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Revista ERCO Lb85 (English)


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Revista sobre projetos luminotécnicos e produtos de iluminação da fabricante ERCO. Edição 85.

Revista ERCO Lb85 (English)

  1. 1. Lichtbericht 85 E Published in April 2008 China rightful occupant of the dragon To the Chinese, the dragon is any- throne. Today, we are fascinated thing but the bloodthirsty beast by China because of its economic featured in European fairytales. It dynamism, its many contrasts and is a divine mythical creature that its vast cultural treasures, an exten- brings with it ultimate abundance, sive and exciting working environ- prosperity and good fortune. Its ment for designers, architects and five-toed variant as depicted in providers of high-quality lighting this woodcarving from the Palace solutions. Museum in Beijing's ”Forbidden City“ symbolised the Emperor as the
  2. 2. Contents About this issue Introduction Light & Technology About this issue Originally, we had had the idea of devoting an result is a modern yet traditional piece of archi- 1 entire Lichtbericht to Asia, with an overview of tecture. An architecture that conjoins ancient Keylights 2 the different countries and cultures throughout and modern times. the region. However, the result became a purely It remains to say that China is an exciting Bright prospects 4 Chinese Lichtbericht. The material available to us subject and will continue for many years to sur- proved so diverse and exciting that we wanted prise us all. A Lichtbericht completely dedicated Report Indoor innovations 2008 to focus all our attention on the Chinese culture. to China barely begins to show the amazing 16 Cantax and Emanon spotlights The Imperial Palace in Beijing was once the diversity through such projects as the railway Compar recessed spotlights ”Forbidden City“. Today, large parts of it are a station in Lhasa and the ”Forbidden City“ in Compact HIT downlights public museum, and since 1999 ERCO has been Beijing. But here and in just one edition, we Nadir IP67 recessed floor luminaires Floor washlights working with the Palace administration help- offer a fascinating glimpse of the traditional ing to consolidate museum lighting tasks and entwined with the modern, all helping to build Focus 20 The Palace of 9999 rooms transforming a listed building into a coherent an insight into the China of today. 6 Tim Henrik Maack Light control with Spherolit technology Today, large parts of what was once turnkey concept. An exciting and multifaceted the ”Forbidden City“ are now museums. Double focus 21 project in a Palace with 9999 rooms. Renovation and maintenance are per- Flexible design with exchangeable These days, modern China is developing at manent requirements. For the Palace reflectors museum administration, high-quality break-neck speed carrying the old China along lighting from ERCO is a long-term with it. For architects and urban planners, the investment. Projects country is an experimental hotbed of industrial clamour. Very much in contrast, the company seat of Zhongtai Z58 in Shanghai seems a place of pure tranquillity. It was built by the Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma. Whether in architecture or design, modern China is beginning to define Background Final destination: Lhasa its role and provide its own impetus. Without 22 How do ERCO luminaires get to Tibet? doubt, it will be exciting to watch the further By train – the new route to Lhasa is the interaction between the cultures. highest railway line in the world. Author If you travel from Beijing to Tibet using the Harald Maass made the journey for us. Tibet Express, you will pass along the highest Jinsha Site Museum 26 railway line in the world. After five years of con- The mystery of the golden sand city: A struction, it was finally finished in 2006. Over 12 Dr. Oliver Herwig new museum in the Sichuan province Where buildings dance into the sky a stretch of 1,142km, you have the privilege of showcases spectacular archaeological China – an Eldorado for architecture and finds. enjoying scenery of breathtaking beauty. The urban planning final destination is the new station in Lhasa, The Suzhou Historic Museum 30 professionally illuminated thanks to outdoor Gardens of Heaven: A building that took architect I.M. Pei back to the roots of luminaires from ERCO. his family. The Jinsha Site Museum offers the traveller a journey back to the magic of ancient China. Purely by chance, excavation work carried out in 2001 uncovered finds which date back over 3,000 years to the ancient culture of the Jinsha kingdom. To date, the number of artefacts Backlights discovered have increased to well over 6,000, 32 German Design Award 2008 for ERCO a sensational insight into the early history of Moving images in the Light Scout Southwest China. EuroShop 2008, Düsseldorf I.M. Pei, the American star architect, was born in Suzhou. That he could build a museum there must have been a tremendous joy to him. The ERCO Lichtbericht Imprint Publisher: Tim H. Maack Editor in Chief: Martin Krautter Photographs (Page): Design/Layout: Thomas Kotzur, Christoph Steinke Charles Crowell (2-3), Joshua Lieberman (3), Thomas Printing: Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, Gütersloh Mayer (33), Alexander Ring (16-21), Dirk Vogel (1, 32), Michael Wolf (U1, U2, 3, 4-15, 22-31, U4) 1028720000 1 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 © 2008 ERCO Translation: Lanzillotta Translations, Düsseldorf
