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Recap of 2009 Future of Web Design conference in NYC.

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Fowd Recap

  1. 1. FOWD 2009 Highlights Compressing 8 hours into 25 minutes November 18, 2009
  3. 3. Dan Cederholm SimpleBits
  4. 4. Progressive enhancements with CSS3 Don’t wait around for all browsers to support new specifications. Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE STYLE MARKUP Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  6. 6. Highlights 1. Enriching form elements Yahoo is rounding corners on submit buttons 2. RGBA A = Alpha (also awesome?) 3. Drop shadows that don’t hurt Built in support eliminates loads of work Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  7. 7. Highlights 4. Scaling images on hover Eliminates need for duplicate images (ex: thumbs) 5. Rotation Interesting opportunities for user-feedback 6. Fade effects Reduces need to create separate images Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  8. 8. “ None of this stuff matters.” IE users: A less polished but not diminished user experience. Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  9. 9. News? 1. Add some sexy to your standalone Experimental projects are a good starting spot 2. Today’s 10% = Tomorrow’s 40% Hone your style 3. Break up with Flash E ects might help us relax our death grip on Flash Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enhancements
  10. 10. Daniel Burka Digg
  11. 11. Feedback Informing Design Listening. Really listening to your users. Daniel Burka: Digg
  12. 12. Don’t oversimplify Feedback can’t simply be grouped into good and bad categories. Daniel Burka: Digg
  13. 13. Know your audience If you’re a big organization, this can be tough. Do it anyway. Daniel Burka: Digg
  14. 14. Feedback: 1. Fans Be cautious 2. Haters Complicated 3. Bug reporters Awesome 4. Experts Free consulting 5. Niche Be cautious 6. Implicit Stats, user-paths Daniel Burka: Digg
  15. 15. Read between the lines Feedback usually indicates problems, not solutions. “I need a faster horse.” Daniel Burka: Digg
  16. 16. Don’t panic Change is frustrating. Daniel Burka: Digg
  17. 17. Elliott Jay Stocks Freelance
  18. 18. Stop Worrying & Get On With It More on CSS3 Elliott Jay Stocks
  19. 19. madebyelephant
  20. 20. atebits
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Matthew Smith - Squared Eye
  25. 25. “ Don’t worry if you can’t validate. Many new technologies won’t validate because they’re not in the formal specifications. Elliott Jay Stocks
  26. 26. Bill Buxton Microsoft
  27. 27. Display Technology & The Future of Web Design On how devices link us to the Web Bill Buxton: Microsoft
  28. 28. “ The diversity of web browsers tomorrow will match the diversity of ink browsers today. ink browser=paper Bill Buxton: Microsoft
  29. 29. Consider your interactions with paper. We're nowhere near being close to being able to reproduce those interactions with browsers. Bill Buxton: Microsoft
  30. 30. Consistent display in all browsers? Nope. Bill Buxton: Microsoft
  31. 31. Blake Whitman Vimeo
  32. 32. Actively Designing Community Designing the Vimeo Community Blake Whitman: Vimeo
  33. 33. Design for the users you want. A space for creators of original video content. Blake Whitman: Vimeo
  34. 34. Impose the right limits No “most popular” lists No “highest rated” videos Contacts capped at 1,000 Blake Whitman: Vimeo
  35. 35. Lead by example Staff must use the site Design for users, yourselves Blake Whitman: Vimeo
  36. 36. The Long & Short of It A debate about consumption and creation of content in long vs. short form. Panel Debate on Content: Short Form vs. Long Form
  37. 37. The debate produced few answers. Not a shocker. Panel Debate on Content: Short Form vs. Long Form
  38. 38. Why? 1. Form is specific to content-type 2. How long should a video be? 3. Short form introduces long form 4. Editorial and marketing perspectives are very different Panel Debate on Content: Short Form vs. Long Form
  39. 39. AUTHORITY Is authority inherent in long form? How is authority established in short form? Panel Debate on Content: Short Form vs. Long Form
  40. 40. Molly Holzschlag Opera
  41. 41. HTML 5 Killed XHTML 2 The Mysterious Future of Markup Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  42. 42. HTML 4.01: The last spec Anyone still use this? Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  43. 43. XHTML 1.0 Bridge between HTML and XML Strict code formatting MIME type problems in IE Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  44. 44. XHTML 2 Not backwards compatible Effective only on a closed system Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  45. 45. WHAT Working Group Web Hypertext Applications Technology Development Group Started in 2004 Non draconian error handling Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  46. 46. Highlights 1. Forms 2.0 Required attribute will kick ass, for instance 2. New APIs HTML 5 specifies scripting APIs and OTHERS 3. Existing DOM interfaces are better Javascript will be really helpful here Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  47. 47. Be careful. This spec is still evolving. Molly Holzschlag: Opera
  48. 48. Josh Davis Joshua Davis Studios
  49. 49. Space Creating art with technology Josh Davis: Joshua Davis Studios
  50. 50. “ Play is important.” Josh Davis: Joshua Davis Studios
  51. 51. “ If I’m not making mistakes than I’m not really learning anything.” Josh Davis: Joshua Davis Studios
  52. 52. “ If M.C. Escher were still alive, he’d be a F**kin’ programmer.” Josh Davis: Joshua Davis Studios
  53. 53. Links: Slides:
  54. 54. Thanks! @davewrightjr