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A half day workshop on website design condensed in to 20 minutes!

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  • If you are trying to get your head around how old style broadcast marketing is changing to the new style of permission based marketing you need to read Meatball Sundae. If you want to understand how the web is helping people get together around a product they are passionate about, or a cause they believe in, then you need to read Tribes. These two Seth Godin books are my recommendation as the quickest way to get to grips with how dramatically the world of marketing has changed over the last 5 years.
  • Yes i've got a website - nad 2012

    1. 1. Yes - I’ve got a website!A lightning ride with David Terrar – D2C WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    2. 2. Agenda• First we have to set the scene• Do you understand Marketing in 2012?• This website - what’s it for?• What does your audience actually do?• What is good web design?• What about SEO – do I trust these gurus?• Blogs & social media – any use?• Do you have a decent CMS? WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    3. 3. Hugh MacLeod – Hugh MacLeod – WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    4. 4. Recommended reading Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing out of Sync? & Tribes – Seth Godin WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    5. 5. The Cluetrain Manifesto Theres a new conversation between and among your market and your workers. Its making them smarter and its enabling them to discover their human voices. You have two choices. You can continue to lock yourself behind facile corporate words and happytalk brochures. Or you can join the conversation. Still valid 13 years on! WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    6. 6. Old Marketing New MarketingLimited number of media outlets Countless media outletsLimited physical retail outlets Countless online retail outletsEmphasis on horizontal success (hits) Emphasis on vertical success (niches)Marketing-to-consumer communication Consumer-to-consumer communicationBarrier between consumers and makers Permeability between consumers and makersSpam PermissionProduct line limited by factory Product line limited by imaginationLong product cycles FadsMarket share FashionFeatures StoriesAdvertising a major expense Innovation a major expenseLarge overhead = stability Small overhead = low riskCustomer support Community supportFocus groups Launch and learn
    7. 7. Social Media is Counter-intuitiveCommunications Media Social Media Space defined by Media Owner Space defined by Consumer Brand in control Consumer in control One way / Delivering a message Two way / Being a part of a conversation Repeating the message Adapting the message/ beta Focused on the brand Focused on the consumer / Adding value Entertaining Influencing, involving Company created content User created content / Co-creation
    8. 8. think Business first• What are your business goals?• How can a website help you reach those business goals?• Who is your audience?• What are they looking for?• Whos going to write the content?• How will the site be kept up to date?• How do you drive more traffic to the site?• How do you get people to take action once theyve visited your site? WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    9. 9. "If web pages are going to beeffective they have to work mostof their magic at a glance" - Steve Krug WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    10. 10. How long to judge your website? 50 Milliseconds!
    11. 11. F-Shaped Pattern – web content
    12. 12. They don’t read it the way you want!• Users wont read your text thoroughly• The first two paragraphs must state the most important information• Start subheads, paragraphs, and bullet points with information-carrying words• Make headings/language obvious! WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    13. 13. They don’t make optimal choices• They don’t consider all the available options• They blunder on with the first reasonable option WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    14. 14. They don’t botherto figure out how things work• They don’t read instructions• They muddle through WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Design ingredients• Simple layout• Centered orientation• Design the content, not the page• 3D effects, used sparingly• Soft, neutral background colours• Strong colour, used sparingly• Cute icons, used sparingly• Plenty of whitespace• Nice big text WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    17. 17. Design tips• Recognise every page is a home page• Faster is always better• Simple navigation, never let them get lost• Use rich media, but host it on YouTube, Vimeo• Use social media sharing• Make search easy• Use SEO techniques with care WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    18. 18. Mistakes you can make• Believing people care about you and your site• Overcomplicating or obscuring your point• Making it too different – style over substance• Too many moving parts, distractions or irritations• Flash or graphics which should be text (SEO)• Thinking your website is your marketing strategy• Not enough brilliant content WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    19. 19. Search Engine Optimization“Make your site useful and tell people about it” WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    20. 20. SEO tips• Content is King (and start a blog)• Keywords, keywords, keywords• Create great page titles• Use meta descriptions• Use meta keywords• Use H1 titles in your pages• Create SEO (and user) friendly URLs• Bullets, link anchor text and image titles WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    21. 21. SEO tips• Link to others (and get them to link to you)• Get your content syndicated by others• Dont forget to link back to yourself• Use Social Media as part of your publishing and distribution• Create a site map• Avoid Flash• Analyse how you are doing• Use a Content Management System WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    22. 22. The business of bloggingBlogs work when they are based on:1. Candor2. Urgency3. Timeliness4. Pithiness and5. Controversy WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25. Social Media Channels Where does your target audience hang out? Go there and join the conversation! WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    26. 26. Why use a CMS?• You are no longer dependent on the web designers making changes for you.• Changes can be made any time they are needed, day or night. This is increasingly important as your business comes to rely on the website as a communications channel.• All the technical details are simply handled by the CMS, allowing anyone to manage and update the site.• Multiple staff can keep the site up to date, instead of being restricted to just one person. The CMS will track who is doing what, avoiding potential confusion.• You can even ensure that each staff person can only update the sections of the site they are responsible for.• The CMS ensures that all the pages are consistent in design, and will build all the menus and other navigation for you.• The many other powerful features of the CMS allows the site to grow in sync with your business. WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    27. 27. CMS options …but there are 100s!
    28. 28. References These links for reference only Not for reading WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    29. 29. David TerrarD2C & Cloud Advocatesp: +44 (0)1727 866309m: +44 (0)7715 159423e: david_terrartwitter: @DTlinkedin: WANT TO TWEET? #nad
    30. 30. Thank you! Any questions?