  3. 3. Keylights Dubai Jeep Chrysler Dodge Dubai The new retail district at ”Dubai Fitted with parallel T16 light The French brand Pimkie is present Festival City“ includes a number structures suspended at different even on the Persian Gulf, catering of car showrooms: five makes, heights, this showroom by the to young, fashion-conscious five concepts – all with light from Americans seems rather plain and females. In this shop, black Eclipse ERCO. sober, yet powerfully dynamic. spotlights, mirror balls and asym- Photos: Charles Crowell, Dubai metrical ceiling panels with Architect: GHD, Dubai Office recessed spotlights create a spar- Lighting design: kling club style atmosphere. Aomori City Dubai Beijing Visual Terrain, Van Nuys, CA Way up in the north of the main Building contractor: A must for Dubai tourists, the Pimkie Shop, Mall of the Emirates, The historical Nan Xin Chang Japanese island of Honshu we find Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai Goldsouk. Hundreds of small shops Dubai district houses a total of nine well- Aomori, a city in the prefecture Electrical installation: vie for the customers’ attention, Architect and lighting designer: preserved, original rice granaries built early in the 15th century of the same name. The new art Al Futtaim Engineering, Dubai not least with goods displayed in Pimkie Interior Design Team museum here provides spacious glaring light. After consulting with to supply the Emperor’s court in galleries for the collection, which ERCO Dubai, this jewellery shop Beijing. Subject to stringent con- includes large-format works by took a huge step toward visual ditions for listed buildings, these Marc Chagall. The gallery is illu- comfort by opting for Lightcast ancient walls were transformed Volvo minated by Eclipse spotlights and downlights for metal halide lamps into stores and restaurants. The wallwashers mounted on tracks. Inside, Quinta TM spotlights on and complementary Starpoint entire district was designed like suspended tracks accentuate the downlights for halogen lamps. a park and illuminated using Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori City vehicles. Outside, Parscoop flood- Beamer projectors. Architect: Jun Aoki & Associates, lights in corporate blue emphasise GB Diamonds Shop, Dubai Tokyo the eaves of the elegant, oval glass Landscape architects: Dongcheng and steel structure. Landscape Administration Bureau, Beijing Architect: GHD, Dubai Office Lighting designer: Beijing Z Toyota Lexus Lighting design: Lighting Design CO., Ltd. Visual Terrain, Van Nuys, CA This gigantic hall is the biggest The Emirates are a key market for Building contractor: Toyota showroom in the world. premium brands such as Lexus. Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai Quinta, Stella and TM spotlights Great store is set by a perfect and Electrical installation: fitted at great height bridge the discreet service in the showroom. Al Futtaim Engineering, Dubai distance thanks to powerful, long- Brilliant light from TM spotlights life metal halide lamps, HIT 70W, with metal halide lamps gives these to highlight the vehicles. classy limousines the appropriate shine. Dubai Dubai Architect: DSA Architects Inter- national, Dubai / Johannesburg. Architect: GHD, Dubai Office For elegant furniture in Dubai, Only few competitors present this Lighting design: Lighting design: Aati Furniture has been the No. 1 mix of electronics, media and the Visual Terrain, Van Nuys, CA Visual Terrain, Van Nuys, CA address since 1982. One of its relevant services such as Internet Building contractor: Building contractor: stores is situated on Sheikh Zayed access or mobile phone contracts Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai Road, a much-frequented arterial at such a high level of quality and Electrical installation: Electrical installation: road leading to Abu Dhabi. The in such trendy fashion as the Virgin Al Futtaim Engineering, Dubai Al Futtaim Engineering, Dubai ambient lighting in the loft style chain. Red dominates here as the showroom is provided by Lightcast corporate colour, while a multitude Tokyo Honda downlights for metal halide lamps, of spotlights on singlets or recessed Within close proximity of the pop- integrated into black, painted cable in the ceiling provide the right Cars, motorbikes and outboard ular Jingu Gaien parks, Café Speira suspension