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The hosted desktop option steve thorns


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Cloud Accounting for the 21st Century, 22nd September 2011 at Mimecast, organized by The seminar was intended to cut through the jargon to dispel and debunk some of the myths that distort decisions on the benefits of the Cloud. It coveedr advantages, perceived disadvantages, benefits, practicalities and last but in no way least, costs and commitments. Speakers included well known blogger/analysts Dennis Howlett and Phil Wainewright, tax specialist Mark Lee, cloud specialist David Terrar and blogging accountants Richard Messik and Philip Woodgate. Here are the various presentations.

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The hosted desktop option steve thorns

  1. 1. Hosted Services<br /><ul><li> What is a Hosted Desktop?
  2. 2. How does it work?
  3. 3. Benefits of Hosted Desktop
  4. 4. Demonstration
  5. 5. What can be Hosted
  6. 6. Unique backup proposition</li></ul> 22 September 2011 Cloud Accounting for the 21st Century London Conference<br />
  7. 7. Benefits<br /><ul><li>no need for new servers, PC’s or laptops
  8. 8. users can gain access to their workstation from any location that has internet access
  9. 9. no outside IT support to pay to other contractors
  10. 10. no loading software and subsequent updates from DIGITA / CCH / IRIS etc 
  11. 11. no need for doing back-ups
  12. 12. access via iPhone or iPad
  13. 13. all data backed up each day
  14. 14. no need for anti-virus software or firewalls
  15. 15. no need for Partners / Managers to waste time on IT matters
  16. 16. no long term tie in - rolling 3 month notice period</li></ul> 22 September 2011 Cloud Accounting for the 21st Century London Conference<br />