The munich putsch


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An excellent presentation from 4 of my year 10 students on why the Munich Putsch failed.

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The munich putsch

  1. 1. By Louise Naughton, Ella Dimascio, Nathan Hughes and William Seddon
  2. 2.  An attempt to take power, and instigate a revolution in November 1923 led by Adolf Hitler . Inspired by a Revolution in Russia, which showed power could be gained in this way. Terrible planning and misjudgement led to its failure and later the imprisonment of Hitler.
  3. 3.  At the time Germany was in a desperate state – the crisis facing the Weimar government made it a great opportunity for them to succeed  People already hated the government for signing the Treaty – Hitler had nothing to lose Mussolini had marched into Rome and successfully took over the Italian government – Hitler had some inspiration. Hitler thought he would be able to gain the support of both the army and the Bavarian leaders
  4. 4. President Ebert…. We must pay the reparations that the Treaty of Versailles demanded and end thepassive resistance in the Ruhr. It is the only way to get out of the mess we, Germany are in!
  5. 5.  September 1923: Gustav Stresemann and President Ebert gave in to France and Belgium and ended passive resistance in the Ruhr Valley. To combat hyperinflation they realised they must pay the reparations it owed as demanded by the Treaty of Versailles . However this infuriated many people – it made Germany appear weak!
  6. 6. The Weimar Republic…
  7. 7. At the time: The Weimar Republic was considered weak and unable to stand up for Germany People were becoming more and more fed up and felt a strong sense of contempt towards them Hitler knew that this would be a good time to challenge the government because they were not at all popular
  8. 8. I will not take NO for a ANSWER!
  9. 9. November 8th 1923: At a meeting, at a beer hall in Munich the Bavarian Prime Minister, Gustav Kahr and his chiefs Seisser, and Lossow were addressing a meeting of around 3000 businessmen. Hitler’s SA’s barged into the beer hall so they could gain their support. They forced the head of the Bavarian Government – Gustav von Kahr to join them the next day (by threatening him with a gun) in their attempt to overthrow the government.
  10. 10. Hitler, just doesn’t know me wellenough really! Tomorrow anyhow he will pay …
  11. 11.  Kahr managed to get away from the Nazis and he contacted the State Police, informing them of their plan of a putsch. When Hitler marched on Munich the revolt was crushed, 16 Nazis were killed. Hitler was arrested 2 days later. The putsch was a failure but it did show that the Government could easily be attacked by extremist groups!
  12. 12.  Hitler’s made the mistake of forcing Von Kahr, Von Seisser and Von Lossow (Army Officer) to support him in starting a revolution and join the rebellion. Terrible planning; Hitler did not plan what Ludendorff should have done in the event that Kahr and his chiefs asked to leave. Hitler was still relatively unknown and new to the political scene, with minimal support where as the current government had the support of the police and army. Hitler had assumed the army and police would support him and join in with the putsch however they stayed true to the Weimar Republic. Hitler did not have the support of local Bavarian leaders. The Nazis were poorly equipped and badly organised- lacked firing pins.
  13. 13. The Munich Putsch may have failed but I WILL make it a success!
  14. 14.  Hitler’s trial meant Nazi party gained extensive publicity; it was used as a form of propaganda The Nazi ideals were spreading around Germany, reaching the ears of millions of potential members.In Prison: Hitler wrote Mein Kampf , a book summing up the Nazi ideals and all of Hitler’s thoughts and philosophies – it got Hitler more popularity Hitler decided to change the way the party would try to gain power; he decided they would work using democratic methods not violence.
  15. 15. Told you it would be a success… If the putsch didn’t fail, I wouldn’t have been sent to prison, I wouldn’t have written ‘Mein Kampf’ and ultimately Iwouldn’t have gained Chancellor position in 1933!
  16. 16. Who betrayed Hitler and informed the statepolice that the Putsch was going to happen thenext day?A) HimmlerB) SA armyC) Gustav Von Kahr
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  19. 19. Which of the following is a reason why the Putschfailed?A) Hitler had too many supporters and it got outof hand.B)The Nazi’s were poorly equipped –They didn’t have enough firing pinsC) Hitler told his followers the wrong information
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  22. 22. What happened to Hitler as a result of failing thePutsch?A)He dislocated his shoulder and was arrested twodays later ,after hiding in his friend’s house.B)He committed suicide.C)He ran away- back to Austria.
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  25. 25. How many Nazi’s died in the Putsch?A) 20B) 16C) 24
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  28. 28. Why was the failure of the Munich Putsch at the sametime a success...Which of the following shows howit was most sucessful?A)Hitler gained popularity, spread his Nazi ideals and changed the way the Nazi’s would gain power.B)Hitler didn’t get a harsh trialC) Hitler lost support
  29. 29. End of the Quiz
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