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Bni presentation


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Bni presentation

  1. 1. My Cat Lugo
  2. 2. My Family Diane, Majdoline, and Elias
  3. 3. What Advertising Can Do For Your Business Remind customers and inform prospective customers about the benefits of your product or service Establish and maintain your distinct identity Enhance your reputation Encourage existing customers to buy more of your product/service Attract new customers and replace lost ones Slowly build sales to boost your bottom line Promote your business to customers, investors, and others
  4. 4. Products • Digital • Print Results: Increased calls and sales in Inland Empire. Hired two more people to keep up.
  5. 5. Products • Digital • Print Results: Increased sales 100% over last year. Mike stated that his “phone rang off the hook.”
  6. 6. Products • Digital • Print Results: Received 56 qualified calls in the month of November. Sales for San Bernardino County were up 200% over last year.
  7. 7. Products • Digital • Online Ad • Print Results: 655 Calls within 30 days.
  8. 8. Products • Digital • Print Results • Best ever attendance of any of her Holiday Marketplace events.
  9. 9. Products • Red Plum Results • Member of BNI Redlands. • Has been my client for the past three years and is a top agent in his field. • Attributes a large amount of walk-in traffic to his campaign.
  10. 10. The Los Angeles News Group (LANG) is the ultimate vehicle for reaching the nation’s second-largest DMA.  Spanning more than 52,000 square miles, the L.A. DMA covers all of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.  If the 5-county DMA were a state, its total population of 18 million would surpass every other state except California, New York and Texas.  The LANG Market makes up nearly 50% of the nation’s 2nd largest DMA in total households, population, effective buying income (EBI), total retail sales, and consumer expenditures. LA DMA % of DMA Households 5,807,929 2,801,822 48.2% Population 18,007,600 8,744,815 48.6% Effective Buying Income $380.3 billion $186.1 billion 48.9% Retail Sales $235.4 billion $116.1 billion 49.3% Consumer Expenditures Source: 2013 Claritas; Aggregate household effective buying income (disposable after -taxes income). LANG Market $319.7 billion $157.1 billion 49.1%
  11. 11. 372,790 | 1,013,276 3,900,442 Daily Circulation | Readership Monthly Unique Visitors 452,961 | 1,326,444 17,682,461 Sunday Circulation | Readership Monthly Page Views Source: Scarborough 2013 R1, adults 18+. Alliance for Audited Media, March 2013 Publisher’s Statement. 2013 Omniture 6 mo. avg. (Apr-Sep). Circulation excludes branded editions; branded edition daily total (436,952), Sunday total (513,383).
  12. 12. Local Brand Leaders – Known And Trusted For Over 100 Years As a premium local content providers, each of Digital First Media's newspapers has a long history of editorial and advertising excellence in their own respective markets -forming a special kind of trust and brand loyalty that advertisers really value. By partnering with DFM, our clients can utilize DFM’s powerful AdTaxi and Ad Exchange networks to target and engage customers all across the internet. As one of the nation’s premier multi-platform media companies, Digital First Media jointly manages MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company and offers over 800 multi-platform products that can precisely target, retarget and reach up to 96% of all internet users.
  13. 13. LANG is purchased by more than 436,000 consumers and is read by more than 1.3 million adults each Sunday. Circulation: Daily 436,952 Sunday 513,383 Readership: Daily 1,013,276 Sunday 1,326,444 Circulation Daily: 75,754 Readership Daily: 305,977 Sunday: 94,073 Sunday: 370,757 Circulation Daily: 82,527 Readership Daily: 153,128 Sunday: 68,312 Sunday: 243,552 Circulation Daily: 76,618 Readership Daily: 172,031 Circulation Daily: Readership Daily: 48,803 Sunday: 80,569 94,971 Sunday: 141,585 Circulation Daily: 51,649 Sunday: 60,969 Readership Daily: 106,574 Sunday: 168,922 Sunday: 69,554 Sunday: 204,528 Circulation Daily: 95,704 Sunday: 132,766 Readership Daily: 217,573 Sunday: 263,481 Circulation Daily: 5,897 Sunday: 7,140 Readership Daily: 16,544 Sunday: 28,657 Sources: Alliance for Audited Media, March 2013 Publisher’s Statements. Includes branded editions. Readership: 2013 Scarborough Report, Rel. 1.
