Set Up A Virtual Desktop With Dell Kace


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Set Up A Virtual Desktop With Dell Kace

  1. 1. Set Up A Virtual Desktop With Dell KACE
  2. 2. Step 1: CheckYour EmailBefore getting started onyour set up, it isimportant to check for anemail in your inbox. Thiswill contain your licensekey. This key is good for45 days after you havedownloaded or 45 daysfrom when you install.When you downloadedthis file you will receive azip file. Copy these filesinto a location that isconvenient foryou. These files containyour KBOX as well asyour Quick Start Guide.For more info on imagingsoftware click here.
  3. 3. Consult YourQuick StartGuideBefore startinginstallation be sure toconsult the quick startguide. This is the firstplace that you should gobefore installing yourKBOX. You will findinstallation instructionsspecific to yourneeds. You will alsofind information oninstalling on ESX serverand also on VMwarePlayer.
  4. 4. How to Install on ESX Server
  5. 5.  Step 1 For Installing on an ESX Server is to select Steps To Deploy OVF Template from your drop down menu. Installing On  Step 2 would be to add to the OVF file that youAn ESX Server downloaded to the wizard.For info on remote  Step 3 Navigate to the folder where you extracted thesoftware installation filesclick here.  Step 4 Choose the OVF file  Step 5 Click next  Step 6 Select the group you want the KBOX deployed to  Step 7 Now you will choice the host  Step 8 You will now choice a resource pool to deploy on  Step 9 Then you will need to choose the storage you want your KBOX to be imported to
  6. 6. Check Available StorageBe sure you haveenough storageavailable to install theKBOX on yoursystem. You will needat least 250G. This isrequired to install theKBOX 2000 system.Select one with thecorrect amount ofstorage.
  7. 7. Mapping The KBOXOn the next step youwill need to map thenetwork. It isimportant to map theKBOX to the networkthat has access to theinternet. If you dontdo this it wont be ableto validate thelicensing. KBOX willnot work unless thelicense key has beenvalidated.
  8. 8. 1. 1.Open VMware player2. 2. Click open virtual machine3. 3. Navigate to the folder where the KBOX is located4. 4. Select the OVF File and click open Installing With VMware player
  9. 9. Adding KBOX to DNSWhen adding the staticIP address it isimportant to note thatthe address will bedifferent than that ofthe PC running VMwarePlayer.Also if the KBOX needsa proxy to get to theinternet you will needto specify it here.When you are donewith these steps hit thesave button and thenhit return.Your KBOX will thenshutdown and reboot.
  10. 10. 1. 1.Browse to the host name that you set up in configuration2. 2. Once you are on the configuration page you will need to enter your license key and create a password3. 3. Enter company name and administrator name4. 4. Enter your time Configuring Your KBOX zone
  11. 11. 1. 1.Read and click accept2. 2. Login with your user credentials that you configured during set up. You will then be directed to the Welcome screen. You will be able to find online documentation as well as live chat and tech support. If you have further questions you can find a full tutorial at Accessing Your KBOX yQ17_MaI.