An Overview of Google Glass GDK


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This presentation covers:
How to develop for Glass
When to go to the GDK rather than Mirror API
GDK Quick start guide

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An Overview of Google Glass GDK

  1. 1. An Overview of Google Glass GDK
  2. 2. What is Glass?
  3. 3. How to Develop for Glass? 1.  Mirror API (web services) 2.  GDK (SDK)
  4. 4. How to Develop for Glass? 1.  Mirror API (web services) 2.  GDK (SDK) Timeline Menu Items Subscriptions Locations Contacts Authorization
  5. 5. How to Develop for Glass? 1.  Mirror API (web services) 2.  GDK (SDK) GDK is add-on (API 15) Native app Offline Capability Low-level Hardware Access “ok glass” commands Voice Input
  6. 6. When to go (GDK)native? Real-time User Interaction Offline Functionality Access to Hardware
  7. 7. GDK is an add-on Android SDK Layouts, Views and other UI Widgets Activities, Services & other building blocks GPS, Sensors & other hardware ----   GDK add-on Voice Gesture Detector Cards ----
  8. 8. Glassware considerations -  -  -  -  -  -  Battery Constraints Processing power Interaction Interface – limited real estate (Small chunks of quick and relevant information.) Voice input accuracy Managing user expectations
  9. 9. Mirror API Vs GDK Static Timeline Cards App container Notification only Web View Live Cards Immersive Mode Voice commands Native app
  10. 10. GDK continued Live Cards WordLens Spanish English Hold your head still to translate
  11. 11. Mirror API Example Website Google OAuth
  12. 12. GDK Example Say destination name Ok glass search for a hotel Native voice input app
  13. 13. GDK Quick Start 1- Download Android ADT Bundle 1- Android 4.0.3 (API 15) SDK and Glass Development Kit Sneak Peek 2- Enable debug mode on Glass 3- Run as Android app with Glass Sneak Peek SDK 4- Connect any Android Device to view the app
  14. 14. Word Lens & Share with glass Demo
  15. 15. Develop apps without glass Mirror Api Emulators Install glass APKs on Android GDK Quick Start
  16. 16. UnKnowns Advertisement? Glass store launch? App commissions (free?) In app purchase? And What about iOS users L
  17. 17. Glass Tidbits 1/3 List of Glass Touchpad Gestures LONG_PRESS, SWIPE_DOWN, SWIPE_LEFT, SWIPE_RIGHT, SWIPE_UP, TAP, THREE_LONG_PRESS, THREE_TAP, TWO_LONG_PRESS, TWO_SWIPE_DOWN, TWO_SWIPE_LEFT, TWO_SWIPE_RIGHT, TWO_SWIPE_UP, TWO_TAP List of existing Glass voice commands listen to, take a note, post an update, show a compass, start a run, start a bike ride, find a recipe, record a recipe, check me in, start a stopwatch start a timer, start a round of golf, translate this, learn a song, tune an instrument, play a game, start a workout Submit your own voice command:
  18. 18. Glass Tidbits 2/3 Glass (2013 v1) Hardware Specs CPU: OMAP 4430 SoC dual-core, RAM: 1GB (~682MB), Sensors: microphone, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, Battery: 2100mAh, 5 MP Camera, Wireless 802.11 b/g - Bluetooth Connectivity
  19. 19. Any Questions? Salman Sadiq @saalmaan +salmansadiq
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