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Dell OEM Embedded Systems


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As Healthcare grows so does the task of managing all of the medical records. Dell OEM embedded systems can manage files in a secure organized environment

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Dell OEM Embedded Systems

  1. 1. Managing Healthcares Two Largest Data Problems With Dell OEM Solutions To gain a comprehensive understanding of embedded systems click here Visit Dell OEM to see what this original equipment manufacturer can do for you
  2. 2. Problems1. Growth of Unstructured Data2. Medical Record ManagementCompliance
  3. 3. Growth of Unstructured DataTechnological advances in the medical fieldhave drastically increased the amount of dataprocured during treatment of patients.Xrays, MRIs, Ultrasounds and other procedures needproper record management. With loads of data piling upwithout structure, records can be lost or compromised. Yetdedicating too much manpower to record management canbecome extremely expensive.
  4. 4. SolutionsObject Storage To the RescueObject Storage: Is the process of storing andflattening millions of documents. Storing corecontent along with meta data quickly andsecurely.
  5. 5. SolutionsRecord Management ComplianceHIPPA and other policies enforce strict medical records managementprocesses that must be followed. Having an embedded system that connectsdirectly to a object storage system makes this process almost painless.
  6. 6. Embedded SystemsEmbedded systems turn medical devices intocomprehensive computer systems capable ofproper data filtering and managment.Medical Equipment with Dell OEM products:
  7. 7. ConclusionDell OEM solutions can help engineer acustom solution to protect securemedical records in a affordable scalableway.Organizing crucial data and freeing upIT staff for research and development.