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Experience america

  1. 1. Experience America David Batchelor
  2. 2. Table of Contents/Itinerary I. The West i. California: The Golden Gate Bridge, H ii. Arizona: The Grand Canyon, A II. The Midwest i. South Dakota: Jewel Cave National Park, A ii. Kansas: Pawnee Rock, H III. The South i. Texas: Guadalupe Mountains National Park, A ii. Mississippi: Chickasaw Village and Fort Site, H IV. The Northeast i. New York: Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, H ii. Virginia: Appalachian Scenic Trail, A
  3. 3. Map Golden Gate Bridge The Grand Canyon Jewel Cave National Park Pawnee Rock Guadalupe Mountains National Park Chickasaw Village and Fort Site Appalachian Scenic Trail Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
  4. 4. The West  First we will travel to California in the western USA and visit the Golden Gate Bridge  Second we will travel to Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon The Golden Gate Bridge The Grand Canyon H A
  5. 5. California: Golden Gate Bridge  Opened on May 27, 1937  Connects the San Francisco Peninsula with the Marin County  Known as one of the world’s most beautiful bridges  You can hike, bike, drive or just view the bridge from a distance -The Golden Gate Bridge at night -The Golden Gate Bridge during day time
  6. 6. Arizona: The Grand Canyon  An Immense landscape in the northwest of Arizona  277 river miles long, 18 miles wide and approximately a mile deep  Hiking and wonderful sightseeing of the beautiful scenery and wildlife  Camping grounds around the area -Sunset -A wonderful view -Sky view
  7. 7. The Midwest  First we will head northeast from Arizona and land in South Dakota to see the Jewel Cave National Park  Then we will head south to the state of Kansas and see Pawnee Rock Jewel Cave National Park Pawnee Rock A H
  8. 8. South Dakota: Jewel Cave National Park  At 146 miles long, Jewel Cave is the second longest cave in the world  Many crystals throughout the cave give it it’s vast magnificence  You can also explore the cave yourself with a tour guide and safety helmets -Jewel Cave Sign -Explorers in the Interior -Interior formation of crystals -Tourists
  9. 9. Kansas: Pawnee Rock  This landmark marks the half way point line along the Santa Fe Trail  Landmark also vital to the Pawnee Indians  Come visit this landmark and ponder over the history of this landmark -Pawnee rock vantage point view -Pioneers on rock in 1897 -Shaded picnic pavilion for family and friends
  10. 10. The South  First we will travel southwest from Pawnee Rock in Kansas to Guadalupe Mountains National Park just east of Dell City in Texas  Then we will travel east to Mississippi Chickasaw Village and Fort Site -Guadalupe Mountains National Park -Chickasaw Village and Fort Site A H
  11. 11. Texas: Guadalupe Mountains National Park  While at your stay, enjoy one of the world’s best flora and fauna habitats  Great place for hikers and sightseers  Also if you are a scientist or any type of naturalist, then this is a great place to research -Hiker -Sunset view -Nature -Day-time view
  12. 12. Mississippi: Chickasaw Village and Fort Site  Home to the powerful Chickasaw tribe  Learn about the history of the Chickasaw and their conflicts with the Europeans, ie, wars  Experience a fort that was thought to be the spot of a major battle in 1936 -Indoor museum -Fort illustration -Chickasaw fort site -Fort Site Chickasa w
  13. 13. The Northeast  Travel northeast from Mississippi to Virginia and explore the Appalachian Scenic Trail  Then, travel northeast again to New York City where we will see the home and birth site of Theodore Roosevelt - Appalachia n Scenic Trail -Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace H A
  14. 14. Virginia: Appalachian Scenic Trail  This trail is an approx. 2,175 mile long footpath that runs along 14 states along the northeast of the united states  This path was made in 1937 and passes over the many types of wildlife along the Appalachian mountains - Appalachia n Scenic Trail -Map of trail
  15. 15. New York (City): Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace  See the birth place and home of Theodore Roosevelt  Learn about Theodore Roosevelt’s boy hood in a four story house -Interior -Then -Now -A child
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