Making our moodbaord


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Making our moodbaord

  1. 1. Using ‘Photovisi’ to create my Mood board
  2. 2. I browsed online to find a programme I couldeither download or a site that would allow meto essentially make a collage. Ideally one thatwas free to use, and easy to navigate. I simply entered ‘make a collage online’ into Google. ‘Photovisi’ an online collage maker was the first to appear.
  3. 3. The site looked easy enough to use and so I went ahead and clicked ‘start creating’.There were only 3 steps to create my collage ‘selecting a template’ from the optionsprovided ‘adding my own photos’ that were saved to my computer and then‘saving/ downloading my completed collage’.
  4. 4. The site provides a wide range of templates that you can use to display your images, I browsed some of the available options. I eventually found one I liked in the ‘Basic’ options.I chose this templatefrom the Basic Categoryas I wanted my imagesspread out and varied insize much like thistemplate displays.
  5. 5. I was the presented with this blank canvas in which I could insert images, text or change backgrounds etc using the task bar at the side.As I just wanted a white plain background for my collage( mainly because I wanted my sepia effect images tostand out in stark contrast to a plain bright whitebackground. I went ahead and clicked ‘Add items’ so Icould insert my images.
  6. 6. I had already selected and saved my chosen images onto my computer and so chose this option to place them on my canvas.I then searched for imageswhich were saved onto mycomputer in a folder andselected each image so that allwould be inserted at the sametime instead of having to placeeach image individually.
  7. 7. Once my chosen images had been placed onto my canvas I was ready to start arranging them how I wanted.I started moving my imagesabout, resizing them,cropping and placing themwhere I wanted on thecanvas.
  8. 8. Once I had arranged and placed each image, I had play around with some of the effects I could use, using the side bar and chose this sepia effect. I feel that this effect really makes the image stand out, adds a edgy tone to theI changed the ‘background’ colour to ‘black’ images and reallythinking that this would just add a black creates a dramaticbackground against the colour images effect.however, the background meant my imagesturned ‘sepia’.
  9. 9. Once I was happy with my mood board, I was ready to press ‘finish’.My collage then begandownloading and Iselected a resolution of‘1024x768’ for my imageto be saved as. Thisdownload process tookno time at all.
  10. 10. My completed collage took no time at all to download and once the process had reached ‘100%’ I clicked to ‘Continue’ button to move on to the next stage.This message thenappeared and so Ipressed ‘click here todownload yourcollage’, my collagedownloaded and Isaved the file in ‘mypictures’ as JPEG fileso that I could use itanywhere on myblog work or in