Mind mapping for Revision


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Use the Examsmart guide to mind mapping to help you revise for your exams

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Mind mapping for Revision

  1. 1. Mind Mapping forsuccessful RevisionUse this examsmart© guide to begin your exampreparation and boost your chances of exam success The smarter way to exam success!
  2. 2. We all need a map • We know where we are going • Model the Learning Process – Visual Learning • Maps come in all shapes and sizesexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  3. 3. How does Mind Mapping work? • Invented by Tony Buzan • Presents an overview and summary of the topic • Presents information in an easy format for the brain to readexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  4. 4. The Science behind Mindmapping • The brain looks for patterns • Uses right brain - wholeness • Your brain sees the big picture easier than linear textexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  5. 5. Where do I start… • All you need is a sheet of paper! • Main topic in the middle • Create branches that form keywordsexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  6. 6. Keywords • Branches should be title or subheading • Smaller branches act as reminders and keywords • Link branches with dotted linesexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  7. 7. Stems and Branches • Stem contains central theme of heading • Smaller branches act as subheadings • Tip of the branches should have keyword or conceptexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  8. 8. Adding graphics • Graphics can be great aids to memory • Particularly good for visual thinkers • Just a quick sketch is all you needexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  9. 9. Boost your memory • There is no doubt that Mind Mapping is a great way to revise • Use as an aid to more in depth revision • Interconnections in the brain help you rememberexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  10. 10. Resources!• Good article on Mind Mapping for beginnershttp://thoughtwrestling.com/blog/how-make-mind-map/• Great Mind Mapping software from the master himself! Free trial and great ipad apphttp://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/promo/imindmap5promo• Some great Mind Map examples to get you startedhttp://www.mind-mapping.co.uk/mind-maps-examples/education.htm• Some great bookshttp://goo.gl/aHVVt examsmart© The smarter way to exam success!
  11. 11. About examsmart ©Formed by Dave Sarkar AMAC – teaching for over 20 years, 10 as anAdvanced Skills Teacher, Member of the Association for CoachingSchool Workshops – includes Saturday Schools, Revision Workshops,Small Group CoachingRemote and face – to - face coaching with qualified teachers andcoachesBusiness/Individuals – remote and face –to - face coaching: perfect forconfidence and combating stressFor more information go to www.examsmart.co.uk or emailinfo@examsmart.co.ukexamsmart© The smarter way to exam success!