Guerrilla Marketing


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  • Guerrilla Marketing

    1. 1. By David EarleyAn introduction toGUERRILLA MARKETING
    2. 2. What is Guerrilla Marketing• Guerrilla Marketing is a form of marketing which uses unconventional methods of promotion to engage audiences.• The idea of Guerrilla marketing is to generate a ‘Buzz’, and ideally to turn viral.• It is a cost effective alternative to large advertising campaigns.• It is an effort to engage customers rather than educate them.
    3. 3. History of Guerrilla Marketing• The term ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984 when he released the famous book ‘Guerrilla Adverting’• Levinson’s book was the beginning of underdog companies starting to compete with their larger competitors.• Advertisers began to take concepts from this book and use them to create amazing and creative adverting campaigns.• Guerrilla marking takes its name from Guerilla warfare. As it involves small companies taking on large companies using unconventional methods.
    4. 4. Guerrilla vs. Viral• Guerrilla marketing and Viral marketing go hand in hand.• Guerrilla marketing gets the message across to the consumer, and viral marketing encourage people to pass on the message.• Generally the intended result of a guerrilla marketing campaign is for it to go viral.
    5. 5. Core Concepts of Guerrilla Marketing• Entertain and Engage rather than educate.• Get people talking.• Think outside the box.• Transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.• Be spontaneous and unexpected.
    6. 6. Types of Guerrilla Marketing
    7. 7. 1. Undercover / Stealth Marketing• This method of marketing is often considered devious, as it markets a product to the public without their knowledge.• The internet is often used for this method as companies can pay people to spread positive messages about their product.• It is said in that in the 1980’s vodka companies would hire attractive girls to go to various clubs and pubs and ask men to buy them a certain brand of vodka.• Groupon’s Korea franchise was recently fined for fabricating positive reviews of its products.
    8. 8. 2. Astroturfing• This method involves paying people to create the impression of a popular movement.• Politicians often use this method to make the public think they have a large following.• Companies and politicians will sometimes hire people to write blogs which appear to a genuinely ‘satisfied customer’. The blogs are referred to as ‘Flogs’ or ‘Fake Blogs’.
    9. 9. 3. Ambush Marketing • This method is where a company attempts to ambush or undermine the sponsorship activities of a rival that owns the legal rights to sponsor an event. • It often involves creating the sense that they are associated with the owners of the event or activity. • This method can be very effective as being caught out usually leads to massive media attention.
    10. 10. 4. Ambient marketing• This method is used to create brand recognition without necessarily pushing its products.• Generally ambient advertisements would not look like traditional advertisements, however, peo ple would usually never forget them.• The possibilities of ambient marketing are endless as anything and everything can be used.
    11. 11. 5. Experiential marketing• This method is perhaps the hardest to define. It is giving a consumer a chance to experience your product and solicit an emotion response.• This is an alternative to trying to educate the consumer with a one-way message.
    12. 12. Examples of Guerrilla Marketing
    13. 13. 3M Security GlassPromotionPassers by were told if they could havethe money if they could brake theglass. Although there was only $500 ofreal currency in the glass, the majoritywas fake.
    14. 14. UNICEF Guerrilla MarketingCampaignUNICEF used a customized vendingmachine to advertise the dirty waterpeople have to drink in povertystricken counties.This campaign was a huge success.
    15. 15. McDonald’s GuerrillaExamplesIn Chicago to verify that there haveleaks in the rivers, the plumbers of thecity inject biodegradable paint intorivers.McDonald’s took this opportunity touse the phenomenon to theiradvantage.
    16. 16. released an adcampaign depicting people doinghorrible jobs. The ads were extremelycreative and quickly went viral.The tag line read ‘Lifes too short forthe wrong job
    17. 17. Fitness First CampaignThis is in Amsterdam and was createdby the world’s third-largest gymchain, Fitness First.The bus shelter was transformed into aworking weighing scales.