  14. 14. LANG is purchased by more than 372,000 consumers and is read by more than 1.3 million adults each Sunday. Circulation: Daily 372,790 Sunday 452,961 Readership: Daily 1,013,276 Sunday 1,326,444 Circulation Daily: 72,703 Readership Daily: 305,977 Sunday: 94,073 Sunday: 370,757 Circulation Daily: 60,321 Readership Daily: 153,128 Sunday: 68,312 Sunday: 243,552 Circulation Daily: 65,631 Readership Daily: 172,031 Circulation Daily: Readership Daily: 48,803 Sunday: 61,719 94,971 Sunday: 141,585 Circulation Daily: 46,365 Sunday: 60,969 Readership Daily: 106,574 Sunday: 168,922 Sunday: 69,554 Sunday: 204,528 Circulation Daily: 73,070 Sunday: 91,194 Readership Daily: 217,573 Sunday: 263,481 Circulation Daily: Readership Daily: 5,897 Sunday: 7,140 16,544 Sunday: 28,657 Sources: March 2013 Alliance for Audited Media Publisher’s Statements; excludes branded editions. Readership: 2013 Scarborough Report, Rel. 1.
  15. 15. The Los Angeles News Group audience is upscale, affluent, and well-educated LANG Market 49% 51% Total Audience 46% 54% Age 18 - 34 Age 35 - 44 Age 45 - 54 Age 55 - 64 Age 65 + 33% 19% 19% 15% 15% 28% 17% 20% 16% 19% Median Age 44 48 $74,967 $75,064 White (non-Hispanic) Spanish/Hispanic Origin African-American (non-Hispanic) Asian (non-Hispanic) Other 40% 43% 5% 7% 5% 44% 39% 7% 5% 5% Married Homeowner College Educated (1+ years) 54% 59% 56% 51% 60% 61% Presence of Children under 2 Presence of Children Age 2 - 5 Presence of Children Age 6 - 11 Presence of Children Age 12 - 17 6% 16% 22% 24% 4% 15% 21% 24% Men Women Average HHLD Income Total Audience: 5 daily, 1 Sunday, 7 days online Market – LANG Primary Market Adults Source: Scarborough 2013 R1, adults 18+; 0513
  16. 16. Visitors to LANG newspaper websites are affluent, well-educated and tech-savvy! Men Women LANG Website Visitors 48% 52% Age 18 - 34 Age 35 - 44 Age 45 - 54 Age 55 - 64 Age 65 + 45% 21% 18% 11% 6% Median Age 37 Average HHLD Income $89,434 White (non-Hispanic) Spanish/Hispanic Origin African-American (non-Hispanic) Asian (non-Hispanic) Other 42% 40% 4% 8% 5% Married Homeowner College Educated (1+ years) 47% 55% 69% Presence of Children under 2 Presence of Children Age 2 - 5 Presence of Children Age 6 - 11 Presence of Children Age 12 - 17 LANG newspaper website visitors are more likely to:  Purchase movie tickets online by 83%  Purchase or download music files by 78%  Purchase Furniture/home furnishings online by 76%  Listen to local radio stations online by 75%  Purchase electronics online by 73%  Purchase sports logo apparel by 71%  Watch local news online by 69%  Use Smartphone to watch news, weather, or traffic by 64%  Read or contribute to blogs by 58%  Purchase sporting event tickets by 57%  Spend $1,000+ on Internet shopping by 57%  Use Daily deals (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.) by 55% 6% 17% 24% 27% Source: Scarborough 2013 R1, adults 18+; More likely than the average L.A. DMA adult. 0513 Website Visitors: 30 days online
  17. 17. LANG website visitors have purchasing power! The LANG family of websites are increasingly powerful 3.9 million monthly total visits 17.7 million monthly page views • Monthly Unique Visitors have increased by 27% since 2009*. • LANG website visitors spent $826.6 million in online purchases in the past year. • 83% have made online purchases in the past year & spent an average of $912 online. • LANG website visitors are significantly more likely to:  Attend a Rose Bowl football game by 80%  Stay in an upscale hotel by 58%  Go to a day spa by 49%  Dine at an upscale restaurant for dinner by 46%  Have household income of $100K or more by 39%  Attend live theatre by 30%  Have stock or stock options by 27%  Visit a Las Vegas casino by 25%  Have investments by 20% Sources: 2013 Scarborough Report, Rel. 1; monthly online audience. Likeliness measured against average LA.DMA Adult. 2013 Omniture 6 mo. avg. (Apr-Sep). *Increase in UV = 2012 avg. vs. 2009 avg.
