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Writing a Successful College Application Essay: Tip #1

The purpose of the admissions essay is for students to show colleges who they are as a person apart from their extracurricular activities, grades, and test scores. In a series of videos, you will learn 10 tips to teach students why the essay matters, what admission officers want to see in the essay, and how to write an excellent essay.

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Writing a Successful College Application Essay: Tip #1

  1. 1. #5minutes This 5 Minute Webinar™ Sponsored By How to Write a Successful College Application Essay Tip #1: Why the college essay matters. Presented by STEPHANIE SHACKELFORD of STUDENT LAUNCH PAD
  2. 2. #5minutes WHAT IS THE BIG IDEA? WHY THE COLLEGE ESSAY MATTERS It gives you the chance to stand out The college essay helps you stand apart from these Grades, SAT scores, & activities… Let yourself shine through your essay Show colleges a different side
  3. 3. 5 MINUTE FACT #1 A distinguishing factor on the application is writing a college essay that stands out. Show Admissions Officers who you are! NUTS & BOLTS “Perfect scores alone aren’t enough to get into the college of your choice” Why do they need you on campus in the Fall?
  4. 4. WHY IT MATTERS The average acceptance rate at the top 50 colleges is only 26% College is competitive The average ACT score at the top 60 colleges is 32 Applicants look the same The essay is a distinguishing factor! 1 2 3 5 MINUTE FACT #2 No matter where you’re applying, it is a competitive process.
  5. 5. Thank You! JOIN US Visit to download 10 Tips to Writing Your Best College Essay for free Write your college essay Get accepted to your dream college! Next Steps 1 2 3 @StdntLaunchPad Student Launch Pad