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Appliance based solutions


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My name is Dave and I work with Dell. This will outline the benefits of our Dell-KACE Software for Windows 7 migrations.

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Appliance based solutions

  1. 1. Appliance BasedSolutions with a Windows 7 MigrationFor more information on Windows 7 Migration click here. And for Software Distribution click here.
  2. 2.  In this presentation from Dell-KACE we are going to highlight the challenge, solution, and key appliances that will make your life easier. As Bryon Black, an IT Manager from South Coast Water District said. “I deployed Windows 7 on my workstation, and it took 25 minutes from start to finish – just phenomenal. It just blew me away it was that simple to make that happen.”Systems Management for anEasier Migration
  3. 3.  As previous OS systems become outdated many companies are preparing to transition to Windows 7. You are going to have to worry about the preservation of user data, identification of which machines are or aren’t able to be upgraded. Not to mention license tracking and a new set of compatibility challenges migrating to a new OS. But, fret not!The Challenges
  4. 4.  KACE Management Software helps you to optimize the migration, management, and deployment of Windows 7. Whether you are upgrading from XP or Vista, to a PC or Mac, this software is one of the very best available at executing a simple and streamlined migration.The Solution!
  5. 5.  Inventory assessment – Review every machine’s The Capabilities hardware to verify Windows 7 readiness The capabilities with KACE User state migration – Retain settings and user make migration simple and information when migrating from XP to 7 safe with enhanced security, Native Imaging Toolkit Support – No need to write ease of use from the new OS, and increased manageability. scripts, simply capture and deploy Windows Imaging Format or Apple Disk Image filed straight from K2000 K-Imagine – Does away with redundant transfers in the capture, storage, and deployment of Windows 7 Asset management – Makes tracking software licenses and system use information at your fingertips
  6. 6.  Inventory Assessment – This assists in checking machines for migration readiness.  Collect Detailed hardware & software inventory  With efficient client to server communication you can be sure you are getting up-to-date inventory analysis.The K1000 Management Appliance
  7. 7.  Remote site management – permits the migration of remote machines in your network.  No dedicated software required  Stay with the convenience of a central administrative console while at the same time using the remote network for a deployment engine.K1000
  8. 8.  Asset Management – Easily keep track of Windows 7 software license and system compliance.  With this appliance you can monitor assets as they undergo changes in hardware and software because of a 7 migration  Also meter the software usage by machine, group, or other specification for easy software re- allocation and save on licenses and maintenance costs.K1000
  9. 9.  Patch management – Allows seamless an relevant deployment of all available Windows 7 patches.  This will include both local and remote machines on the network.  No need to waste time waiting for full Microsoft service packs anymore.K1000
  10. 10.  Windows user state migration – Retains user-specific files and settings.  Migration is easy with a centralized user state management process  By using offline migration it minimizes the total end-user’s downtime as well as the risk of losing critical info  There is also offboard storage that allows the migration of larger datasets and can grow along with your organizationThe K2000 Deployment Appliance
  11. 11.  Network OS install – Gold Master reference machine builds are automated with Windows 7.  Drives can be Slipstreamed with a network OS for hardware for an independent 7 deployment  The capture and deployment of DMG and WIM files is possible with the Native Imaging Toolkit using the K2000 Boot Environment tools.K2000
  12. 12.  Pre and post installation tasks – Bundle the relevant applications while using thin images.  Maintain only needed application images  Downtime eliminated with more reliable deploymentsK2000
  13. 13.  Driver management – Stay up-to-date with the most recent drivers for everything you need.  Windows 7 drivers are automatically downloaded  Upload drivers for manually updated machines using the driver harvesting tool  With the KBE you can get target driver and hardware verificationK2000
  14. 14.  K-images – A flexible file-based imaging format.  Files and folders can easily be added to a Windows 7 K-image  Do away with redundant transfers in the 3 stage capture, storage, and deployment of Windows 7 imagesK2000
  15. 15. 6 Steps to Success & Less Pain ;-)
  16. 16.  Good luck with your migration and thank us later for how easy your life has been during this transition.The end!