  18. 18. Extend your advertising reach with a variety of alternate delivery options. • Full or partial market options available. • Available for ZIP Code or sub-ZIP levels. • Non-subscribers via mail on Tuesday/Wednesday. RedPlum LANG Direct • Home delivery to LANG newspaper subscribers. • Hand delivery to LANG non-subscribers. • Doorhanger programs or driveway delivery. • Available 7 days a week. • Delivery available at the block group level.
  19. 19. Anything is possible with custom publishing. Custom media products are designed to strengthen the relationship between marketers and a given audience and to help establish brand identity. With LCPG‘s brand building services, you can develop a communications platform strategy that will capture your audience’s attention, shift their perceptions, lift your bottom line, create an online community around your brand and build an asset for your organization. The relationships you build with a custom publishing campaign can last years. Maybe a lifetime.
  20. 20. Our turn-key direct marketing solutions save you time and money…and deliver results. Brochures, programs, calendars Direct mail Demographic Profiling and Targeting. Quality consumer lists reduce waste, reach the right targets with confidence. Chino Hills Competitive Printing Rates. Plus you save even more money when you bundle your entire campaign into one buy. Call today (909) 614-4050 Door hangers Power of distribution. We offer more options – in some cases, we can deliver your message ourselves and eliminate costly postage. Turn-key project management. No worry, no hassle – you have more time to run your business!
  21. 21. Inland Empire Lifestyle Magazines Delivered to an Affluent Audience - Your Potential Customer. RIVERSIDE MAGAZINE REDLANDS MAGAZINE Captures the stories and brilliant transformation of this city that is fast becoming a center for art, commerce and education. 50,000 distribution, six issues annually. Gives in-depth local lifestyle coverage to the communities of Redlands, Highland, Loma Linda, Mentone and Calimesa. 10,000 distribution, four issues annually.
  22. 22. Pasadena’s Lifestyle Magazine Delivered to an Affluent Audience - Your Potential Customer. THE ROSE Pasadena’s Rose Magazine is a publication of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, which publishes the Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Whittier Daily News. The Rose covers a wide variety of cultural offerings that are available in Pasadena and surrounding communities highlighted by the Tournament of Roses Parade every January 1st. 90,000 distribution, 1 issue annually.
  23. 23. Welcome to AdTaxi Los Angeles News Group
  24. 24. Why We Are Different “One Stop Shop” for Display, Mobile, SEM, Email, & Social Media - Unlike traditional DSPs and ad networks, we deliver scalable rich media sponsorships AND direct response audience inventory – not one or the other. And, we’re agnostic to where we find your target audience. Campaigns aren’t designed with pre-determined inventory obligations in mind, because we don’t have any. Complete Funnel Solutions – From branding and direct response to deep funnel retargeting campaigns and site-pixeling strategies. Our audience team delivers custom executions across mobile, tablet, social, search and display campaigns – all working together and continuously optimized to achieve brand and direct response goals.
  25. 25. AUDIENCE
  26. 26. DFM AdTaxi Audience Reach  Digital First Media is the 2nd largest publisher-owned digital + print media company in the US.  We connect consumers to the information they want with a reach that extends nationwide into major urban markets across 14 states.  We offer innovative advertising and consumer-engagement solutions across a variety of platforms which allow our partners to connect uniquely with the audiences they want to reach. Source: Web/Mobile/Social audience – August 2013 Omniture, Verve, Wireless, Spreed and DoApps.; Print Readership: ABC Fas-Fax 2011 + Scarborough + Various Web Audience 49,236,970 Unique Visitors/Mo 273,336,370 Page Views/Mo Mobile Audience 148,663,398 Page Views/Mo Social Audience 1,140,211 Facebook Fans 2,322,286 Twitter Followers Print Audience Daily Readership: 9,194,434 Sunday Readership: 6,733,699
  27. 27. LANG Digital Audience AdTaxi Digital Ad Network gives you access to premium Los Angeles News Group inventory PLUS the largest ad exchanges, helping you reach audiences in any zip code or DMA across billions of national & local websites! LANG Online Audience • 3.9 million monthly unique visitors. • 17.7 million monthly page views. Yahoo! Mobile Audience • Over 93.9 million monthly uniques. LANG iPad Audience Yahoo! Online Audience • 8.9 million monthly L.A. DMA uniques.* • 196.4 million monthly U.S. unique visitors. • 1.1 million mobile page views. Exchange Mobile/Tablet Inventory • 9.5 million monthly ad impressions. Exchange Audience • Over 20 billion daily U.S. impressions. LANG Mobile Audience • 13.6 million total monthly page views. Sources: LANG: 2013 Omniture data (6 mo. avg., Apr-Sep); Yahoo!/ Total Internet – August 2013 comScore; *L.A. DMA uniques, adults 18+. Yahoo! Mobile - January 2013 comScore. LANG Mobile & iPad audience – August 2013 (WAP, Std., Apps.) Access to Targeted Email Database • Local, regional & national. • Customize your email marketing with geographic, demographics and/or psychographic profiles. • Full reporting and analytics.
