Airport Interior and Counters


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Our quality of workmanship, installation services and project management guarantees projects to be finished to Plan, on Time & on Budget.

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Airport Interior and Counters

  1. 1. EVANS AIRPORT SOLUTIONS Our quality of workmanship, installation services and project management guarantees projects to be finished to Plan, on Time & on Budget.
  2. 2. ABOUT US…  Evans Airport Solutions B.V. (EAS) is a wholly owned division of Evans Consoles Incorporated.  Evans Airport Solutions offers considerable expertise in every aspect of the terminal interior.  Our scope of products includes complete check-in islands with counters and canopy structures, any conceivable type of counter or booth, fit-out and finishing of lounges, concessions and entertainment areas and terminal way finding signage.  EAS also supplies airfield signs and has recently embarked upon a programme to develop an innovative airfield sign with LED-based lighting.
  3. 3. AIRPORT AND TERMINAL COUNTERS  EAS has developed specific expertise in all types of counters & canopies in a passenger terminal environment.  We advise, design, manufacture and install all of these products in conjunction with all associated supporting and technical equipment.  Specific security and immigration requirements are addressed in close co-operation with airport security and border patrol authorities.  EAS manufactures and installs the counters, only coordinating the interfaces with baggage handling and other systems.  Meeting increasing demand to replace service counters by self-service systems, Evans Airport Solutions | NKI develops concepts for automatic check-in facilities.  The emphasis in this product range focuses on user-friendliness, easy/simple maintenance and integration into the overall interior concept.
  5. 5. EVANS CAPABILITIES  The right capabilities at every stage of a project.  Evans Airport Solutions offers more than simply the supply of equipment.  We have in-house design to an award winning standard, ergonomic experts that ensure compliance with legislation and working guidelines as well as some of the industries most experienced project management and install staff to ensure projects are On Time & On Budget.
  6. 6. EVANS INSTALLATION  For on-site installation, EAS' highly skilled personnel work closely together with local craftsmen.  Constant on-site support by the project management team ensures that all work is carried out according to Evans Airport Solutions' stringent quality standards and local regulations.
  7. 7. INTERIORS & CONCESSIONS  Travelers spend their waiting time in a variety of locations and activities. Passengers shop, eat, work, play sports, enjoy entertainment facilities or simply relax.  Evans Airport Solutions handles all required design and architectural works, creating special interior environments that fulfil the need of the most demanding traveller.  Concession interiors and exteriors vary from terminal to terminal. Evans Airport Solutions develops specific solutions to match these different requirements.  Alternatively they can be integrated into complete shopping mall concepts. In all of these situations, Evans Airport Solutions undertakes all customized design, manufacturing and installation.
  8. 8. Contact Address : Evans Airport Solutions Pelgrimstraat 3 3029 BH Rotterdam, The Netherlands Tel: +31 108 202890 Fax: +31 0820 2899 Email: Web: B.V.