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Turn Old PC Into Network Attached Storage


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Turn Old PC Into Network Attached Storage

  1. 1. Turn Your Old PC Into Network Attached Storage My name is David and I work with Dell. If you are interested in PC visit Dell.comYou can also learn more about laptops and other devices here.
  2. 2. Step 1: Choose Between Wired Or WirelessMy suggestion is that you go with a wired connection for your NAS. Directconnection is more reliable and will allow for faster file and datatransfer/backup. You will want to make sure your Old PC has enough hard diskspace, at least 100GB to make the overall process worth it in the long run.
  3. 3. Step 2: Setting Up The PC, Run Wizard Network SetupChoose a nice, cool and safe place near your router to setup your PC. You willneed a monitor and keyboard for setup however once it is setup you will nolonger need these until you want to make more changes.Click your Windows XP start button and go to control panel. Open networksetup wizard and click through the first two screens. Select the "This computerconnects to the Internet through a residential gateway or another computer onthe network" option and then click next. You will be prompted to enter acomputer description, once you have done that click next. On the next screenleave the workgroup name set as MSHOME then click next. On this screen youwill need to select "Turn on file and printer sharing" then click next. Click nextseveral times and eventually you will choose "Just finish the Wizard" click nextand "finish" to close the Wizard Setup windows.
  4. 4. Step 3: Make Shared FolderNow you need to setup a shared folder to save files to. Right click on your oldPCs desktop and make a new folder. Name the folder and then hit enter. Oncethe folder shows up on your desktop right click the folder and select sharingand security. Check the "Share this folder on the network" option and alsocheck the "Allow network users to change my files" options and click OK. YourShared Folder is now available to be added to. This is perfect for savingimportant information in a secure way.
  5. 5. TestNow to test the connection and setup you needto.● Click on the Start menu● Select My Computer● Click Shared Folders● Copy Files From Local C drive to Your new shared folder● Backup all vital records and information
  6. 6. TipsEnsure that the NAS devices is always turnedon. Also check periodically to make sure thecomputer is in good working condition.Remember it was your old PC and you do notwant the hard disk to crash and loseinformation.