  28. 28. Digital Solutions For Any Need AdTaxi Builds Custom Campaigns to Reach Target Audiences Across Multiple Platforms Spanning the Digital Purchase Funnel. Awareness & Favorability Consumer Purchasing Funnel Opinion & Considerati on Demonstratio n of Intent Purchas e
  29. 29. Increase Sales with a Range of Digital Products Digital Ad Network can help you reach audiences in any zip code or DMA across billions of national and local websites TARGETED DISPLAY ADVERTISING Behavioral Targeting targeting the user’s online behavior Zip Code Indexing - target the optimized zip codes Channel Targeting - focus ad display at specific media sites Geo-targeting - target ad display via geographic range SEARCH Target people in the buying cycle during their active searches RE-TARGETING Build campaign frequency by targeting user who have visited your website SOCIAL MEDIA Use Facebook and Twitter to enter into dialogue with consumers and message your brand
  31. 31. Extending Reach Across Multiple Platforms Data & Technology: Best in breed ad technology and data to locate consumers researching purchases in your category of business Creative & Optimization: Dedicated campaign management team and custom creative development cohesive messaging and execution strategy Search: InHouse team delivering transparency and feeddriven, headto-tail strategic search Social Media: Audience engagement and monetization strategies Digital Display: DFM’s digital audience combined with Y! and exchange inventory – access the right audience wherever they are on the web
  32. 32. Data & Technology Best in breed ad technology and data to locate consumers Researching your category of purchases AdTaxi and DFM Data  Aggregated 1st party data and 3rd party data  Campaign data from over 583M monthly ad impressions & thousands of campaigns Yahoo! Audience Data  Utilizing Yahoo! 1st party data-built Behavioral Target segments  Official US-wide Bluekai & Exelate & AlmondNet  Data tied to purchase intent, past purchase, demographics, lifestyle, behavior & social  Combines industry-leading 3rd party data with exclusive publisher-owned 1st party consumer behavior AppNexus  Simple and efficient technology that enables scaling strategy, data collection, and target audience reach  Closes the loop on post click strategy by tracking & building a data pool for future use  Access to the top 5 ad exchanges
  33. 33. LANG Premium Digital Network Premium advertising means that you have placement in a content driven environment giving you access to the most engaged and desired audience. We offer a portfolio of premium digital products that will boost the impact of your campaign… • • • • • • Rich Media Pre-Roll Video Mobile Email lists Social Media Audience Directories
  34. 34. Interactive Streaming Video  Create synergy and increase the reach of your television campaign by featuring your 1530 second TV spot throughout the LANG Online Network.  Audience engagement icons available including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, e-mail opt-in, 150+ icons to choose from) – Auto play with userinitiated sound – Auto expand upon mouse over
  35. 35. In-Ad Video Unit  Create synergy and increase the reach of your television campaign by repurposing your 15-30 second TV spot in key banner positions throughout the LANG Online Network.  These in-ad video units showcase your message in an interactive format.  Tracking and reporting capabilities plus audience engagement option (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail opt-in’s)
  36. 36. Reach  Unique visitors – 196.4 Million UV per month  Page Views – 32.9 Billion PV per month  Reach – 87.2% monthly reach of internet users in the U.S.!  Visits – 21.4 visits on average per person/month. Source: August 2013 comScore.
  37. 37. Audience Specific Targeting LANG’s Audience Segmentation Engine automatically delivers your message to your target audience segments wherever they are on the internet. *sites shown are examples
  38. 38. Mobile and Tablet Display Advertising Reach your target audience while they’re on the move with AdTaxi’s robust mobile solutions. AdTaxi combines DFM’s 148.7 million monthly page views, Yahoo!’s 2.3 billion and a virtually unlimited AdTaxi Mobile Network audience to create the best mobile campaigns. Mobile Audience Source: August 2013 Omniture, Verve, and Spreed Wireless, DoApp. Yahoo! Audience Source: comScore January 2013.