bridges. Spotlights lighting effects for such an abun- engines from the Japanese brand is located on an avenue lined by from the Castor range produce dant product offer in the branch are presented in a spacious hall maidenhair trees. Inside, it is lit by additional accent lighting on the at the Mall of the Emirates. under TM and Stella spotlights Quadra directional luminaires and exhibits. mounted on Monopoll tracks and downlights. In the evening, its ter- Virgin Megastore, Mall of the structures. race presents a view onto magnifi- Aati Furniture, Dubai Emirates, Dubai cent gardens effectively shown off Architect: Aati Contracts, Dubai Architect: Collet & Burger, Paris Architect: GHD, Dubai Office to advantage using Beamer projec- (interior design) Lighting design: Collet & Burger, Lighting design: tors and other lighting tools from Paris Visual Terrain, Van Nuys, CA the ERCO outdoor range. Building contractor: Al Futtaim Carillion, Dubai Café Speira, Tokyo Electrical installation: Architect and lighting designer: Al Futtaim Engineering, Dubai Nikken Sekkei, Tokyo 2 3 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  4. 4. Bright prospects Palace museum, Forbidden City, Beijing View into the ”Universe in the Mind – 60 Years of Painting by Liu Guosong“ exhibition (26 April - 26 May 2007). Photo: Michael Wolf, Hong Kong 4 5 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  5. 5. The Palace of 9999 rooms Interior and lighting design: Display & Exhibition Department, Propaganda & Education Department, Forbidden City, Beijing Today, large parts of what was once Photos: Michael Wolf, Hong Kong the ”Forbidden City“ in Beijing are now museums. Renovation and maintenance are permanent requirements. For the Palace museum administration, high-quality lighting from ERCO is a long-term invest- ment. When Wang Yirong talks about the Imperial Palace in Beijing, about the centuries-old throne rooms, the former royal bedchambers and hidden gardens, he may as well be remi- niscing about his own home. In some ways he is. “I grew up here as a child,” says Wang. His father had once worked as a bookkeeper in the administration of the ”Forbidden City“, as the Chinese call the Palace. So as a child, Wang used to play among imperial halls and chambers. “For me, the Forbidden City is like a home,” he says. The secret paths of his childhood still come in useful to Wang, who today is Vice Director of the Palace administration. True to the legend, the Forbidden City has 9999 rooms in which the Emperors of China resided until 1924, and thus The ”Forbidden City“ is is ten times bigger than Buckingham Palace in the key attraction in London. A tangle of temple halls, residential Beijing not only for for- eign tourists but also for buildings and accommodation for concubines the increasing stream of and eunuchs, it’s hard not to lose yourself in visitors from the Chinese here. A city within a city. “So far, only a part of provinces. Members of a tourist party recognise the complex is open to visitors,” explains Wang. each other by their differ- With the paint in the centuries-old halls ent coloured caps. coming off, termites eating away at the old wooden pillars, the roofs being leaky and the Adjacent buildings to the wood to fix the spotlights in the old Palace with bronze tortoises and cranes, symbols the paint stay on for the west of the ”Hall of longer. The yellow roof ornate wall paintings fading, Beijing’s Imperial halls was, of course, not an option,” explains of luck and eternal reign. The renovated hall Protecting Harmony“ tiles are also baked using Palace is currently undergoing the biggest ren- Ricky Zhang from the ERCO Representative will reopen to visitors in time for the start of (Baohedian Xiwu): tradi- traditional methods. ovation in its history. The task of the century: Office in Beijing. Instead, the lighting installa- the Olympic Games in the summer. Around tional craft methods are Originally, the ”Palace of used in the restoration. since 2002, up to 2000 craftsmen and restora- tions were mounted on special fixtures that did 100 ERCO spotlights will then present it in the Heavenly Purity“ (Qian- The painters for example, tion specialists have worked on returning the not require structural interference or changes. right light. qinggong) was designed still prepare their red to be the residential Palace to its former glory. The cost: 100 million “Protecting the historical structures is a top For Wang and his colleagues the work, paint as in olden days, palace of the Emperor. Yuan per year – around ten million Euros. The using a mixture of pig’s priority for us,” says Zhang. ERCO’s expertise in however, continues. 