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Skit Rubric


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Skit Rubric

  1. 1. Skit/Play Rubric Teacher Name: Mrs. Joerg Student Name: ________________________________________ Date: Period: CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Preparedness Students are Students seem The students are Students do not completely prepared pretty prepared but somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared and have obviously might have needed a but it is clear that to present. rehearsed. couple more rehearsal was rehearsals. lacking. Content There is an There is sufficient There is a great deal Topic is not clear; abundance of information that of information that is information included material clearly relates to topic. Most not clearly does not support related to the topic. points are accurate connected to the topic in any way. All points are and clearly made. topic. accurate and clearly made. Props and Students use several Students use 1-2 Students use 1-2 The students use no Costume props (could include props that make the props during the props OR the props costume) that show presentation better. presentation, which chosen detract from considerable work/ are somewhat the presentation. creativity and effective. enhance the presentation. Enthusiasm Facial expressions Facial expressions Facial expressions Very little use of and body language and body language and body language facial expressions or generate a strong sometimes generate are used to try to body language. Did interest and a strong interest and generate not generate much enthusiasm about enthusiasm about enthusiasm, but interest in topic the topic in others. the topic in others. seem somewhat being presented. faked. Acting/Dialogue The students use The students often The students try to The students tell the consistent voices, use voices, facial use voices, facial story but do not use facial expressions expressions and expressions and voices, facial and movements to movements to make movements to make expressions or make the characters the characters more the characters more movement to make more believable and believable and the believable and the the storytelling more the story more easily story more easily story more easily interesting or clear. understood. understood. understood. Audience Points made in a Presented facts with Some related facts Incoherent; audience Response very creative way some interesting but went off topic lost interest and and held the "twists"; held the and lost the could not determine audience's attention audience's attention audience; mostly the point of the throughout most of the time presented facts with presentation little or no imagination