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  1. 1. Introduction: Designing HIBCC 2D Barcodeaccuracy experience quality track identify monitor precision inventory management integrity mobility Label And Bar Code Solutions service productivity asset tracking partnership security value better business decisions control
  2. 2. HIBCC Barcode StandardHIBCC is one of the standards identified by FDAfor the UDI program HIBCC is already widely used in the medical device industry The key to HIBCC labeling is the Labeler Identification Code (LIC) that is provided by HIBCC
  3. 3. HIBCC Linear & 2D Barcodes
  4. 4. HIBCC Linear & 2D BarcodesEven better, HIBCC allows barcodes to be encodedto ISO 15434
  5. 5. 2D Barcode ChoicesDatamatrix Code QR Code Aztec Code Micro PDF Code
  6. 6. HIBCC Linear & 2D Barcodes Expiration Date Supplier LIC & Data Identifier Data Identifier Part Number Data Identifier Lot NumberIssuing Agency Code (RH) Data Identifier Data Identifier Manufacture Date Packaging Level (0 = unit of use)
  7. 7. Let’s Make One HIBCC 2D Barcode Datamatrix ISO 15434 Use BarTender softwareLIC = A999Part Number = X4301Packaging = Unit of UseLot = 45443GMfg Date = todayExp Date = today + 100 days
  8. 8. Let’s Make One
  9. 9. Let’s Make OneOK, enough PowerPoint Over to BarTender
  10. 10. Let’s Make OneOK, enough PowerPoint Over to BarTender