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Motorola handheld radios are better for employees


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Communication is central and essential to the successful conduct of any business activity.

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Motorola handheld radios are better for employees

  1. 1. Motorola Handheld Radios Are Better For Employees SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR COMMUNICATION NEEDS
  2. 2. Why Motorola Handheld Radios  Communication is central and essential to the successful conduct of any business activity.  Companies look for a communications solution that they can use within a limited range.  Handheld radios works more effectively as a communication solution than a cell phone.  That is why the Motorola two way radios supersede cell phones for short range employee communication.  Example: A company that is running a warehouse and retail facility or even just a normal retail store and needs a short range communications solution for its employees.
  3. 3. Handheld Radios Are Better than Cell Phones
  4. 4. Cost Comparison Of Radios And Phones Handheld radios to communicate Cell phone to communicate  Handheld radios are free to use as there is no charge.  Cell phones must be loaded up on prepaid credit or have a postpaid plan.  The cheapest and most cost effective communication solution in which a business can invest.  The company will be forced to incur extra expense in catering for the needs of the employees
  5. 5. Effectiveness Of Communication Solution Motorola handheld radios provide instantaneous and effective communication on a single communication platform. This eliminates the possibility of an important or urgent message being lost in the fray.
  6. 6. Employers have no reason to fear that they will distract their employees while using them. Furthermore, since there are no additional features, the battery lasts for a long time. No Distractions For The Employees
  7. 7. Conclusion The security is a foremost concern for many businesses. They invest in employees who are expected to provide security. These employees need to be able to communicate discretely and in an efficient manner. Motorola portable radios find a wide appeal to this segment of the business need that ensures seamless connectivity and instant message communication.
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