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The digital enterprise wave


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The business landscape is changing. It's driven by significant changes in infrastructure, economics, and 3 big technology shifts that are happening simultaneously. On top of that there are emerging technologies that have the potential for an even more profound effect on the World economy and our business. I want to make you step back and look at things we already know about the digital landscape, the digital workplace and digital disruption and look at them with fresh eyes and think about them differently. We call this the Digital Enterprise Wave - ride it, or go under.

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The digital enterprise wave

  1. 1. The Digital Enterprise Wave David Terrar | Founder & CXO – Agile Elephant | @DT on Twitter Combined Social Business Sessions | 1 October 2014 #e20s #SocBiz #DigitalTransformation #DigitalWorkplace #FutureofWork
  2. 2. You business model is under threat!
  3. 3. The Digital Enterprise Wave ride it or go under!
  4. 4. Infrastructure Connectivity Internet WiFi 3G & 4G Human Factors Entrepreneurship Crowdsourcing Millennials Economic Outsourcing Offshoring Low cost
  5. 5. The Digital Enterprise Wave
  6. 6. The Big Shift Cloud Social Mobile
  7. 7. The Digital Enterprise Wave
  8. 8. Emerging Technologies Big Data & Analytics Internet of Things 3D Printing Artificial Intelligence
  9. 9. The Digital Enterprise Wave
  10. 10. “Business as Usual” Thinking Point Social Media Solutions Siloed Communities Lack of Integration Legacy Systems of Record Business as Usual
  11. 11. The Digital Enterprise Wave
  12. 12. We need “Digital” Thinking Digital and Social inside and out Business Model Innovation Systems of Engagement Design Thinking
  13. 13. McKinsey 7 “S” Model Strategy Skills Structure “Shared Values” Staff Hard Systems Systems Style Soft Systems  Integrates “hard” and “soft” business systems in a structured way  “technology neutral”  Includes employee engagement  Proven approach  Especially useful for lessons in managing major change
  14. 14. The Digital Enterprise Wave
  15. 15. David Terrar Agile Elephant | techUK | EuroCloud UK p: +44 (0)1727 866309 m: +44 (0)7715 159423 e: w: skype: david_terrar twitter: @DT linkedin: blog: