A2 Basics
  2. 2. present simple +ive
  3. 3. subject verb1st person sing. I make/have/do he makes/has/doe3rd person sing. she s it1st person plural we2nd person plural you make/have/do3rd person plural they
  4. 4. present simple -ive
  5. 5. subject aux + not main verb I don’t he she doesn’t it make/ have/ we do you don’t they
  6. 6. present simple ?ive
  7. 7. aux subject main verbDo I heDoes she it make/ have/ we doDo you they
  8. 8. present simpleshort answers
  9. 9. Yes, I do. No, I don’t.Yes, she does.No, she doesn’t. etc.
  10. 10. past simple
  11. 11. subject verb1st person sing. I he3rd person sing. she arrived it stayed went1st person plural we put2nd person plural you3rd person plural they
  12. 12. subject aux + not main verb I he she arrive it stay didn’t go we put you they
  13. 13. to bepresent and past
  14. 14. present past I am he wasshe is itweyou are werethey
  15. 15. present continuous
  16. 16. aux main verb I am heshe is it working studyingwe sleepingyou arethey
  17. 17. can and could
  18. 18. present past I heshe it can do… could do…weyouthey
  19. 19. subject and object pronouns
  20. 20. subject object1st person sing. I me he him3rd person sing. she her it it1st person plural we we2nd person plural you you3rd person plural they they
  21. 21. possessiveadjectives and pronouns
  22. 22. subject object1st person sing. my mine his his3rd person sing. her hers its its1st person plural our ours2nd person plural your yours3rd person plural their theirs
  23. 23. who’s vs.whose
  24. 24. 3 structures for whose
  25. 25. Whose bag is this?Whose is this bag? Whose is this?
  26. 26. Whose bag is this?Whose is this bag? Whose is this?
  27. 27. compare
  28. 28. Who is that person?
  29. 29. Who’s that person?
  30. 30. whosewho’s } / huːz /
  31. 31. Who’s that person?Whose bag is this?
  32. 32. Who’s that person?Whose is this bag?
  33. 33. Who’s that person? Whose is this?
  34. 34. basic prepositions of time
  35. 35. 3 o’clockexact time at midnight the moment Mondaydays and 4th July ondates my birthday Christmas day March summerperiods in 1997 the ’60s the morning / afternoon / evening weekends / the weekendexceptions at Christmas / Easter night
  36. 36. prepositions of stasis and movement
  37. 37. verbs preposition + home be / stay /stasis at / in be at home work leave - leave - homestarting andstopping arrive at / in / on arrive - home go / drive /movement to go - home walk
  38. 38. some and any
  39. 39. +ive -ive ?ivecountable There is a There isn’t a Is there asing. pen… pen… pen…?countable There are There aren’t Are there anyplural some pens… any pens… pens…? There is There isn’t Is there anyuncountable some ink… any ink… ink…?
  40. 40. many and much
  41. 41. +ive -ive ?ive How manycountable There are a There aren’t pens areplural lot of pens… many pens… there…? How much There is a lot There isn’tuncountable ink is of ink… much ink… there…?
  42. 42. comparatives and superlatives
  43. 43. adjective comparative superlative tall taller the tallest1 syllable big bigger the biggest2 syllables happy happier the happiestwith -y easy easier the easiest2 syllables modern more modern the most modernothers tired more tired the most tired3+ syllables interesting more interesting the most interesting
  44. 44. adjective comparative superlative good better the best well bad worse the worst father the farthest far further the furthest - more the most little less the least
  45. 45. verb forms
  46. 46. main verb verb form want plan to do decide learn like doing love or start to docontinue enjoy stop doing finishsuggest
  47. 47. main verb verb form likepresent I love doing prefer likeconditional I would love to do prefer
  48. 48. main verb verb form likepresent I love doing prefer or to do likeconditional I would love to do prefer not doing
  49. 49. summary
  50. 50. present simple* past simple* to bepresent continuous* can and could*
  51. 51. subject and object pronouns possessive adjectives / pronouns who’s vs. whose* prepositions of time*prepositions of stasis / movement*
  52. 52. some and any* much and many*comparatives and superlatives* verb forms