30,000 visitors flock to Today, it houses exhibi- blood and ground bricks, work is scheduled to be finished by 2020 – in museum lighting also paid off in the illumina- the former Imperial City on any given day. On tions of life at the impe- which is then dabbed rial court and is a popular time for the 600th anniversary celebrations. tion of photosensitive exhibits and paintings. record days, this figure could even be as high onto the wooden pillars background for souvenir “The renovation is very costly and complex,” One of the results of this cooperation is as 100,000. “The visit should be a special expe- using silk pads. This makes photos. says Wang. He is sitting in his office inside the Qianqinggong – the Palace of Heavenly Purity. rience for each individual”, says Wang. “The Forbidden City, grey walls with a curved roof Once the private chambers of the imperial Forbidden City becomes a huge museum. This and wooden pillars, adjacent to a landscaped family, the hall later served regents as an audi- is our job.” courtyard. “In former times, this is where the ence room in which they also received foreign sons of the Emperor would live,” recounts Harald Maass envoys. It was last officially used in 1922 when Wang, pointing toward the green tiles. In con- Emperor Pu Yi, who had already been deposed trast, all other buildings in the Forbidden City by that time, was married. Visitors and tourists, have yellow roofs – once the symbol and privi- who can only peer into the lavishly furnished lege of the Emperor. interior from outside, mostly do not realise that “Our aim is to restore the buildings as close to the hall is fitted with almost two dozen con- their original state as possible,” explains Wang. cealed ERCO floodlights. “Our aim was to boost Hence the Palace administration sought out natural daylight as inconspicuously as possi- Beijing’s master craftsmen, 70- and 80-year-old ble,” explains Zhang. Visitors are thus given an men, some of whose families had worked in the authentic taste of the imperial era. Imperial Palace for several generations – many a Another highlight of the Palace complex, forgotten technique was rediscovered. In terms the “Hall of Supreme Harmony” (Taihedian), of lighting for the buildings and exhibitions, is currently veiled in green cloth while the however, the Imperial Palace administration hammering and renovating is still ongoing. opted for contemporary technology and thus At 29 metres, this hall is the tallest building has been working with ERCO since 1999. “ERCO in the Forbidden City. Here, China’s Emperors sets the highest standards in museum lighting,” were once crowned, hence the lavish interior of says Wang. After all, the conditions for the pres- this building. Mythical creatures decorate the ervation of historical monuments are strict, even eaves. When it rains, 1142 marble dragonheads with regard to lighting. “Hammering nails into spew out the water. The terrace is adorned 6 7 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  6. 6. Forbidden City Accent lighting empha- sises the details of the magnificently painted halls decorated with intricate woodcarvings. Installing the lighting systems without tamper- ing with the substance often requires talent for improvisation. The residential buildings to the west of the cen- tral axis, including their furnishings, have been preserved or restored to give an impression of daily life in the Palace. In the ”Hall of Mental Cultivation“ (Yangxin Dian, right) in the south of this sector, Empress Cixi attended to the affairs of state, hidden behind a curtain, until 1908. Many of these buildings are closed to visitors and can only be viewed through windows. Lighting tools such as Focalflood floodlights are arranged outside the field of vision to provide glare-free illumination of the room. The ”Palace of Earthly Peace“ (Kunninggong, top and left) is the last of the three rear palaces. During the Ming dynasty, it was used as sleeping cham- bers for the Empresses. 8 9 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  7. 7. Forbidden City Today, the ”Hall of Military Courage“ (Wuyingdian) is a gallery for temporary exhibitions of historical and modern works of art. The lighting tech- nology used here is of maximum quality and includes Optec wall- washers and spotlights. In the historic sur- roundings of the ”Hall of Military Courage“ (Wuyingdian) and effec- tively bathed in light, the painting by Liu Guosong, a contemporary artist from Taiwan, has a sug- In the annexes to the gestive effect. Palace (Dongxiwu), the Palace museum displays items from its vast collec- tion of time-honoured art treasures of the imperial court. Display cabinets in the annex to the Palace (Dongxiwu): reliefs and clay figures along with wall paintings give an idea of life at the ancient imperial court. In the galleries, Pollux projection spotlights conjure up traditional Chinese ornaments of light on the ground. 10 11 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  8. 