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Can your assets talk?


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From Winco ID's Barcodes & Baseball event - David Holliday's presentation on using barcodes to give items a digital voice to enable them to talk to us.

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Can your assets talk?

  1. 1. We bring it all together in solutions with Winco Labels
  2. 2. If only they could talk…
  3. 3. What if our items and assets could talk to us…
  4. 4. What would they say?
  5. 5. Hey, its me – the NIC card! My serial # is 2378685 My Part # is A344456 I was made in June 1993 I’m in a box on the way to Munich I’ll get there on Thursday I cost $89.50 I’m worth $25.00 todayI’ve been repaired 3 timesI’m part of a Datamax printer – I-Class Mk2 I’m the real me – not a fake!
  6. 6. Barcodes can make it happen – especially those 2D ones
  7. 7. Why 2D?
  8. 8. 2D Barcodes are Everywhere 2D Barcodes are Everywhere
  9. 9. QR & MS Tag for ConsumerQR Codes for Consumers
  10. 10. Datamatrix for IndustryDatamatrix for Industrial
  11. 11. Why Data matrix?• Withstands the harshest environment• Damage up to 20%+ of the symbol and recover 100%• Size is only limited by fidelity of marker• Can contain 100 times the data as the same space as a linear bar code• Can be read omni-directionally
  12. 12. Robustness of Data MatrixData Matrix can be any size 12 marking types subjected to low earth orbit environments Overhaul Test Manned Flight Test LEO Tests
  13. 13. Structural Elements of a Data Matrix • Solid Border • Broken Border Quiet Zone around • Data Storage the borders • Quiet Zone Data Matrix symbol shown complete Solid Border Broken Border Data Storage
  14. 14. Marking Techniques Laser Dot Peen Thermal PrintInk Jet
  15. 15. Verifier Technology
  16. 16. High Contrast Marks - Labels Low Contrast Marks - DPM Specialty Readers - DPM 2D Reader Technology
  17. 17. The Problem Complex physical supply chainsComplex data structures withmultiple users
  18. 18. The Solution – make our items talk to us!2D Barcodes enable items to talk to us!
  19. 19. Globally Unique ItemsUID is set of data elements marked on an item that is globally unique. Universal Product Code (UPC) Two cans of Coke form the same plant will show the same data on the UPC Serial Number Tracking Serial numbers are unique, but not outside of their enterprise. The serial numbers from one company can be the same as another company. Unique Identification Each item has its own Globally Unique Identifier (UII)
  20. 20. Digital VoiceThe Globally Unique ID, plus backend database lets the label speak!
  21. 21. Unique Needs Standards Department of Defense MIL-STD-130 Medical Devices FDA UDI RuleGS1 Datamatrix
  22. 22. 2D in Action130 compliance + more
  23. 23. Unique number on every itemMobile appBack end database structure Authenticity
  24. 24. Take it further… Make your items really talk!
  25. 25. Thanks!