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Corp Connection 2pp A4 Eco Flyer


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Eco telematics leaflet

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Corp Connection 2pp A4 Eco Flyer

  1. 1. COST EFFECTIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS from TELEMATICS: Making Business Intelligence Work For You Transport and related industries in the UK face rising fuel costs, immense competition and shrinking margins. The challenge is how to reconcile these facts with the increasing focus on adopting greener operating strategies. Properly structured telematics solutions are helping businesses to make full use of valuable business intelligence, creating savings in areas ranging from fuel to maintenance and insurance, and helping companies to operate more efficiently. Today’s big issues include: • The need to minimise fuel costs • The drive to developing greener operating strategies • Mitigating risk management We can only manage what we can measure, and here telematics can help. By providing a clear insight into how different aspects of the business are operating – from routing and scheduling through to tracking, driver performance, maintenance alerts and much more – potential improvements are easy to identify. “It’s not what we know but what we do with what we know” Vehicle Leasing & Rental Companies HGV Bus & Coach FleetsEmergency Vehicles Recovery Fleets LCV Courier Companies Haulage CompaniesCorporate Fleets Municipal Fleet Operators
  2. 2. TELEMATICS – Knowledge is Power Telematics systems can give operators a clear overview of every aspect of their business – in short, the where, when, why, who and how of their mobile assets, including vehicles, trailers, plant and people.It’s the DNA of drivers and vehicles - a minute by minute record of activity in real time, capable of detailing information as diverse as fuel usage, harsh braking and acceleration, mechanical malfunction, deviation from course and even lane deviation and close proximity to other vehicles. The potential benefits are easy to identify. Burning just 1 litre of diesel emits 2.67kg carbon. Modifying driver performance can achieve significant savings on fuel consumption, enabling operators to successfully implement a cost effective green strategy paid for by reduced fuel costs. Managing RiskTelematics also provides quantitative measurements to implement and control risk management strategies - paid for directly by improved corporate governance (the legal requirements of H&S and Duty of Care legislation) and an ability to negotiate reduced insurance premiums for lower risks. Telematics – helping you to benchmark, measure, manage and calculate Return on Investment.For a no obligation meeting to discuss how telematics could benefit your operation, contact: THE CORPORATE CONNECTION Helping you to choose telematics solutions to support and enhance your operations The Corporate Connnection, Unit 6, Appleton Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, WF27AR M: 0044 7825 575 625 T: 0044 8432 897 891 E: www.