8. Where buildings dance into the sky China – an Eldorado for architecture and urban planning A dramatic atrium and Zhongtai Z58, Shanghai a panoramic view with by Dr. Oliver Herwig Architect: Kengo Kuma & design classics: Kengo Associates, Tokyo Kuma is a virtuoso of Lighting designer: Zhong- modulated transitions tai Lighting, Shanghai between inside and out- Photos: Michael Wolf, side, between materials Hong Kong such as water and glass. New beginnings! An excavator flattens Architecture). The highlight without a out of categories to describe this change cooperation with local partners in Phase for 130 people and the familiar mixture with the world. The Middle Kingdom is a brick wall, dust whirls up and wood doubt should be 8/8/2008, the opening to turbocapitalism. Chris Dercon, Director Two. The increasing transfer of ideas, uses of cafes and shops entwined around the not just growing; it is exploding. “Over splinters; tomorrow will see the start of day of the Olympic Games in Beijing. This of the Munich Haus der Kunst (House of of form and construction design rings in building like a garland. the past 20 years, our cities have become something new! Something big and some- lucky day for the Middle Kingdom will Art), who travelled through China, sounds Phase Three: national and international The social awakening is reflected in the biggest building sites in the world,” thing shiny. A shopping mall perhaps, or present a new superpower, awash with as baffled as he is frustrated. “The jury of companies (or hybrids and independent experimental art. Hong Hao, a conceptual laments Zhao Zhijin, a Chinese urban plan- an office complex. The Middle Kingdom is ultramodern sports arenas and competition the CCAA on which I serve has voted Liu agencies of globally operating architec- artist born in Peking in 1964, aptly sums ner. The real estate and building industries vibrating with energy! centres. China will be a building exhibi- Wei the best artist of recent years,” writes tural firms) compete for follow-up orders it up: show serious signs of overheating. Since “The construction problems of today are tion of top international offices. However, Dercon, “although we did have some and further development measures. Inter- “I ask myself what the connection is his last multi-city trip barely three months enormous,”1 complains Margarete Schütte- the time of guest architects, these catalysts heated discussions on the jury regarding national beacons now feature side by side between individual and collective identity ago, “the real estate prices in some parts Lihotzky as early as 1956 after her trip to for change, from Europe, Japan and the the dominance of commerce, especially with torchbearers of Chinese provenance. and come to the following conclusion: of Shanghai and Shenzhen have risen by the Chinese plagiarism tricks.”2 Despite its Asia, when detailing the dimensions of a US, dropping projects by the dozen over Phase Four finally catapults local archi- we are what we consume, and what we up to 30 per cent,” bewailed “pixelpainter” consume makes us unique.”4 The identity country that puts all European experiences boomtowns of the East, is coming to an humble endowment, the winner receives tects and civil engineers trained to global last October. The blogging investment in the shade. The famous architect comes end. As China has successfully shown in a mere 3000 dollars, the CCAA (Chinese standards into key positions in building adopted in times of change, the spirit of banker gives figures. Where in 2006 a up with a dozen comparisons to describe many other areas, the architecture of the Contemporary Art Award) is deemed to design and development. optimism and the acceptance of consumer- square metre of apartment space had the Middle Kingdom, making it even a lit- Far East has also set about trying to rise to be trendsetting. After all, it awards “par- Ieoh Ming Pei continues to be the best- ism – these too are signs of a new mental- cost around 930 Euro, the price had now tle tangible. “In such a country, to tackle international levels by copying, transfer ticularly creative and innovative Chinese known Chinese architect. Hailing from the ity that initially borrows Western identities increased to almost 1500 Euro. Critical even the most urgent building tasks,” she and amalgamation, the consequence of artists, draws attention to Chinese contem- region of Kanton, he emigrated to the USA and then begins to fill them with its own voices are heard complaining about a ruth- concludes, “is inconceivably difficult and which will feature there itself soon. China porary art, and thus raises awareness of the in the 1930s and has built very little in his ideas. Jenny Holzer’s dry reply to such a less demolition mentality. With a mixture complex even in a planned economy.” is setting new standards. East and West are contribution of this art to the contemporary native country. His great-grandchildren consumerist manifesto: Protect me from of pride and unease, even Chinese news- culture in China.”3 Maybe this is the root Planned economy? Nothing could be fur- entangled on a huge experimental ground on the other hand, are actively involved what I