1.2b light from stars


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1.2b light from stars

  1. 1. Light from Stars 1.2b No Excuses, Just Results! Show-up, Engage & Produce
  2. 2. Meaningful Class Participation and EffortCategory 3 2 1 0Quality of Provides work of the Provides high quality Provides work that Provides work that highest quality. work. occasionally needs to be usually needs to beWork checked/redone. checked/ redone to ensure qualityFocus on Consistently stays Focuses on the task and Focuses on the task and Rarely focuses on the focused on the task and what needs to be done what needs to be done task and what needs tothe Task what needs to be done. most of the time. Other some of the time. Other be done. Lets others do Very self directed. group members can group members must the work. count on this person. sometimes nag, prod, and remind to keep this person on task.Preparedn Brings needed Almost always brings Almost always brings Often forgets needed materials to class and is needed materials to needed materials but materials or is rarelyess always ready to work. class and is ready to sometimes needs to ready to get to work. work. settle down and get to work.Effort Work reflects an Work reflects a strong Work reflects some Work reflects very little excellent effort from effort from this student. effort from this student. effort on the part of this this student. student.
  3. 3. ACHIEVE South High SchoolActivity • INDEPENDENT STUDENT WORKConversation • Level 2 - soft conversation.Help • Ask neighbor. If he/she doesnt know, then raise your handIntegrity • Do your own work!Effort • Work on task with notebook open.Value • Concepts in notes reinforced.Efficiency • Read instructions. Use notes & examples in notebook.
  4. 4. Light from StarsRead “Why do some stars appear Read “The color of a star is related to itsbrighter than others?” P536 temperature” on Page 537.Explain how star’s: Explain the following.1. temperature 1. What is the result of varied light2. size, and wavelengths in terms of star color? 2. Explain what might happen if we change the3. distance wavelength of light from shorter to longer, affect their brightness. and from longer to shorter? Light from Stars?Read “Spectral lines reveal thecomposition of stars” on Page 537, 538Explain how we determine what elementsare found on stars. Tell four new things you learned today. No Excuses, Just Results! Show-up, Engage & Produce