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Learn English Short Story 1 - Hungry Joe


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Here is a short story to help you learn English and improve your listening and speaking skills. The focus is on determiners some and any in English grammar use

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Learn English Short Story 1 - Hungry Joe

  1. 1. Hungry
  2. 2. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comGroanVocabulary
  3. 3. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comLoudlyVocabulary
  4. 4. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comSoggyVocabulary
  5. 5. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comSquatwww.LearnEnglishShortStories.comVocabulary
  6. 6. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comTrash CanVocabulary
  7. 7. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comRotten AppleVocabulary
  8. 8. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comThere is aguy namedJoe. He ishungry. Joewantssomethingto eat.Hungry Joe
  9. 9. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe really wantsto eat somechocolate. Buthe doesn’thave anychocolate.Joe groansand sits downon a chair.Hungry Joe
  10. 10. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comJoe picks up his backpack. Heopens the backpack to see ifhe has some granola bars.Hungry Joe
  11. 11. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comBut therearen’t anygranola barsin hisbackpack.He groansagainloudly.Hungry Joe
  12. 12. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe stands upand walksaround thetable. He walksto the trashcanand squatsdown beside it.Hungry Joe
  13. 13. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe opensthe trashcanto see ifthere isanything toeat in there.Hungry Joe
  14. 14. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comJoe sees some old cookiesin the trashcan, but they areall soggy.Hungry Joe
  15. 15. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe also sees some apples in thebottom of the trashcan, but theyare brown and rotting. Joe doesn’tsee anything that looks good.Hungry Joe
  16. 16. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe groansagain for thethird time. Joeis so hungryhe starts tocry.Hungry Joe
  17. 17. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comHe really wants something to eat.But he doesn’t have anythinggood to eat.Hungry Joe
  18. 18. www.LearnEnglishShortStories.comQuestion & Answers1. Who was hungry?2. Where does Joe look for a granola bar?3. How does Joe groan the second time?4. Why does Joe squat beside the trashcan?5. Are there any good apples in the trashcan?6. What else does Joe find in the trashcan?7. Does Joe find anything good to eat in thetrashcan?8. How many times did Joe groan?9. Is Joe happy?10. When did Joe start to cry?Q&A Session