want. papers report about this change in attitude. ther from the truth today. The dragon has that is the third modernism. Nothing seems of the loss of standards, everything is in in the development of the country, such as “China News” stated that more buildings developed turbocapitalistic traits. Two- Growth and tranquillity: Zhongtai too fancy, nothing impossible. China is a state of flux, we have no idea yet where the Shanghai architects from Mada Spam, would be erected over the next five years digit growth rates, gigantic export sur- Box Z58 everything, and everything at the same this journey will take us. Only this much currently deemed by experts as one of the than in the past 5000 years together. pluses and booming stock markets. time is a stage for rationalism and repre- is certain, China is a mega-player in the hottest young firms. Not untypical for the If you want to see global networking, you However, there are also other sides, pro- Such change needs signs. China adorns sentative architecture, late postmodern global market, and its role will continue to current situation, they also work as con- only need to go to a harbour, where con- jects that include the locality and trans- itself with the icons of international build- ascendency and ultramodern features. The grow. tract architects for French architect Jean- tainers and landing cranes tirelessly fill the form it. As demonstrated by the Japanese ing culture: office buildings, TV towers, result is not only solidiums but also ideals Michel Wilmotte. Their 8000sqm Centre bowels of the freighters. In 2006, seven of architect Kengo Kuma for Zhongtai Light- museums, sports facilities, even regional Phase Four of a society on the cusp of a new tomorrow. for Contemporary Art in Beijing, which the ten harbours with the highest turnover ing. Z58 is the four-storey complex of this parliaments and entire cities from the The art market in China paints a similar China is like an accessible study for design- was opened last November, brings together worldwide were Chinese. In first place is up-and-coming company, named very drawing boards of American, Japanese or picture to architecture. Recession is a word ers, psychologists and sociologists. Phase Chinese art and international works from Shanghai with 537 million tons of cargo. pragmatically after its address: Panyu Road European designers. Not a month goes by this country does not seem to know, and an One: prestigious buildings. International the collection of the Belgian art collecting Next up are Ningbo and Guangzhou, each No. 58 in the East of Shanghai. An exclu- without spectacular projects sprouting up increasing number of ‘Chuppys’ (Chinese competitions bring international award- couple, Ullens. The exhibition centre is a with 300 million tons, Tianjin (255 million sive residential area, framed by multi- out of the ground, such as the Shenzhen urban professionals) are desperate to show winners, technology, and uses of form. completely remodelled frame construc- tons), Hong Kong (238 million tons), and storey blocks of flats. Right in the middle Stock Exchange (SSE) designed by Rem off their hard earned success. While the Japan, the USA and Western Europe export tion from the 1950s, which now features a Qingdao and Dalian (each with 200 million of it now stands an architectural jewel that Kohlhaas' OMA (Office for Metropolitan market is exploding, the West is running the state of the art. This is implemented in number of exhibition halls, an auditorium tons), all showing what connects China completely transforms the former watch 12 13 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  9. 9. making factory in the garden of the family Weiss, was asked to comment, she said that Literature (selection) Bert Bielefeld, Lars-Phillip Rusch: Bauen in China. of Sun Yatsen. First, the architect had three China was “like the transrapid of archi- Handbuch für Architekten und Ingenieure. parts of the facade torn down, opened up tecture”. Speed creates new categories. Birkhäuser, 2006. and replaced by a magnificent mantle of People no longer have any inclination for Uta Grosenick, Caspar H. Schübbe: China Art Book. Dumont, 2007. light, air and water. The front facing the standardised urbanity under the banner of Philip Jodidio: CN. Architecture in China. Taschen, street is made up of horizontally stacked Mao, Shanghai capitalism expresses the 2007. plant troughs of reflecting metal which together. Opposites do not disappear they Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky: Millionenstädte Chinas. mirror the ivy as well as the sky and earth. are integrated, as shown by Shi Xinning. Bilder- und Reisebuch einer Architektin (1958). Springer, 2007. The levels get blurred. What is in front, The 39-year-old painter of photorealistic what is behind; what is real, what but fake pictures has the great Comrade Mao Footnotes an image? Kuma has created a walk-in pose next to Marilyn Monroe or