Skills developement


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Skills developement

  1. 1. Planning in As… 0 When planning for my thriller opening during As, I feel like I didn’t take it as serious because I was more interested in filming rather than planning the filming. 0 I didn’t do enough research or plan what we were actually going to film; perhaps I just had rough ideas in my head but never actually decided to plan properly what we were going to go and how we were going to do it. 0 Perhaps more deep thought and time was needed for the planning in order to succeed with the production.
  2. 2. Planning for A2… 0 Planning for A2 was definitely much different than planning for As simply because this time I organized the thoughts I had for the music video and tried to organize step by step what will happen every time we film. 0 As you can see in the blogs, things like costume and location, as well as having test shots and planning technical areas were including in my planning.
  3. 3. What I expect… 0 Hopefully, the planning section actually supports me during the production period because I would expect it to be simple and straightforward as we planned what will be done before. 0 Only time will tell… I will keep you updated 