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Get Connected


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The short guide to LIFEGroups at Calvary Church

Published in: Spiritual
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Get Connected

  1. 1. Get Connected! Your Guide to LIFEGroups at Calvary
  2. 2. LIFEGroup: A group of individuals who share their lives through formative, caring, and missional relationships to the glory of God.
  3. 3. Why LIFEGroups? LIFEGroups help people: • Connect at Calvary • Grow to be like Jesus • Get through the tough times of life • Impact the world
  4. 4. Three Relationships in Every Group Our desire is to provide a minimum amount of structure for our groups in order to facilitate a maximum amount of growth. Calvary’s minimal structure consists of these three relationships as the foundation for every LIFEGroup.
  5. 5. FORMATIVE Every member of the Group is being formed into the image of Christ CARING The members of the Group utilize their resources to meet the needs of one another MISSIONAL The community finds it’s purpose as it adopts the mission of Christ in the world
  6. 6. Types of groups Community Most groups at Calvary are simply considered commu- nity groups. They are essentially a group of people coming together to form a small community. These groups are sometimes based on affinity or geography, but neither is necessarily important to the make-up of the group. Community groups are a great place to develop new relationships, deepen your faith, explore your gifted- ness, and impact your world.
  7. 7. Life Stage Groups Some groups at Calvary are formed around a shared stage of life. While these groups don’t provide the same com- munity experience, they are often helpful for people seek- ing others who are like them. Some of our synergy groups include: • Women’s Groups • Single Adult Groups • College Age Groups • Divorce Care • Grief Share • Pastor’s Prayer Partners • And more... Large Sunday Groups Some LIFEGroups band together on Sundays for a cen- tralized teaching time. These groups may or may not meet outside of Sunday morning. For more information on our large Sunday groups, visit Calvary’s Welcome Center.
  8. 8. GET CONNECTED! Calvary offers three different ways for you to find a LIFEGroup. 1. Attend Link-Up on Sunday mornings 2. Find a LIFEGroup for you 3. Launch a New Group
  9. 9. Link-Up is a four week introduction to life at Link- Calvary. The class runs most months, and each week is a stand-alone experience so you can join in whenever you want. The class is designed to introduce you to Calvary and help you develop new relationships with others at Calvary. Upon completion of the four weeks, transitioning into a LIFEGroup is a simple process.
  10. 10. Find a LIFEGroup • The easiest way to find a group is to join a friend’s group. If you have a friend who par- ticipates with a LIFEGroup, ask if their group is open for new members. Most of the time, they will welcome you. • A simple way to find a group based on meet- ing time or stage of life, is to use our Small Group Directory. The directory lists all our official groups according to meeting times as well as stage of life. Group Driver contact information is also available in the directory. • If you need more help finding a group, you can complete a “Get Connected” form and turn it in to Pastor David or the information center. Someone will contact you within a week to help you find a group.
  11. 11. Launch a New LIFEGroup Four people committed to sharing their lives in formative, caring, and missional relationships can launch a new LIFEGroup. Our simple train- ing process will prepare you for a healthy LIFEGroup experience. To launch a group: • Find a group of four who are committed to sharing life. • Talk to Pastor David about joining the next session of “Why Small Groups?” • Together with one other person on your launch team, complete the “Why Small Groups?” starter group (this is an eight week group) For more information, contact Pastor David.
  12. 12. What’s My Next Step? ATTEND Link-Up FIND a LIFEGroup LAUNCH a New LIFEGroup