adds him 1 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky: Millionenstädte Chinas. Bilder- und Reisebuch einer Architektin (1958). distorting mirror, the ideal exhibition to the famous photo of the victorious pow- Springer, 2007, p. 34. centre for the lighting company Zhongtai ers on Jalta. “This type of absurd picture 2 Dercon, Chris: Lang lebe die Partei! Kunstgalerien Lighting. concoction,” says Xinning, “which can hit schießen wie Pilze aus dem Boden, und alle malen A “laboratory, a cathedral of light” – this you deep down, proclaims that in the eyes Sarkozy – Eine Reise durch Chinas brodelnde Kul- turszene. Süddeutsche Zeitung on Monday, is what Kuma calls his own work, which the of each individual, everything can have an 11 February 2008, p. 13. entirely different explanation.”6 Dutch stage and lighting designer Johan 3 A press release of the Bern Art Museums explains the Vonk presented so congenially for the If there is one thing that has become backgrounds of the CCAA: http://www.kunstmuseum-,1250,1610,1639&DID=9 opening event. Vonk was fascinated by this clear over the past few years it is this, even &SID=1 transparent box and made it shine inside the world of architecture is only a market, a 4 Uta Grosenick, Caspar H. Schübbe: China Art Book. and out. “It’s all about the structure, the global distribution process of ideas, forms, Dumont, 2007, p. 129. horizontal, vertical, crossing lines,” he was styles and names. While some universal 5 Philip Jodidio: CN. Architecture in China. Taschen, 2007, pp. 92-97, here p. 92. quoted by the design magazine “surface”. brands have a determining influence on 6 Uta Grosenick, Caspar H. Schübbe: China Art Book. Judging by its unimposing entrance at our perception, 99.9 per cent of the build- Dumont, 2007, p. 345. the corner, one would never expect what ings remain below the radar of press and 7 Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky: Millionenstädte Chinas. Bilder- und Reisebuch einer Architektin (1958). follows, a high atrium that automatically public. They are accepted, occupied, used Springer, 2007, p. 45 Ms. Emma Jiang (below) forces you to look up. A wall of water that and at best, tolerated. The same is true in is the Vice President of continues the transitory experience of the China. But the sheer mass of the spectacu- Zhongtai. Her husband, mirrored laminar wall. Both optically and lar and speculative buildings never ceases Kepei Cheng, is the foun- acoustically, the waterfall acts as a lock to amaze. The Middle Kingdom has become der and CEO of Zhongtai Holding that operates in between the hectic bustle of Shanghai and the measure of globalised modernity and different sectors of the the clear working and exhibition envi- its new ideas. Kuma’s Green House in booming building and real ronment of this light and water box. The Shanghai or the converted Centre for Con- estate industry. Both are design fans and sell top- reception is followed by an international temporary Art in Beijing have taken the class European brands lighting exhibition and beyond that, the first steps. Highly advanced technology is such as ERCO in China. offices. The new top level on the fourth combined with time-transcending think- floor displays the luxury of a 5-star hotel. ing. As Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky once Pure minimalism with two glass cubes put it: the particular charm of the tradi- forming two guest apartments. Rooms tional Chinese residential building is its merge; only some glass separates bedroom “gradual transition from the stony streets and bathroom. The cubes open up sky- teeming with people to the actual living wards and towards the green of the garden space, the atrium [...] Here you feel far removed from the hustle of the city.”7 of Sun Yatsen. Water laps about the edge of the building, dissolves its periphery and Even Kuma can’t do more. as a classic reflecting pool, separates the glassy pavillions. Right in the middle we find a panoramic lounge with two classic chairs designed by Charles Eames. Sit on this terrace, surrounded by choppy water ERCO products can be found not only in the and the light steel and glass structure, and light showrooms of the you may think you are in an aquarium. The Z58, but are also part of elements fuse together. Air becomes water, the functional lighting installation. Here, Optec water turns into glass. wallwashers provide ver- Z58 for Zhongtai Lighting shows a new tical illumination in an attitude in uncompromising aesthetics. office zone. A conversion that uses the existing, yet completely transforms it instead of for- ever adding new features. Architect Kuma reckons he can already perceive a change in outlook, this building is an “expression of the desire to get away from the practice of copying the West.”5 Yet, West and East seem very much united here, like yin and yang in a timeless form. China production: the world is growing closer China thinks in big pictures. This is what foreigners learnt and so they produced metaphors. When the former German Secretary of State for Culture, Christina 14 15 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85
