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Synergy presentation

  1. 1. Analysis of brand identities in cross media products We looked at some different music videos and identified the key features used in order to create a brand in cross media products
  2. 2. Mystery Jets – Radlands In the album cover, the band is shown holding instruments. Their photographed is shaped like Texas. Band and album name have different font. They are wearing casual clothing. In the video, the font is also red. Instruments are featured and it looks like it has been set in Texas
  3. 3. Disclosure - Settle In the album cover, the word settle is bit and white. The face is made up of white lines which makes it easy to remember . There are two kids wearing casual clothing. In the video, we see two guys throughout and we also see the white drawn faces as we see in the album cover. This makes the album have its own identity as the faces are easy to remember and weird looking.
  4. 4. Wretch 32 – Black and white The album cover is in balck and white. The font of the artist name is bigger than the album name. Shows the explicit content logo. Artist poses sideways. In the video, A lot of black and white is used in the background and the artist poses a lot as well. Magazine advert shows the iTunes logo and the album release date. In general, black and white colours are used, iTunes logo is always shown and the same fotn is used throughout
  5. 5. Labrinth – Electronic earth The album cover shows a bright city. His shades also reflect a city. The fonts for the album cover and artist name are different. The video is city themes and we can see a lot of bright lights. Shades are used mainly throughout the video and it looks classy. Both album and video are city themes and shades are used in both
  6. 6. Ellie Goulding – Halcyon days In the album cover, the same colour is used for the fonts. We can see the artist posing in an interesting way and the main colour used is pink. In the magazine advert, the same pose is used and we can see the cover shown at the bottom as well as the artist information. In the video, Pink hair is used as well as the whole video being pink themed and bright. The same kind of pose is used throughout also. The record label is shown at the end.
  7. 7. Ed Sheeran The album shown the artist’s face and the main colour used is orange. We can see a white cross at the bottom which is the promotional logo for the album. In the video, the see a lot of close ups of the artist’s face as well as some scenes highlighting the orange colour.
  8. 8. Rita ora The album shows a close up of the artist’s face. The font for the album name and artist is different, but they are both red. The background is in black and white. In the video, the are a lot of close ups of the artist’s face as well as similar style of poses and clothing. This may suggest the fashion theme of the album.
  9. 9. Emile Sande – Our Version of Events The album shown the artist posing wearing a black jumper. The imagine is in black and white. The artist name is at the top and underneath is the album name, in small letters, both in white. In the ‘Next to me’ video, similar clothing as in the cover is used as well as poses. In the ‘Clown’ video, the colour is black and white and she is also sitting down like in the cover.
  10. 10. • There aspects that are displayed in promotional products and albums that create a promotional package for the product to be original and for everyone to be able to recognize the product. It is a way of promotion.