Insurance - Risk Management


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Bill Cover should be fair and not like Income Protection Insurance, there are no catches when you have Bill Protection Insurance. Bill Cover eases the tension of finding the means to pay bills when life does not go to plan.

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Insurance - Risk Management

  1. 1. INSURANCE AND FINANCE Risk Management
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  As we know that insurance is a required thing of today’s life, because no one know about the unexpected misfortune.  When you get an insurance policy, insurance companies provide you help in the difficult time.  Insurance policies make sure you for the financial compensation when you face any damage caused by any unexpected accident.
  3. 3.  There are various types of insurance plans provided by the insurance companies you can choose any plan from that plans according to your need.  But it is also necessary that you first of all read the terms and condition of that plan which you are buy from the company.  You can insure various things by the insurance plans such as
  4. 4. Business Insurance Bill Cover Mobile Phone Insurance Handbag Insurance Travel Insurance Accident Insurance
  5. 5.  It is easy to choose when you get different kind of insurance plans.  If you are planning for holidays with your family or friends you can choose travel insurance so if you face any problem in your journey you can take help from insurance company.  As we know the mobile phones are necessary gadget for every person. Most of the people buy expensive and classy phones so they can buy a mobile phone insurance plan to cover their precious phone device.  Business Insurance is also an essential part for a good business because it provides protection to your business.
  6. 6.  Insurance companies also provide bill cover and Accident Insurance.  It means companies pay you bills when you are not able to work and also protect your family member’s lifestyle against unexpected incidents such as accidents or illness and others.  Everyone want to enjoy their life so take a best insurance plan and enjoy your life with no tension.  It is a truth that human life can never be without an unexpected accidents. So get a best insurance plan.
  7. 7. ABOUT US  True Insurance is a famous and fast growing as well as trust worthy insurance company in Australia.  We provide you almost all type of insurance plans so you can choose any plan according to your need.  You can easily get an insurance claim when you face the unexpected accidents and difficult situations. So get a true insurance policy and cover your precious belongings, business and much more.
  8. 8. THANK YOU..  Contact Us: Address: Suite 2, Level 2 144 Marsden St Parramatta NSW, 2150  Phone No.: +61 02 9099 8044  Mail Id:  Website: 