Target audience Questionaire results


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Results from 50 people i asked to see if my music video idea aimed perfectly at them

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Target audience Questionaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Answers<br />
  2. 2. I asked my questionnaire to 50 people I believed look like were part of the target audience I was aiming for.<br />The first part of my survey was to help me find out is that certain person was in fact a member of my target audience, this was done by asking them how they saw themselves and what kind of lifestyle they lived.<br />The 2nd part of the video was to all the people who had past the 1st part of the questionnaire and were within my desired target audience.<br />I will now show the replies to the 1st part of the questionaire.<br />
  3. 3. Question 1.)<br />Male or Female?<br />Males = 40<br />Females = 10<br />This question would just help me see if my target audience are more males or females. As it may have an effect on the end product and show me that ill need to make some changes in my idea, but from this reply to this question I think I won’t really have to change anything to fit my target audience perfectly, so far.<br />
  4. 4. Question 2.)<br />How Old Are You?<br />10 to 15 = 0<br />16 to 17 = 8<br />18 to 20 =37<br />21+ = 5<br />This question showed me that 5 people out of the total I asked are already not part of my target audience.<br />
  5. 5. Question 3.)<br />Do you like drum and bass genre as a board genre? <br />Certain parts = 1No, hate it = 3Yes, love it = 28Other = 14<br />Out of the now 45 people left as I stopped asking the 5 people that I knew weren&apos;t my target audience anymore questions. This question has showed me that 3 people don’t like drum and bass what so ever so they defiantly won’t be in my target audience. It also shows that 42 people could possibly still be a member of my target audience.<br />
  6. 6. Question 4.)<br />Which quote would you most agree with?<br />‘Keep things the way they are’ = 1‘have something now, pay later’= 5‘to play, or enjoy life now’= 25‘to be something later’= 1&apos;To have, to be, to play‘= 10<br />As my target audience are Hedonists and the hedonists view is “to play, or enjoy life now” and out of the 42 I asked this particular question to. It shows that only 25 are my possible target audience.<br />
  7. 7. Question 5.)<br />Out of the Groups Below which 1 would you place yourself within, or your overall family etc?<br />This shows that only 20 out of the now 25 asked are my possible target audience as they are part of the C1 group which is “supervisory, clerical, junior administrative or professional<br />Higher managerial, administrative or professional = 1Intermediate managerial, administrative and professional = 1Supervisory, clerical, junior administrative or professional = 20Skilled manual worker = 3Semi and unskilled manual worker = 0State pensioner, widow, lowest grade worker. = 0<br />
  8. 8. Question 6.)<br />What is your thought on drugs?<br />This shows that the 20 people left that I asked 2 are defiantly not part of my target audience.<br />Its ok = 5Totally Unacceptable = 2Its cool, do it = 7Haven’t got a problem with other people doing it but I wouldn’t = 4Other = 2<br />
  9. 9. Question 7.)<br />What is a typical Saturday Night for yourself?<br />This shows that 5 people are not part of my target audience, leaving 15 as the 5 that said they would attend a event could be a gig where this sort of genre music is played.<br />Going down the Pub with mates = 2Staying in watching X factor etc = 1Doing Work = 0Sleeping = 2Attending an event = 5Going out and “partying”? = 10<br />
  10. 10. I now showed the remaining 15 (which I believed were my target audience) the pitch for my idea of a music video, below are the graphs on the answers gave, however within this section there were some open ended questions, so I chose a sample of the people I asked and video there reason and thoughts to there particular answers. (video can be seen in post above).<br />Q.2 Do you feel the character within the video was related to you/reminded you of yourself in any way?<br />Q.1 Do you like the video?<br />Q. 3 Do you feel that the target audience was represented fairly within the video or was a stereotypical view of the target audience?<br />Sample answers to whys and how&apos;s of Q.1 and Q.2 are within video above!!!!!!!<br />