  39. 39. Mobile  Place your message in front of Yahoo! mobile users on a variety of highly-rated and popular apps!  With an audience of over 93.9 million, Yahoo! boasts a reach of 70% of all mobile web users.  Targeting Options: – Gender: Male/Female – Age Ranges: 13-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-64, 65+) – Interest categories: Business; Computers/Tech; Entertainment; Finance; Health; Home/Family; Music; Shopping; Small Biz; Sports and Outdoors; Travel Source: comScore, January 2013. Space shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Wednesday, March 9, 2011.
  40. 40. AdTaxi Mobile & Tablet Place your message on news & interest mobile sites, giving you the ability to target users geographically, by device or by interest.  Geo-Targeting – Nationwide – State – City  Target-by-Content Type – News – Sports – Business – Finance – Gaming – Food – Entertainment – Travel  Target-by-Device – iPhone – Android – Blackberry – Windows Mobile
  41. 41. Build Your Facebook Presence  Leverage our vast social media expertise to build your Facebook presence and grow your business.  Our Facebook “build-out” packages give you the flexibility and scalability to properly represent your business on Facebook.  Each package includes varying levels of the following elements: Facebook Timeline: creative design & build-out Content Curation Twitter Integration YouTube Integration Facebook Display Ad Campaign Facebook Accelerator Reporting and Analytics BEFORE AFTER
  42. 42. Fan Acquisition Strategy Case Study  DFM optimized a national auto dealer’s social media infrastructure to guarantee the best fan acquisition.  By creating a road map that focuses directly on ROI, the client has generated over 109,000 new fans in the last three months. Strategy/Management  The DFM social media team and the client’s team have direct partnership sharing best practices and content aggregation.  The DFM team meets weekly to discuss campaign performance metrics, promotions, creative, test results and optimization.
  43. 43. Facebook & Twitter In-Feed Posts
  44. 44. Custom Solo E-Mail Blasts  AdTaxi can facilitate customized e-mail blasts to the database and target market of your choice.  You pick the target, and we will provide the database list, build the e-mail, and even provide full reporting and analysis of the open rates and click-throughs!  Target audience by demo, geo, psychographic parameters.  Tier 1 quality opt-in lists (Census, Postal, Auto, equifax and others)  Average 17% open rate and 1.75% CTR Statistics as of 2/08/11. Numbers are based on post delivery reports (Data Dynamix) from the last 6 months of mailings done by Denver Post for customized solo e-mail customers.
  45. 45. Search Solutions AdTaxi offers 3 search solution products guaranteed to drive results for your  Search Engine Marketing Pay-Per-Click business. – – – – Fastest way to generate traffic Exposure in sponsored links Precision targeting A/B Testing  Search Engine Optimization (Off-site) – – – – Unlimited traffic High Google ranking Long-term results Listed hundreds of search engine results pages – Builds web site equity – Local Map Optimization (Google Places)  Web Development (On-site optimization) – – – – Custom web site design On-site optimization Analyze web site for optimal conversion Provide content and user-friendly experience
  46. 46. Highly Targeted Digital Ad Campaign In addition, AdTaxi uses re-targeting data to define and target “Shop-A-Like” groups! User interacts with your Brand via digital ad campaign: Search, Display, Email and Social Media Ad Taxi captures consumer behavior, noting how the customer interacted with your brand. Targeted display ads will drive users back to your website for purchase. Ad Taxi serves targeted display ads back to the user on another site, featuring the same product or area of interest the consumer was viewing earlier.
  47. 47. Retarget Users Based on Site Engagement  Re-engage with customers who started the Financing process, but didn’t finish  Target customers based on products they searched for  Re-engage with customers interested in highmargin products Increase retention by targeting “Shop-A-Likes”   
  48. 48. Reporting & Analytics DASHBOARD 101: With our partner, ClickFuel, AdTaxi offers a campaign performance dashboard which enables advertisers to track the effectiveness of their marketing spend in one central place. Daily Updates:  DISPLAY – AptYahoo, AdTaxi Exchange  SEM - Google AdWords  SOCIAL – Facebook  TRAFFIC – Google Analytics Weekly Updates: Spreadsheet manually uploaded to Dashboard every Monday MOBILE CALL TRACKING EMAIL Custom reporting is available upon request with a 48-hour turnaround time. Username = demo; Password = demo
  49. 49. You’re in Good Company… Brand Association: • Digital First Media is the #2 local publisher-owned digital and print media company in the US • We serve national and local clients from over 75 sales offices and employ over 1100 professional media consultants • DFM manages over 1,000 multimedia campaigns monthly