  10. 10. Indoor Innovations 2008 The essence of innovations is more the opportunity to link state­ than a collection of creative ideas, of­the­art technology with the inventions or research results. It results of ERCO’s own research is the implementation of these to and development to produce bring about a change for the bet­ designs which are as innovative ter, to benefit the people who will as the technologies used in these use them. Some are additions to, products. The following pages and updates of, existing ranges, introduce our key innovations for but predominantly, they include indoor areas. several completely new product Cantax Emanon ranges. New developments provide Design: Naoto Fukasawa Design: Yves Béhar, fuseproject Based on ERCO’s latest develop­ appropriate wallwash version of Eventually, many methods and carrier with controlled ventilation Four Spherolit reflectors Changing reflectors with narrow spot, spot, without using tools ments in lighting technology, the Spherolit reflector, the light effects used in stage lighting which is situated between the flood and wide flood allows spotlights with the Cantax range is a logically distribution pattern can even be and then applied to shops and high­quality plastic shells of the beam angles are available Spherolit technology to structured system which provides changed to that of a wallwasher shop windows, presentations spotlight housing. The flat part of for accent lighting. be quickly and flexibly adapted to new lighting a professional quality of light in without altering the outer appear­ or trade fair stands, find their the housing provides a thermally concepts. shops, galleries, restaurants or ance of the spotlight. Alternatively, way into architecture. For these separated space for the electronic residential areas, while making Cantax is also available with the applications, the time was right to or DALI­compatible control gear. a striking, highly contemporary classic lens wallwasher technology develop, from scratch, a new range Its dimpled surface identifies a design statement with a shape for vertical illumination. Natu­ of spotlights – a system which gripping zone to adjust the lumi­ made up of basic geometric forms. rally, the Cantax range with its would consolidate the progress of naires during operation. As with Emanon spotlights, ERCO spotlights, wallwashers and acces­ lighting technology over the past sories also comprises exclusive few years, effortlessly offering ERCO technologies such as DALI­ creative designers the opportunity Alternatively to the The Emanon Goborotator spotlight reflector, the provides impressive high­ compatible Light Clients or the to implement the principles of Spherolit reflector wall­ lights in a room using varychrome spotlight with colour­ “tune the light“. Lighting equip­ wash, can be used for dynamic lighting effects. compensating LED technology. The ment which would enable the vertical illumination. The The use of metal gobos, slight focal emphasis glass gobos or structure housing and bracket on one side creation of scenographic effects, noticeable in the upper lenses enables the light­ with concealed cables are of cast a familiar aspect in stage shows third of the reflector ing designer to produce aluminium with black or white and at events, or even for contin­ serves as additional a wide range of lighting powder coat finishes. uous, day­by­day operation. This accent lighting. effects. The rotating speed can be set separately to new range of spotlights, Emanon, between four seconds consists of a striking, integrative and four minutes. The housing design for highly differ­ gobos are easy and quick to change. After remov­ entiated lighting equipment, from ing the front of the hous­ has provided Cantax with the standards including spotlights for The Cantax LED vary­ ing, the Goborotator chrome spotlight com­ new Spherolit reflectors, which low­voltage halogen or HIT lamps attachment can be prises the exclusive ERCO are available in four light distribu­ to ERCO specialities such as LED pivoted to the side. colour compensation tion patterns, from narrow spot varychrome spotlights or technical technology and can be conveniently controlled to wide flood and as a Spherolit innovations such as the DALI­ via Light System DALI wallwasher. In addition to provid­ controlled Goborotator. In terms and the Light Studio ing a superior quality of light, of heat management, this range software. they offer the user an option of also follows a new path – the ther­ quick changes to light distribution mally stressed components such patterns by way of interchange­ as lamp, lampholder and reflector able reflectors. When using an are installed in a cylindrical metal 16 17 ERCO Lichtbericht 85 ERCO Lichtbericht 85