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Street food


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Il Gusto di conoscersi. Lavoro realizzato dai ragazzi del nostro Istituto nell'ambito del progetto Intercultura anno scolastico 2013-2014

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Street food

  1. 1. STREET FOOD Francesca Montanar Sabrina Maddalena
  2. 2. « Il cibo da strada è costituito da quegli alimenti, incluse le bevande, già pronti per il consumo, che sono preparati o venduti soprattutto in strada o in altri luoghi pubblici, come mercatini o fiere, anche da commercianti ambulanti, spesso su un banchetto provvisorio, da furgoni, o da carretti ambulanti. » cibo da strada / street food
  3. 3. LA CUCINA DI STRADA In tutto il pianeta, ma soprattutto nel sud, i cibi di strada fanno parte delle tradizioni della cultura popolare e delle caratteristiche dei diversi paesi. Il cibo di strada consiste in alimenti o bevande pronti al consumo, venduti in una strada od un qualsiasi luogo pubblico, spesso in bancarelle. Secondo uno studio del 2007 dalla Food and Agriculture Organization, 2,5 miliardi di persone mangiano street food ogni giorno. Esso è solitamente più veloce ed economico rispetto ad un pasto a ristorante, e questo è uno dei motivi principali del suo sempre più vasto successo. Storicamente, in luoghi come l’antica Roma, il cibo di strada era diffuso perché i poveri delle città non avevano cucine nelle loro case.
  4. 4. STREET FOOD AROUND THE WORLD Street food vending is found around the world, but has variations within both regions and cultures. Vietnam’s street food is described as “fresh and lighter than many of the cuisines in the area" while street food of Thailand is "fiery" and "pungent”. In Hawaii, the local street food tradition of "Plate Lunch" (rice, macaroni salad and a portion of meat) was inspired by the bento of the Japanese who had been brought to Hawaii as plantation workers.  hawaiian plate lunch
  5. 5. A F R I C A Street food in Africa is mainly based upon local cusine. Traditional African dishes, such kenkey, (usually made from ground corn like sadza or ugali, mostly eaten in southern Ghana, eastern Côte d'Ivoire, Togo and Jamaica), Chin chin (a nigerian fried snack made with baked or fried wheat flour, popular in west Africa) and the bunny (a South African typical dish - a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry) are popular across the continent. african street food Also bushmeat is very common in West and Central Africa. It consists in meat of wild animals. Many conservation organizations have come together to address the bushmeat phenomenon.
  6. 6.  kenkey (morocco)  chin chin (nigeria)  bunny chow (south africa)
  7. 7. A S I A Asia is full of different street food traditions. In China, rice is used for most of the dishes, that may vary from region to region. Beijing‘s Wangfujing Night Market is dadicated to street food. In India, the most famous street food are Chaat, a savoury snack, typically served at road-side tracks from stalls or food carts, and Pani Puri, hollow crisp balls made from dough, filled with potatoes and sweet or spicy chutney.  chineese street food In the whole Asian continent, the usage of insects and reptiles is extremely common. In Isreael, street eaters enjoy sabikh, a pita stuffed with egg, eggplant and mango.
  8. 8. beijing‘s wangfujing night market a pani puri seller in india
  9. 9. E U R O P E Street food is widely common in the north of Europe, while not so much in the south. In the Netherlands and Belgium, french fries are served wutg sauces, but Belian french fires are quite different from the Dutch ones. In Belgium they are called “frieten” and are traditionally fried in beef fat; while in the Netherlands they are thinner and called “patat”. In France, baguettes are a common street food, often filled with ham and butter, ham with cheese or chicken with vegetables. Romania has a fair amount of street food. The most common is covrigi, a hot pretzel covered in sesame or poppy seeds. In winter time kürtöskalács with nuts or cinnamon are very popular in Hungary. Pizza al taglio and piadina are the most famous italian street food. italian piadina
  10. 10. belgian frieten (french fries) french baguette romanian covrigi hungarian kürtöskalács
  11. 11. TheTurkish Kebab has become one of the most common street food.What maybe not everybody knows, is that there exists different kinds of it, depending of the ingredients, such as “kiyma Kebab” that has meat mixed with tail fat and red pepper or the “Fistikli kebab” that has the addition of the pistachios in the traditional mixture. Nowadays we could find it in every city of the world. In London, for example, it could be possible to see next to the typical street food vendor of “Fish & Chips” a kebab’s kiosk. A curiosity that is little known is that in Europe there is a country where is forbidden the sale of food in the street due to hygiene concerns.This country is the Spain! However in the major cities it is possible to find ice-cream, nuts and snacks kiosks, the only ones allowed.
  12. 12. America  Talking about America, we need to make some distinctions between the Center, the North and the North. Generally, the North composed by United States and Canada is considered the most various region, because we could find every kind of street food of the whole world.We could have just some little exception with the typical american Hot Dogs and the delicious canadian ice cream trucks, that can be seen and heard nationwide the summer months.
  13. 13. CENTRAL AMERICA Central America is basically known for its kiosks on the beach that offers fruit juices and fresh drinks. In Mexico, there is a great variety of Antojitos Mexicanos, tacos, quesadillas etc.
  14. 14. SOUTH AMERICA Colombian most famous street food are the famous empanadas, a deep-fried meat- filled patty. In Brazil cheese buns are the typical food sold on the street. In Peru, the anticuchos are a variation of the turkish kebab.And Argentina has special sweets, such as caramel apple, cotton candy and sweet popcorn.
  15. 15. OCEANIA The most common street food in Australia is the sausage sizzle. People can buy soft serve and other ice creams from vans which drive around the street.The vans alert potential costrumerts with a tinckling tune. Also in New Zeland street food vans are common.The White Lady food van, in fact, in downtown Auckland, is a well known icon of the city.