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Growing Agile Teams Poster


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The +15FLIGHTPLAN poster for allowing agile teams to plan their own growth as a team over time. Presented at Agile2012, in Dallas, Texas.

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Growing Agile Teams Poster

  1. 1. Growing Agile Teams team name: ☐ Specialist knowledge shared ☐ Acceptance test-driven dev ☐ Limited manual testing STEP 4. Scale ☐ Automated testing of NFRs grow knowledge, share learning, ☐ Communities of Practice expand capabilities ☐ Shared Definition of Done ☐ Stable and verifiable builds ☐ Cross-cutting concerns ☐ Entire team works on release ☐ Everyone experiences SM ☐ Business value drives work ☐ Team owns environment ☐ Visible measure of value ☐ Velocity guides release ☐ Swarms on committed PBIs ☐ Owns external dependencies STEP 3. Maximize Value organize to deliver maximum value ☐ Reduces technical debt ☐ Grow engineering practices ☐ Automated PBI testing ☐ Team takes 6-10 PBIs ☐ Business value understood ☐ Predictability over 90% ☐ PBIs done in priority order ☐ PBIs reviewed as done STEP 2. Gain Experience ☐ Shared code ownership people, process and work all settling in, focus on learning ☐ ☐ Technical debt identified Bugs actively fixed agile teams first focus on ☐ ☐ 1-3 improvement actions Release Definition of Done smoothing flow and enhancing quality, leading to ☐ Cross-functional Teams ☐ Regular backlog ☐ ☐ Working Agreement PBIs for 1-2 sprints maximizing of value delivery grooming ☐ Impediment backlog STEP 1. Organize ☐ PBIs broken into tasks ☐ Active Learning Cycle maximizing value preparing the structures, work and ☐ Transparent team ☐ Definition of Done people capacity ☐ Definition of Ready enhancing quality ☐ Daily stand-ups ☐ Potentially shippable ☐ Sprint burndown ☐ Vision and requirements smoothing flow ☐ Focus on 2-3 PBIs more each stage acts as a scaffold, offering guidance and more directive support, for different phases of a team’s agile journey guidingcopyright 2011 agile42 consulting ltd the accompanying Growing Agile Teams worksheets provide more details behind the checklist for each step